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COM201 Week 3 Lecture

by: Annika Curren

COM201 Week 3 Lecture COM 201

Annika Curren
GPA 3.4
Introduction to Communication I
Randal Beam

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About this Document

COM 201 Week 3 Lecture Notes (2 days of class) with Randal Beam.
Introduction to Communication I
Randal Beam
Class Notes
COM201, week 3, Lecture, UW
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Annika Curren on Friday January 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to COM 201 at University of Washington taught by Randal Beam in Winter2015. Since its upload, it has received 47 views. For similar materials see Introduction to Communication I in Communication Studies at University of Washington.

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Date Created: 01/23/15
COM201 Week 3 Fighting Words Doctrine Trying to excite violence FCC Federal Communications Commission Regulates interstate international communications by radio TV wires satellite cable 5 members appointed by president amp confirmed by Senate Authority on expression Limited regulation most of what it does is set standards Can regulate indecent content on broadcast TV radio but not cable Can regulate children programs 0 At least 30 minutes a week on broadcast TV radio Regulation of indecent content When 10pm6am allowed to broadcast indecent content Meant to protect children Rationale for regulation Airwaves are public property b c 2 diff entities cannot use the same frequency limited of frequencies How Levy fines like when Janet Jackson had malfunction People can write complaints to FCC What is indecent content Language material that in context depicts or describes in terms patently offensive as measured by the contemporary community standards for the broadcast medium sexual or excretory organs or activities 0 Offensiveness is different for everyone Unprotected obscene content won t ask these definitions on test Average person applying contemporary standards finds material as whole prurient unwholesome Material depicts describes in patently offensive way sexual conduct specifically defined by law Material as a whole lacks serious library artistic political scientific value Should gov t regulate Supporters Parents TV Council Opponents FOX NBC abc the CW Why doesn t the FCC ask TV programs to submit their content in advance for review to see if it s indecent Bc it d be prior restraint Media Economics Walt Disney Co then vs now COM201 Week 3 Expanded greatly with transfer to new person Not even biggest company Biggest media company Comcast 9has international in uence Concentration of ownership is a widely debated topic 2 Basic Functions of Media Firms Make content Making stuff you consumequot 0 Magazines TV shows etc Distribute content Controls the channels means to get that content to audiences 0 Television stations ESPN cable channel theaters on Broadway Vertically integration tries to control everything in its chain of production Ex Producing your own an album Making distributing content Horizontal only things at same level Company buys other companies that do the same thing Viacom mass media company They grow primarily through vertical integration If they buy a hip hop cable channel is growth through horizontal integration Reasons corps seek to be vertically integrated More efficiency for operation More money More political clout Fend off potential buyers Assure access to content Concerns about vertical integration Anticompetitive would put competition at disadvantage Diversity of media voices shrinks concentration of ownership


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