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Judaism Notes

by: Faith Giokas

Judaism Notes REL 10200 4

Faith Giokas
GPA 3.5
Religions of the World
Professor Pizzuto-Pomaco

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About this Document

Judaism notes (class notes/text books notes) Key terms, history of the Jewish people, General Information, Torrah, Gods, Mishnah, Midrash, Talmud, Sects of Judaism, Rabbis, Judaism in middle ages,...
Religions of the World
Professor Pizzuto-Pomaco
Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Faith Giokas on Monday November 9, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to REL 10200 4 at Rowan University taught by Professor Pizzuto-Pomaco in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 24 views. For similar materials see Religions of the World in Religious Studies at Rowan University.


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Date Created: 11/09/15
Judaism Key Terms AntiSemitism Although Semitic properly refers to Arab and other peoples as well as Jews the term quotantiSemitismquot has come to be applied to expressions of prejudice against Jews in general Apocalypse ln Judaism and Christianity the dramactic end of the present age Ashkenazim An ethnic grouping of the Jews that migrated rst to Italy spread through out central and eastern Europe and thence on to the Americas Diaspora The dispersal of the Jews after the Babylonian exile Ghetto An urban area occupied by those rejected by a society such as quarters forJews in some European cities Haggadah The nonlegal part of the Talmud and Midrash Halakhah Jewish legal decision and the parts of the Talmud dealing with laws Kabbalah The Jewish mystical tradition Kosher ritually acceptable applied to foods in Jewish Orthodoxy Messiah the anointed the expected king and deliverer of the Jews a term later applied by Christians to Jesus Midrash The literature of delving into the Jewish Torah Minyan the quorum of ten adult males required forJewish communal worship Mitzvah in Judaism a divine commandment or sacred deed in ful llment of a commandment Oral Torah interpretation of written Jewish law according to verbal traditions Orthodox Judaism observing the traditional rabbinical halakhah the strictest form ofJudaism Pentateuch the ve books Moses at the beginning of the Hebrew bible Rabbi teacher the ordained spiritual leader of a Jewish congregation Reform or Liberal Judaism movement that began in the nineteenth century as a way of modernizing the religion and making it more accessible and open eyed Sabbath the day of the week set aside for the rest and worship in Judaism running from sunset Friday night to sunset Saturday night Sephardim an ethnic grouping of the Jews who migrated rst to Spain and then to north Africa the Americas and back to west Asia Shekinah God presence in the world in Judaism Synagogue meeting place forJewish study and worship Talmud Jewish law and lore as nally compiled in the sixth century Tanakh the Jewish scriptures Torah the Pentateuch also the whole body ofJewish teaching and law Zionism Movement dedicated to the establishment of a politically viable internationally recognized Jewish state in the biblical land of Israel Class Notes Introductionbackground information Monotheistic religion 0 Tankah Hebrew bible Diverse tradition associated with the Jewish people 0 May be de ned as either a religious group or as an ethnic group A history of je Wish people 0 Jewish sense of history begins with stories recounted in the Hebrew bible or tankah quot ve books of mossesquot most sacred part of the scriptures Theme of exile reappears in bible 3 key concepts 0 gd 0 torrah 1st of 5 books of moses 0 Israel community God 0 Creator 0 Governor 0 Redeemer Names of G ds E Shaddai Almighty 0 El Olam lord of the world 0 El Elyon lord of spirits General information o Sinning turning away from god Repentance facing god Unilateral god does for the people Bilateral you do this i do that 0 David Israel s greatest king 0 Name given by God to Jacob alter in his life He who has struggled with god and survived 2 tribes that aid ritual sense but given no land Aaron amp Levi Messiah a person like a prophet and usher in new era of universal peace hasn t come yet Torah 5 books of moses 0 Genesis 0 Exodus 0 Number 0 Leviticus 0 Deuteronomy Mishnah Oral torah 0 Important rabbinic literature Explains how laws are able to be carried out Midrash o Homilies and interpretations of the torah 0 Applications to modern life Torah Hebrew word means quotguide Handwritten in Hebrew on parchment scrolls most sacred object in Judasim Teachings love of god monotheism one god and sacredness of human life Seen as alive and meaningful o lstloldest part of the Hebrew bible Talmud a compilation of discussions as well as decisions by rabbis about how to apply laws of the bible Torrah often studied through lens of Talmud Main partswritten roughly 90 amp600 CE Rabbis teach Talmud amp decide how its to be applied Worshipprayer and reading sacred texts and praising god Studying bible and Talmudseen as sacred obligations for men jewish View on Humanity 0 Everyone has potential for goodevil o Conclude this from the story of creation of humans in genesis 0 Strengthen tendency for good amp control tendency for evil 0 Worship of god 3 sects of judaism Sadducees high priest temple Pharisees teachers of law rabbis Essenes Rabbinic judaism Rabbis and the messianic movement survived the destruction of Judea Rabbis o Interpret Hebrew Scriptures Interpret scriptures in ways acceptable to contemporary values judaism middle ages 0 Early centuries of common era Jewish pop in Palestine declined a Life under Islamic rule was intellectually exciting for the Jewish community a 1095 Jews became victims of mobs of Christian crusaders o Deterioration ofJewish life 12th through 17th centuries judaism after WW1 Kabbalah teachings concerning interactions between spiritual and physical world Hasidism ecstatic piety judaism amp Modernity Orthodox Judaism Reform Judaism 0 Today 6 million jews largest population in the world judaism in 19305 0 Laws were passedseparated jews from the rest of the population in ghettos Jews deprived of their legal and economic rights The holocaust By 1942 large scale death camps created by Nazis Almost 6 million European jews murdered ZionismContemporary Israel a Jewish movement dedicated to the establishment of politically viable internationally o 1947 United Nations partitioned Palestine into 2 different areas 0 The Arabs did not accept the partitions 1948 Israel declared itself an independentJewish state 0 Attacked by its Arab neighbors 0 Negotiated peace is fragile Sacred Practices Scriptural study Remembering god in all aspects of life Ritual circumstances What one eats is of cosmic sign Giving thanks continually The Sabbath 0 Bar mitzvahBat mitzvah Sabbath 0 Sunset Friday to sunset Saturday a May attend Sabbath services and begin the Sabbath with a special Friday night dinner a Vary in different forms jewish Holy Days 0 Ancient lunar calendar 0 Rosh hasanah Yom kippur Sukkot fall harvest festival Purim Passover Shavuot 0 Passover remembrance Hanukah celebration of Maccabean rebellion amp puri cation of temple Passover celebrating liberation from bondage 0 Marked by sedar dinner 0 Oral tradition Shavuot moses receiving that Torah at my Sinai QQQQQ Branches Conservative 0 Open to discussion about how to adapt to Judaism to us 0 Talmud still in uential 0 Jewish traditions o Reform 0 Most lenient 0 Very open to change 0 Ordains 1st woman rabbi1972 Orthodox 0 Willing to accept American ways when not in con ict with Talmud 0 Women not ordained o Hasidim 0 Very modest dress from women 0 Men don t shave 0 Kosher 0 Spate schools for girlsboys 0 Very large families Reformconservative 90 o Hasidim 10 a Contemporary Judaism 0 Orthodox Conservative Reform Reconstructionism secular GOOD TEXT BOOK NOTES In troduction No single founder and no central leader or group making A history of the je Wish people 0 Biblical history begins with the creation of the world by a supreme deity or God and progresses through patriarchs matriarchs and Moses Biblical stories 0 The ve books of Moses 0 Also known as the quotPentateuchquot o Appear at the beginning of the Tanakah as the most sacred part of the scriptures 0 Some stories include the Creation the Garden of Eden the Great Flood and the Tower of babel From creation to the God of Abraham 0 The Hebrew Scriptures begins with a poetic account of the creation of heaven and earth by God in 6 days 0 After creating material univerise God created man and woman in the divine quotimage or likenessquot Masters of the earth rulers of the sh of the sea the birds of the sky and all living things that creep up on earth 0 God is portrayed as a transcendent Creator without origins gender or form a being utterly different from what has been created 0 2nCI earlier version of the creation story 0 Legend of Adam and Eve 0 God originally placed Adam and Eve in a garden paradise o The women Eve was promised wisdom by a serpent to encourage her to taste the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil against Gods command 0 God cursed the serpent and the land and banished Adam and Eve from their garden They were no longer immortal had no more access to the quottree of livequot and their lives were no longer paradisiacal o The theme of exile reappears continually in the Hebrew bible Covenant Unique belief the idea of a special covenantal relationship between the Jewish people and God 0 God grants special favors and is also bound by his own ethical agreements to the people 0 Paradigm for this special relationship is the covenant between God and Abraham on behalf of the Jewish people 0 The belief that a great ood did occur in Mesopotamia is now supported by nonbiblical evidence from archaeology geology and legends of other peoples grounding at least part of the narrative in historical fact Eary monotheism 0 Pure monotheism the worship if a single God of the universe exclusive of any other divine beings Asherahs sacred poles or trees 0 The Israelites destroyed the asherahs but apparently incorporated or adapted elements of the older faiths of the area into their own 0 God is perceived as a ruler in a close relationship to the people like a parent to their children Israels birth in struggle Unclear who the people of the biblical narratives were 0 The people who became known as Israelites were the offspring of Jacob grandson of Abraham 0 This story in which a human being struggles and is nally reborn at a higher level of spirituality has been taken as a metaphor for the spiritual evolution of the people of Israel The rst temple of jerusaem O


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