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January 15, 2015 - Cell Division

by: Nicolle De Roeck

January 15, 2015 - Cell Division BIOL 11100 - Fundamentals of Biology II

Nicolle De Roeck
GPA 3.1
Fundamentals of Biology II
Dr. David Bos

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About this Document

Annotated lecture notes on Dr. Bos' cell division lecture on January 15, 2015.
Fundamentals of Biology II
Dr. David Bos
One Day of Notes
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This 4 page One Day of Notes was uploaded by Nicolle De Roeck on Saturday January 24, 2015. The One Day of Notes belongs to BIOL 11100 - Fundamentals of Biology II at Purdue University taught by Dr. David Bos in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 242 views. For similar materials see Fundamentals of Biology II in Science at Purdue University.

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Date Created: 01/24/15
Cyclins amp CDKSHMMH Yewlateral mem 0 Signals of cell growth rates typically work to increase or decrease levels of cyclin Produced 0an Mint is con112th 0 Cyclin regulatory proteins of the cell cycle WW 05mm more Wm Typically stimulate progression of cell cycle 0 WWW CM all 0 Cyclin dependent kinases CDKs a ds Phosrbwte grow to uch ma thu Lt Kinases that only work when bound to cyclin W Regulation of the cell cycle 1 0 Go H don haNe39tO dividrz axglw C1 0 Normal functioning state of cell 0 Exit Go upon stimulation of cell cycle G1 0 Incieasew 39 g a st e cell to pass the G1 ChCCkDOlDEIEKlt G1 and enter S phase Gm W Cell size Nutrients Forms if Why comm 0 Speci c cyclins accumulate in response to internal or external stimuli 0 Cyclins activate certain CDKs 0 CDKs activate a number of molecules for the next step in the cell cycle Interphase G1 gap phase 1 b11111 mm man 0 Time of cell growth 0 Preparation for DNA synthesis J S phase 0 Synthesis of DNA DNA replication Sister chromatids are produced Centrosome the two centrioles commence replication mm mags10w cad1 G2 gap phase 2 W W 0 DNA begins compaction process Centre some replication completed Normal microtubule structure disassembled 4 W OdlM Cuycowemiw Eukaryotic DNA Compaction DNA must be assembled into a compacted state ie quotwound upquot to t into cells go 39rt doaAVtSt wt W WC There are multiple levels of compaction mmr39rtlon 40mm oose DN9 0 Nucleosome 147nt of DNA wrapped mm Lit H39 h at W around a core of 8 histone proteins 33mm 0 Compaction of nucleosomes MM 3 masc 12 quot 30nm ber or solenoid e l 9N M CW Interphase compaction 03le 39 i 22172rim 0 Further compaction results in chromosome structure 4 mg o wc wbore Mom39s Prepares DNA for cell division MAWt mm A ammow Eukaryotic chromosome drawing 0 Before replication Homologous Chromosomes Dad Mom Centromere assembly site for 1 chromosome kinetochore and 1 ChIOmatid 39 cohesion 1 DNA double helix 0 After replication Kinetochore 1 Chromatid proteins 1 chromosome 2 sister chromatids 2 DNA double helices I Proteins at centromere a A Cohesion Regulation of the cell cycle 2 o G2 checkpoint 0 Increase ing G2 cyclins causes cell to pass th checkpoint eXit G2 and enter mitosis DNA replication complete COMM mm W No DNA damage mchpo39vl ts Speci c cyclins accumulate in response to internal or external stimuli Go Cyclins activate certain CDKs dMD39bexavtdbrom e OlafAM CDKS but WWW CDKs activate a number of molecules and begin mitosis Mitosis Divided into 5 phases 0 Prophase o Prometaphase mgcmmm mam mag 0 Metaphase WMqu 0 COM Mtg miwo QQu 16 0 Anaphase o Telophase Continuous process 0 Divisions are arbitrary NOAle WUCO mmMOsowuz ruvhme 4 quot Prophase A 7 l Chromosomes continue to condense 7 Centrosomes move to opposite ends of cell J v W i ed cant ouzA J Prometaphase Cytoskeleton nuclear membrane and endomembrane system are disassembled Lytama illMg 39mderphma Spindle bers appear and attach to chromosomes 0 Chromosomes attached to two spindle bers One from each end eonmot wt Whore w ejm 39V Metaphase Chromosomes migrate to metaphase plate being pushed f and pulled by s indle bers lt lt3quot39WJ I mi WW K J um scum mew1 quotMquot or spindle checkpoint 4 d om bredhquot 39m mam Metaphase to anaphase uses the anaphase promoting complex APC for regulation CDC20 activates separase separase cuts cohesion so cells can migrate 0 APC also regulates removal of cyclins 4 30 ml lelSHOVl M nut begin MM awOJ CDC20 APC CDC2 I CDCZO CDCZOi activates act1vates EL separase APC APC and L SeparaseS deactivates 39 Securin i Securin Securin Securin inhibits separase Separase Anaphase Paired sister chromatids of each chromosome separate and begin the migration to opposite ends of the cell Telophase 4 mWMgJam m omrte amme Daughter chromosomes complete their migration and cluster at each end of a cell Chromosomes start to decondense Nuclear envelope and endomembrane system begin reassembly Cytokinesis begins as telophase is going on C pron3m dJNidl V1 03


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