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10/28, 10/30, 11/2

by: Jeri Horner

10/28, 10/30, 11/2 Hist 101

Marketplace > Radford University > History > Hist 101 > 10 28 10 30 11 2
Jeri Horner
GPA 3.0
World History to 1500
Mary C Ferrari

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About this Document

I will have notes from 11/9 uploaded as soon as I get them- no notes on 11/4 and 11/6 due to no class. Remember, quiz Wednesday 11/11 <--Armistice Day.
World History to 1500
Mary C Ferrari
Class Notes
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This 8 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jeri Horner on Sunday November 8, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Hist 101 at Radford University taught by Mary C Ferrari in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 10 views. For similar materials see World History to 1500 in History at Radford University.


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Date Created: 11/08/15
Buddhism Pure land Buddhism Buddha Amitibha Chan Zen Buddhism Still in Tang Dynasty Buddhist height Very flexible religion main His was all you had to do was call out chant to the Buddha for help and you could be reborn into this paradise pure land was really easy to be a part of this religion Chan Buddhism 9Japanese adopted it and called it Zen Buddhism to have a Zen moment sort of like an aha Moment getting to the peace to the clarity of a situation In China they believed you had to meditate to get there but in the South sort of hits you like a lightning bolt Untaxed land owned by monasteries which were like current nonprofit organizations Economically became very popular Starting around 4000 monasteries and 40000 shrines were wiped out 9601279 Taizu was the general and founder first Song Emperor United all of China under this dynasty Became an Emperor by force They stress not getting into government without passing those exams so that no general was strong enough to overthrow the dynasty 400000 people per year took that test with a pass rate of 10 Literacy rate and education were booming as the result they might not have been able to work for the government but they still studied all their lives and were very smart They invented moveable type which made for cheaper books They invented Encyclopedias Because part of the test was calligraphy Chinese works of art boomed the most popular of which were landscape paintings Song will have problems with people of North Had problems with Eughers which they solved by bribing them Chinese had factories in which they could produce lots of war materials Iron is heavy had it in the year 1000 blew hot air through it to make steel so they had lots of swords which were light steel and very sharp Had to import horses still because of the environment but with that population the use of swords and horses they were able to completely outfit a million man standing army They were however eventually taken out by Northern lnvaders Mongols despite all those wonderful things Song Dynasty only exists in South always based on industrialization Agriculture was very good They had iron technology factories iron plows In North they used oxen and in the South they used water buffalo They were able to use manure in their fields for fertilizer Regular farmers were making profits they grew stuff like sugar tea mulberry trees silk worm food and cotton Had two rice crops per year in the South Population increases topped 100 million mark largest country in the world in 1100CE They create paper money first area to get government issued paper money and they also had stocks Foreign trade also did very well Perfected a magnetic compass which came in very handy onboard ships They were able to ship silk and dishes mass produced clothing In the 12th century they invented gunpowder The ability to blow stuff up really helped them Very patriarchal wanted women for themselves Women were not allowed to leave the house They married at 1620 usually arranged marriages with older man Number one goal is to please the mother in law and the only way to do that was to have sons When husbands got to middle age were allowed to bring home other women 9 concubines Husbands don t pick wives but they do pick the concubines so the men liked these women much better than their wives These women had to help each other raise all those kids They began foot binding which was done for beauty and to keep the women in line This starts at around the ages of 5 or 6 goal is to have a 3 inch foot called a golden lotus 4 inch foot was called a silver lotus and a 5 inch foot basically meant you were ugly and wouldn t get married They break all the toes except the big toe and wrap them underneath the feet They would have to break the arch of the foot in order to squish foot like that This is a process that cannot be reversed the foot always had to be bound and was very painful and prone to infection They couldn t walk very far as the result During the Song Dynasty only elite women had this done but eventually it spread to being required of all women Chinese culture gets exported to Korea Japan and Vietnam Japan got their Chinese culture from Korea Chinese writing is very important throughout these three regions all three cultures started using Chinese characters they couldn t understand each other s spoken languages but they could understand the written characters They also embraced Buddhism elites were the ones who borrowed this culture Politically goes with China but are not Chinese people When Han collapsed Korea broke into three kingdoms government in all three kingdoms used Chinese characters to run it One of the three kingdoms that eventually unites all three kingdoms back into one Had a cowtao relationship with Tang Dynasty very mountainous peninsula Han government had big influence but once they go away three kingdoms all three kingdoms used Chinese as government language Korea is a vassal of China but not a colony of China When Tang declined so did Silla which brought about a period of instability united Korea but borrow stuff from China like their bureaucracy Schooling in Korea is only for aristocrats lmitated Tang s equal field system The squiggles on the map represents take over by Mongols is also very mountainous only communication with Korea is by sea because that s really the only way to do it not a very resource rich country developed slower than China and Korea got more complex society upon having higher confluence and influx of Chinese and Koreans in the 4th and 6th centuries they had Chinese languages silk plows and swords Japanese aristocratic societies had their own armies By 5th century they had called and they Worshipped the Sun Goddess Relatives who die become low level gods called Emperor is supreme Kami more religious than political Still today they see their emperor as someone to worship was the prominent ruler who embraced Buddhism and built the Horyii Temple tried to keep aristocrats from fighting with each other established a capital city called Nara wrote laws and structured governments like the Chinese installed governor and collected taxes every province had to have a Buddhist temple with 20 monks and 10 nuns Sea of Japan protects Japan but the coming of complex civilizations brings disease amp 13 of their population died from smallpox in 735 lead family was most people here were elite 9 literature and art came from the elite took Chinese characters and made them into syllables that corresponded with their words so the Chinese people probably couldn t read it first classic written by a woman Japan women have more rights and could own property that they could will to their sons AND daughters upon their deaths still using Tang land system In the countryside they had large land owners who had their own armies Samurai dedicates his loyalty to his lord landowner Lords have lots of money to buy them nice swords Samurais had a code to live by and they were highly loyal For disloyalty death was punishment via lashing their own midsections Bysantine Empire Eastern part of Roman Empire the continuation of high level education deep purple was the color only emperors could wear Lasts until 1453 1000 years longer than western part whole empire is settled in Constantinople doesn t add much of its own intellect into GrecoRoman highly centralized Christian Emperors believe Christian God picked them They had tight controls Emperor was head of state and also the head of the church which was called Latin is government language Over time Greek becomes official language Prime location in terms of trade surrounded by water on three sides advantages in trade and defense Empire is really good at surviving attacks due to location inside city walls they had large cisterns water big enough land for animals and growing food and so they never had to come out and in kind trying to siege Constantinople will never work They key was the invention called Greek fire base of which was crude oil and a metal tube They would shoot oil through the tube that would catch fire as it came out basically a flame thrower They could destroy ships and fry land troops with it Who attacks them In the beginning it was the Persians Sasanid Empire both empires were weakened but no one won population was shrinking due to plague taxes were too high which contributed to Persians falling to Islam Islamic Empire attacks Constantinople every single year from 640 to 840 and they never win Vikings attacked Constantiniple with 200 wooden ships in 860 add some Greek Fire theylost Crusades attacked Constantinople Finally falls in 1453 to Ottoman Turks Islamic will rename it Istanbul best emperor in Byzantine Empire he was the nephew of emperor and Theodora was not a high level person she was his coempress and they were married in 525 Redid the legal code clarifies Roman Law one book brief summary of legal opinions law school textbook Hagia Sophia massive church dome made of windows light coming in would hit the gold and make you feel like you were in Heaven Took back some parts of Western Empire that fell to Islam which wound up being very short lived Gateway to Mediterranean world developed silk technology got lots of money from trade dishes from China Persian carpets spices from India developed a banking system Women were segregated weren t allowed to come out much had arranged marriages If there was alcohol present women weren t allowed to go to that place Married off their daughters for social and economic gain Eastern Orthodox Church culturally lots of differences Biggest difference is the church is under the emperor Emperor Leo had icons people worshipping images as if they were only worshipping images Leo ordered all icons destroyed in 730 While destroying pictures killed all the monks Pope was mad at Eastern Church for this called the lconoclastic Controversy Icons came back in 843 Priests in Orthodox Church can marry but not in the Roman Catholic Church called a schism Orthodox sent missionaries to Eastern Europe and eventually into Russia dealing with mostly Slavic and Russian people who didn t have an alphabet they installed one called Cyrillic Alphabet which matched letters to sounds Russian Churches are Orthodox This is the end of the notes until they pick back up on 119 due to no class last Wednesday and Friday


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