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Trade & the Economy

by: Abby Romero

Trade & the Economy HST 100

Abby Romero
GPA 3.73
Global History to 1500
Charlotte Cartwright

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About this Document

Parts of the trade and trade/economy lectures
Global History to 1500
Charlotte Cartwright
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Abby Romero on Friday January 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HST 100 at Arizona State University taught by Charlotte Cartwright in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 113 views. For similar materials see Global History to 1500 in Liberal Arts at Arizona State University.

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Date Created: 01/23/15
January 22 Trade Q the Economy Sumeria Grain Fish Wool Lebanon Timber Turkey Stone Trade with the Harrapas Pakistan Cooper Gulf of Oman amp Dilmun from the South 0 Despite large amount of bronze no close sources of tin though Tin CopperBronze 101 mixture Egypt in the Bronze Age Two major capitals of Egypt are Memphis and Thebes Egyptians live near river surrounded by desert other than the Nile lnnundation When the rain oods the plains When inundation goes down the farmers plant Farmers harvest during the drought and wait for the next ood season Egyptian Society m1 Divine ruler above everyone else Nobles Serve as priests and government officials Everyone else Poor peasants skilled artisans and craftsmen Pyramids are made as tombs for pharaohs January 20 Trade The Neolithic amp Early Bronze Age Obsidian Volcanic glass used to make spearheads and blades Has a distinctive tint and is easily traced back to the origin traded between groups quite often Melos Volcanic island in the Aegean Sea used as trading ground and due to it s distance indicates that boats were used to trade Trade picks up during late Neolithic Age Neolithic Revolution Neolithic Revolution Results 1 Trade Becomes more important because you they can no longer have access to many landscapes when settled rely on others to bring things in from other areas and make a trade 2 Social Specialization Growing crops leads to surplus surplus leads to extra food and not everyone needing to nd food People in the society can now work on other jobs eg merchants pottery religious jobs politics 3 Population Growth Food surplus leads to healthier and more people settlements can now support larger amounts of children nomadic lifestyles led people to abandon infants with no real time to take care of them CONS More people in small areas leads to disease spread easier and sanitation issues 4 Political Organizations Most popular method of government is Theocracy When priests rule in the name of a God Evidence shown in Sumerian culture Me50potamian Land between 2 rivers Tigres amp Euphrates Sumerians are the rst to write set up citystates near not on the river amp use canalirrigation systems Sumerian Writing Pictograms amp Cuneiform used up until Ancient Greek period written with clay slab and a reed Show records of tithes given to governing Gods have records of scribes going through school Ziggurat Temple of mud bricks in the middle of Sumerian each city the sheer size shows how powerful the priesthood was January 20 Each level of the ziggurat was only allowed access by wealth or how good you are at a job connections and if you are a member of the priesthood


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