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PH125-001 Ch.3 & 4.1-4.5 Notes

by: Nora Salmon

PH125-001 Ch.3 & 4.1-4.5 Notes Physics 125

Nora Salmon
GPA 3.3
Physics 1 w/Calculus
Prof. Andreas Piepke

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About this Document

Hey guys! Another week of notes; I did a quick refresher on vectors from Ch. 3 and then jumped into the first half of Ch. 4. Extended class notes to be coming soon, and a study guide for Exam 1 so ...
Physics 1 w/Calculus
Prof. Andreas Piepke
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Nora Salmon on Friday January 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Physics 125 at University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa taught by Prof. Andreas Piepke in Fall2015. Since its upload, it has received 226 views. For similar materials see Physics 1 w/Calculus in Physics 2 at University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa.

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Date Created: 01/23/15
Chapter Three We are expected to be familiar with vector quantities and Prof Piepke is not lecturing on them so I will give a concise overview of the concepts of Chapter 3 31 Intro 32 Vectors and Scalars o A particle moving in three dimensions is described using vectors A vector has magnitude as well as direction 0 Can be shifted without changing its value if its length and direction are not changed Common vector quantities displacement velocity and acceleration 0 Not all physical quantities involve a direction these are scalar Temperature pressure energy mass and time are scalar 0 Displacement vector Represents only the overall effect of motion not the motion itself 33 Adding Vectors Geometrically o If a particle moves from A to B and then from B to C we can represent its overall displacement with two vectors AB and AC The net displacement of these two displacements is a single displacement from A to C resultant vector AC 0 To add two vectors AB and BC draw them head to tail The resultant vector AC goes from the tail of AB to the head of BC Vectors are commutative and associative in addition you can add them in any order and the sum will be the same 34 Components of Vectors o A component of a vector is a projection of a vector on an aXIS In the xyplane vectors have a vertical and a horizontal component quotResolving the vectorquot means nding the components of a vector 0 You can nd the components of vector a by using right triangle trig I axacose I ayasin9 Chapter Three The resultant vector forms the hypotenuse of the triangle 0 Practice problems are on pg 5457 IDS Chapter 4 o 41 quotWhat is Physicsquot Intro 0 42 Position and Displacement o Particles can be located with something called a position vector that extends from a reference point such as the origin of a coordinate system to the particle o This can be expressed in unitvector notation 39 xfy39z o If the position vector of a particle changes this indicates that the particle has undergone displacement In one dimension particle displacement is represented by xf x in two or three dimensions displacement is described by vectors Subtracting the initial position vector from the nal position vector yields that particle s displacement vector A A2 1 xz x1239yz y13z2 z1k 43 AverageInstantaneous Velocity 0 Average velocity in two or more dimensions must also be described with vectors If a particle moves some displacement vector in some time interval then the equation for average velocity can be written as 7 A avg At 0 Velocity AKA instantaneous velocity is the derivative of a position vector with respect to time d V dt The direction of the instantaneous velocity of a particle is always tangent to the particle s path at the particle s position 0 You can separate the components of the position vector and nd the velocity separately for each scalar component 0 44 AverageInstantaneous Acceleration 0 When a particle s velocity changes a certain amount in some time interval its average acceleration is as follows 172 171A17 At At 0 A particle s instantaneous acceleration is the derivative of its velocity vector with respect to time d I El dt Chapter 4 As with nding instantaneous velocity you can separate the scalar components of the velocity vector and nd each acceleration component separately 0 45 Projectile Motion 0 An object in projectile motion moves in a vertical plane with some initial velocity v0 and a constant downward acceleration called quotgquot The projectile has no horizontal acceleration and air resistance is neglected 0 ln projectile motion the horizontal motion and the vertical motion are independent of each other that is neither motion affects the other This is because the laws of physics allow us to separate the vertical and horizontal components of the velocity and acceleration vectors we can apply this to reallife projectile problems like throwing a ball or dropping a stone I037


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