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Sociology chapter 11

by: Caoimhe Notetaker

Sociology chapter 11 SOCI 2010

Marketplace > Tulane University > Sociology > SOCI 2010 > Sociology chapter 11
Caoimhe Notetaker
GPA 3.7
Foundations of Sociology
David Maddox

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About this Document

Chapter 11 text notes
Foundations of Sociology
David Maddox
Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Caoimhe Notetaker on Sunday November 8, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to SOCI 2010 at Tulane University taught by David Maddox in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 30 views. For similar materials see Foundations of Sociology in Sociology at Tulane University.


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Date Created: 11/08/15
Chapter 11 Race and ethnicity 11082015 Both are systems of classifying people into groups WEBER 0 Ethnicity human group that entertain a subjective belief in their common decent cultural practices 0 Race common inherited traits that derive from common descent o Essentialist view of race biological WEB Du Bois Challenged essentialist view 0 Unemployment among African Americans did not prove laziness white employers did not hire black people 0 Social rules for classifying race One drop rule any amount of black blood labels someone as blackl l discredits WEBER s de nition Text de nitions 0 Ethnicity a system of classifying people who are believed to share common descent based on perceived CULTURAL similarities Race a system for classifying people who are believed to share common descent based on perceived innate physical similarities In the US Racial differences matter more than ethnic differences Race as a social construction 0 European assimilation immigrants quietly folded into the white majority looked more similar 0 Even Racial analysis of DNA starts with manmade rules for assignment 0 Impossible to verify The conventions and classi cations we come up with are re ections of the social economic and political world we live in Contemporary Racism Racism prejudice discrimination o Institutionalized 0 Media portray minorities negatively o Implicit biases Persistent gaps in income between whites and minorities More minorities living in poverty Asians not included Asians are the top of the income hierarchy in US followed by whites with Hispanics and African Americans at the bottom Racial gap of wealth assets as well 0 White family with same income level as black family will have on average 7x more wealth assets Generational wealth passed down High unemployment of African Americans almost 2x whites o Consistent since civil rights movement Education Gap 0 Education attainment quality has improved for everyone but whitesAsian education still far surpasses black and Hispanic 0 Housing segregation leads to school segregation Black and Hispanics tend to go to lower quality urban schools Growing up in ghettos truncates life chances 0 Young African American without college degree are especially likely to be incarcerated 13 of those who nish HS 60 of drop outs 50 of black men have criminal records if include misdemeanors and arrests l Likely due to living in poverty and war on drugs High poverty and high crime low health 0 Color line is shifting from white and non white to black and not black 0 O


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