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Week Seven Lecture Notes

by: Tiara Notetaker

Week Seven Lecture Notes HIST 145

Marketplace > Towson University > History > HIST 145 > Week Seven Lecture Notes
Tiara Notetaker
GPA 3.8
Dr. Andrew Diemer

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About this Document

Week Seven Lecture Notes (Classes 10/15, 10/20, 10/22)
Dr. Andrew Diemer
Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Tiara Notetaker on Monday November 9, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HIST 145 at Towson University taught by Dr. Andrew Diemer in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 19 views. For similar materials see HIST 145 - HIST OF U.S. TO THE CIVIL WAR in History at Towson University.


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Date Created: 11/09/15
Week Seven Class Notes Classes 1015 1020 1022 1015 War of 1812 Main Question Why is the US going to war again with Great Brittan Jeffe 0 Vision Agricultural empire of peaceful farmers 0 Use the economy to avoid war Incorporate Indians 0 Give them opportunities to become civilized Strong standing navy 0 Not an army which would lead to oppressing the people 0 The navy would better protect America from foreign countries Settle the west 0 Become selfsufficient farmers 0 Reality Embargo against France and Great Brittan failed Barbary wars against North African pirates America still concerned w European entanglements Madison 0 Jefferson s Secretary of State Trend of Sec of States becoming president 0 Jefferson Madison Monroe Madison s Sec of State Napoleonic Wars 0 Napoleon crowned himself emperor 0 Goal to recapture Haiti failed gt no need for Louisiana gt sells it to Jefferson Battle of Austerlitz 0 1805 0 Great victory for Napoleon against Russia and Austria gm 0 Napoleon made his brother Joseph king of Spain gt Civil war resisting Napoleon s control British 0 Continue to fight the French 0 Uses strong naval power 0 British colonies fight too America 0 Caught in the middle wanting to trade w Brittan and France 0 Many Americans living in Canada and British from Canada living in America 0 British sailors who don t want to fight in the war claim to be American gt British seize American ships forcing all to fight 0 British continue to have alliances w Indians 0 British gov t and Canada doubt America is going to last as its own Nation Heng Clay 0 War Hawks politicians who push for war against British 0 Henry Clay From VA moved to KY Represents KY and the western Republicans in the House of Representatives 0 John C Calhoun From SC cotton plantation Republican Federalists 0 Adams Alien Sedition and Naturalization laws gt federalist decline 0 Vision Commercial nation war would ruin commerce Many are merchants war would ruin their market in Brittan 0 Respects the British economic model Declaration of War 0 Madison asks congress for a declaration of war against Brittan Both houses of Congress dominated by Republicans Invasion of Canada 0 1St American action in the War of 1812 0 Goal obtain Canada as part of the US Believes Americans in Canada want to still be American Wrong Americans moved because they rejected the American system in favor of the British Battle of Tippecanoe 0 1811 before Madison declared war 0 Americans under William Henry Harrison fight Indians who were allies w Brittan US wins Battle of Horseshoe Bend 0 1814 0 Americans under Andrew Jackson win Burns Indian villages Kills those who surrender Claims they are uncivilized and deserve this type of treatment British Navy 0 Blockades American coast cuts off trade I Occurs while Brittan is also fighting Napoleon Fall of Napoleon 0 Invades Russia Over confident gt fails I Defeated and forced into exile 1814 I Escapes and returns to power 1815 0 Defeated Battle of Waterloo 0 British capture him and send him into exile again 0 Dies of stomach cancer Invasion of Washington 0 1814 British burns gov t buildings 0 Invade Baltimore MD Americans win gt National Anthem The Star Spangled Banner written by Francis Scott Key Hartford Convention 0 New Eng Federalists Feel that America is losing Hope to revise the gov t to avoid this from happening again 0 Restrict president s ability to go to war 0 Eliminate 35th clause of the constitution I Stop republicans from getting the additional support from the South 0 Limit the admission of new states I States from the west are farmers which tend to be republicans O Rotate the states who send presidents I Too many from Virginia I Washington VA Adams MA Jefferson VA Madison VA Monroe VA Ironic use of state rights Extremists want to create their own New Eng republic gt Republicans use this to broadcast Federalists disloyalty to America Treaty of Ghent 0 1814 0 British citizens tired of the war not seeing the point of the war 0 Main decision go back to the way things were before the war Battle of New Orleans 0 Greatest American victory won by Andrew Jackson gt Considered the war s hero 0 Occurred after the treaty was signed but before news of it reached America 0 What was the battle s affect since the war was over America feels victorious that they proved they could stand up to the British army Federalists viewed as ridiculous for meeting gt further decline Answer 0 Global con ict bw Napoleon and Brittan America couldn t avoid getting involved 0 Line bw America and British Canada blurred 0 The question of whether or not Indians were going to remain allies of the British 1020 The Missouri Crisis Slavery and Politics in the Early Republic Tallmadge 0 Democratic Republican from NY 0 Says that Missouri can become a slave state if No more slaves are brought in The children of slaves are freed by the the age of 25 Question How and why in 1819 did slavery become such a grand and controversial issue in the US Federalists 0 Politicians afraid to mention slavery in order to gain southern votes Election of 1804 0 Jefferson had children with his slave Sally Hemmings Emancipation in the North 0 Some states do not allow slavery at all 0 Other states promise gradual emancipation 0 North of Ohio River slavery was not allowed in Ohio Illinois and Indiana once the territories became states Apotheosis of Washington 0 1799 Washington dies 0 Painting of him being carried by angels into Heaven 0 Washington writes in his will that his slaves were to be freed upon his wife s death 0 Martha freed them earlier afraid they would plot to kill her Washington hoped to set a precedent for others to free their slaves He also provides money for them to be educated to be good citizens His actions can be seen in two ways a He was very noble for freeing his slaves and setting an example b He could have done more publically to promote the emancipation of all slaves Richard Allen Gave a eulogy of Washington Related the emancipation of slaves to Washington s desire for America Rejecting emancipation rejecting Washington US abolished the slave trade in 1808 as stated in the Constitution Jefferson Owned hundreds of slaves Theory of Dillusion Since no more slaves are entering the US spreading the amount of slaves across the US would eventually end slavery An example is of how New England quickly abolished slaverysince there weren t that many slaves to begin with States like SC has many slaves and their dependence on slavery would hinder them from emancipating them This plan fails bc cotton plantations were growing out wes increasing slave labor and southern farmers did not want to give up their slaves Tallmadge cont 2 When voting on his amendment All Northerners supported won in the House All southerners opposed won in the Senate No matter their party affiliation voting became a regional issue When Congress reconvened they saw that serious action needed to take place Missouri Compromise Henry Clay the Great Compromiser Missouri slave state Maine free state to keep the number even at 12 on both sides Every state above the Missouri line would be free and below would be a slave state To prevent this con ict from reoccurring Jefferson knew this would eventually lead to the north and south fighting over the issue of slavery Partisan politics were not as strong seeing that the Federalists were in decline An African Republic Class Reading American Colonization Society Liberia Africa Send free African Americans to a colony in Africa still under the control of the US 0 Why not give them land out West Assumes that they want to go back to the land of their forefathers Most were born in the US and had no connection to Africa whatsoever Those born in Africa were not from west Africa and had no connection to Liberia 0 Claimed that the land in Africa was fertile and healthy No mention of the people who already lived there 0 Hope that slave owners would eventually free their slaves if the threat of them being free living in the US was removed Answer Originally the parties were concerned about other topics such as partisan politics to be worried about the issue of slavery As slavery expanded in population and in new territories people started to see it as an issue that needed to be resolved 1022 The Rise of Andrew Jackson Birthplace of Jackson 0 1767 Parents were ScotsIrish immigrants SC Father died before he was born Jackson and the British 0 British regulars capture him and his brother British soldier demands that Jackson polishes his shoe Jackson refuses British cuts him with his sword Jackson and brother get smallpox gt mother gets small pox brother and mother die gt Deep hatred for the British West 0 Jackson moves to TN territory and works as a lawyer wo formal education Settled disputes over land claims boundaries etc 0 1796 delegate to TN constitutional convention 0 1797 senator for TN quickly resigned 0 1798 elected and served as judge on TN Supreme Court 0 Desired to establish himself as a planter Acquires land and slaves The Hermitage 0 His plantation 1804 Grows cotton 150 slaves 1000 acres 0 Now a part of the southern planter aristocracy Jackson in the Militia 1801 Colonel 1802 General highest rank Purpose of militia fight Indians Battle of Horseshoe Bend victory in War of 1812 seizes Indian lands Battle of New Orleans victory in War of 1812 huge victory national hero Seminoles Reside in FL on the border frequently cross at attack US citizens President Monroe appoints Jackson to deal with them gt Creek War Jackson attacks and burns villages crops and kills those who surrender Beyond what Monroe told him to do Jackson saw this as what needed to be done whether Monroe stated it or not Election of 1824 Federalists had dispersed Democratic Republicans got to decide who will run for president Today Parties decide who to nominate Back then Congress decided who to nominate William Crawford TN nominates Jackson PA also nominates Jackson Important because PA is a large state and in a different region of the US John Quincy Adams Joined Democratic Republicans from Federalist side Runs from New England Henry Clay From KY also claims to represent the west Believes to be Jefferson s heir Electoral Votes Must win the majority of votes not just the most Jackson won the most but not the majority gt House must decide Clay is 4 so he is out of the race Clay is the Speaker of the House however and has a part in deciding who will win Believes Jackson disregards the law disobeyed Monroe and is brutal treatment of Indians House picks Adams Clay becomes Adam s secretary of state Corrth Bargain 0 Jackson believes he was cheated out of the presidency in a Corrupt Bargain where Adams possibly swayed Clay for his support by giving him the secretary of state position 0 Jackson spends the next 4 years building his support system Gains Martin Van Buren NY politician Class Reading Martin Van Buren to Thomas Ritchie January 13 1827 0 Van Buren believed people should vote on party lines not regional differences 0 No geographical decisions gt Issues like the Missouri Crises bc the Republican party voted on personal feelings and regional preferences since the party had no opposition 0 Jackson has military experience and served the all not just some of the US during the War of 1812 0 Jackson represents the whole nation as seen in both TN and PA nominating him and is therefore not only liked by certain regions 0 The entire US cannot be J effersonian Republican as seen in Adams crossing over since the decline of Federalists because he still has Federalist views 0 Main Idea Reestablish political parties that cross regional borders to avoid voting that is split on regional terms and not party terms Old Hickory 0 Election of 1828 Jackson wins First modern election 0 Embrace of party politics 0 A personal campaign to emotionally connect with the people voters I Common man War hero Old Hickory strongest wood Main Question What contributes to the Age of Jackson Answer His personal story and humble path to success His great accomplishments in battle The market revolution End of the War of 1812 0 US tries to resume trade after Revolutionary War 0 Wars between Brittan and France Napoleon 0 Embargo 0 War of 1812 Cotton in South Carolina 0 Cotton tobacco wheat rice Ship Building in New England 0 Peripheral benefit of cotton economy 0 Manufacturers selling ships 0 Bankers got involved too The Yeoman Farmer 0 Vast majority of Americans are small farmers Yeoman farmers Independent of an employer Owns land The ideal American 0 Move out west Isolated from markets long travel distance gt Producing for local consumption gt Turning wheat into whiskey easier to transport and sell Road Building 0 Farmers work on roads when outside of farming season Fulton s Steam Boat 0 Hard to get boats up river Mississippi Ohio Missouri Steam power was added to boats gt West open to consumers Erie Canal 0 Governor of NY proposes the construction of a massive Canal from Albany to Buffalo 300 miles have to raise 500 feet Albany is connected to the Hudson River which runs through New York City gt Atlantic Ocean Buffalo is connected to the Great Lakes New York CitV 0 Surpasses Philadelphia as the biggest most popular city Early English Textile Mills 0 Francis Cabot Lowell Lowell Mill factories Lowell Mill Girls turned cotton into cloth Yeoman Farmer cont 0 Believed that industrialization is the opposite of the American ideal life 0 If women worked in factories the men are not forced to give up their independence Instead these women once of age can leave and marry farmers Henry Clay What power should the gov t receive over building roadscanals Who is going to pay for these roads and canals Federal gov t state private investors Who Will benefit from them Farmers around canal area Not everyone Will benefit from it if paid for by taxes What changes Will take place as a result of this More factories


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