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Week Eight Lecture Notes

by: Tiara Notetaker

Week Eight Lecture Notes HIST 145

Marketplace > Towson University > History > HIST 145 > Week Eight Lecture Notes
Tiara Notetaker
GPA 3.8
Dr. Andrew Diemer

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About this Document

Week Eight Lecture Notes (Classes 10/27 and 10/29)
Dr. Andrew Diemer
Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Tiara Notetaker on Monday November 9, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HIST 145 at Towson University taught by Dr. Andrew Diemer in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 12 views. For similar materials see HIST 145 - HIST OF U.S. TO THE CIVIL WAR in History at Towson University.

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Date Created: 11/09/15
Week Seven Class Notes Classes 1027 1029 1027 President Jackson Election of 1828 0 Jackson wins Van Buren Secretary of State 0 Calls for the reestablishment of political parties to avoid the NorthSouth division over slavery Jackson s Inauguration 0 Jackson s stance Represents the general population not the elite Member of the Free Masons a secret society filled with politicians including Washington gt AntiMasonic Movement a political party which like Jackson claims to represent the popular will Main Question What defines Jackson s Presidency Answer 1 Bank War 2 Nullification Crisis 3 Indian Removal The Bank War Bank of the United States 0 Has to be rechartered every 20 years 0 Located in PA 0 Democratic Republicans recognize that the bank is useful during War of 1812 0 Jackson believes it is run by the rich to benefit the rich Nicholas Biddle 0 Bank s president 0 Contributed funds to Adam s candidacy Jackson sees him as his enemy 0 Pushes for an early recharter by Congress House and Senate pass it Jackson vetoes it because it doesn t serve the common people 0 Becomes a major reason why he wins the reelection in 1832 0 Even though it wasn t rechartered the previous charter would still last until 1836 Jackson takes the money out of the National Bank and puts it in state banks or pet banks that support him 0 Jackson replaces his secretary of the treasury several times because they refused to give money to the pet banks 0 Historians question whether or not this contributed to the depression of 1837 The Nullification Crisis Why a Tariff 0 Tariff a tax on imported goods Goal to discourage the purchasing of imported goods gt encouraging the purchasing of domestic goods Necessity only way the federal government could raise money Benefitted New Englanders gt South called it the Tariff of Abominations John C Calhoun 0 Defender of states rights in the South 0 Believed the North would become more powerful at the expense of the South Nat Tumer s Rebellion 0 Slave who lived in VA 0 He and his followers went through VA killing whites and freeing slaves 0 gt South afraid that slavery was being threatened Calhoun cont 0 States that SC has the right to declare federal laws as null and void 0 Jackson didn t like the tariff either but sees himself as the embodiment of the federal government and Calhoun s stance is therefore offensive 0 Other southern states would rather side with Jackson than Calhoun 0 Jackson lowers the tariff but doesn t repeal it Indian Removal Georgia 0 Cherokee refuses to leave GA s claimed land Class Discussion Going to the Source Chapter 9 The Meaning of Cherokee Civilization Georgia cont 0 GA says that the Indians aren t using their land they hunt but don t farm which is vital to European Americans 0 Elias Boudinot argues that they do farm and that they are civilized enough to own slaves However no matter how civilized they become their race is always seen as inferior 1029 The Age of Reform Economic Context 0 Market revolution brought the markets closer to farmers gt Wealth gt Dependence on markets gt Separation bw work and home gt Economy no longer controlled by the people gt depression of 1837 gt Poverty now seen as an act of people instead of mother nature droughts oods etc gt Fear of Free Masons mid 1820s and AntiMasonic movement Second Great Awakening 0 Begins in 1800s climax 1820s 0 Western NY called Burned Over District Same area of Erie Canal 0 A lot of people exposed to the revivals while travelling 0 Rochester Buffalo Syracuse grow in population Theme personal responsibility 0 Every individual has a choice when it comes to salvation 0 Appeals to owners and workers 0 Appeals to women Rise of new denominations Methodist and Baptist become most popular Joseph Smith 0 1830 from Burned Over District 0 Has vision of receiving golden tablets from an angel explaining God s plan for the end times 0 One of the few religions beginning in America 0 Mormons driven out gt established a presence in Utah William Miller 0 From New England 0 Believes the world is going to end in 1844 Apologizes and claims that it would end in 1845 Reform Societies 0 Saving prostitutes 0 Distributing Bibles 0 Caring for orphans Elias Boudinot 0 An Indian who was educated 0 People who are against Indian removal find themselves against Jackson Common Schools Horace Mann 0 Shapes citizenship dual purpose of education Temperance 0 Early 1820s peak of alcohol consumption Alcohol consumed in the middle of the day like today s coffee break 0 Personal responsibility to be sober and virtuous If not you could lose your job and be unable to provide for your family Class Reading Song for Independent Day 0 Memorable lyrics sung to a familiar tune Yankee Doodle very patriotic 0 Meant to be sung on a day when most people drink in celebration Sylvester Graham 0 Graham crackers 0 Believes the human body can be reformed if you change its diet to no meat dairy or white bread Nativism 0 Immigration revived Irish and German who were Catholic 0 Germans became farmers in the interior 0 Irish lived in the cities Seen as drinking too much slaves to addiction Believed they would determine who got elected 1844 PA Catholic church is burned slaves to the Pope Transatlantic AntislaverV 0 Linked to other reforms temperance education against Indian Removal Class Reading From the Liberator Jan 1 1831 To The Public 0 All men are created equal quotes Declaration of Independence Antislavery is not just a movement from Brittan 0 Says the North is actually more opposed to taking action than the South 0 Uses sarcasm Tell a man whose house is on fire to give a moderate alarm gt abolitionists should be taking quick and swift action to end slavery


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