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intro to psy 209- word

by: Lauren Hilfinger

intro to psy 209- word psy209

Marketplace > Michigan State University > Psychlogy > psy209 > intro to psy 209 word
Lauren Hilfinger
GPA 3.8
Brain and Behavior

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About this Document

Brain and Behavior
One Day of Notes
25 ?




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This 20 page One Day of Notes was uploaded by Lauren Hilfinger on Saturday January 24, 2015. The One Day of Notes belongs to psy209 at Michigan State University taught by sakai in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 171 views. For similar materials see Brain and Behavior in Psychlogy at Michigan State University.

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Date Created: 01/24/15
222015 Moisture Condensation amp Precipitation A Humidity B Atmospheric Stability Instability C Uplifting Mechanisms D Conditions Causing Condensation amp Precipitation A Humidity Unsaturated A Humidity 1 Saturation b Unsaturated More evaporation than condensation A Humidity 1 Saturation a Saturation When air of a given temperature holds all 1005 of the water vapor that it possibly can a a g 9 W a i a 0 1 39u l I quot f I a a e 39 390 5 b O o u a a n Np water vapor Flat water surface cover a 3 Unsaturated C Saturated A Humidity 1 Saturation a Saturation Evaporation rate condensation rate i c Saturated 222015 Department of Atmospheric Sciences Universitu of Illinois at UrbanaEhampaign A Humidity 1 Saturation b Dewpoint temperature the temp at which a given mass of air becomes saturated saturated 100 relative humidity DEW Cold grass chlils the active sumrpunijing air layer mindensation to the dewpoint quot temperatume Somebody i 39iorxgot quot V to put a L coaster under the glass 3 A 1 b The dew point temperature The temp at which the air becomes saturated with water vapor 100 relative humidity when the air is cooled by removing sensible eat Evaporation condensation Saturated A 1 b The dew point temperature Saturday Oct 18 2014 East Lansing MI lAirtemperature 56 F Q Dew Point temperature 52 F lRelative Humidity 88 A Humidity 1 Saturation b Dewpoint temperature East Lansing air temp is 38 F and the dew point is 30 F compared to 8 F Phoenix Arizona air temperature is 68 F and the dew point is 30 F 38 F Which city s atmosphere is closer to EaturEtion ie its dewgdin ast ansmg air temp n y as to cool by 8 F so it has a much hiqher relative humidity 222015 A 1 b The dew point temperature Saturday Oct 18 2014 East Lansing MI lAir temperature 52 F Air cools so temperature equals dew point 0 Relative Humidity 100 temperature I Dew Point temp 52 F Then condensation occurs Current Dew Points 1569 liens I705 14 39 21 20 13 V 42 B 1 7 26 2395 25 I Channel 07 Feb 2014 0610 PM EST wetihemorn Clouds amp fog groundlevel clouds are both at their dew point temperatire ie air temp dew pt temp 222015 So clouds and fog are both at saturation RH 100 saturation unsaturated air Unsaturated air below cloud A Humidity 2 Relative Humidity arr 109E Specific Humidity SH actual amount of water vapor in air Warmer air can hold more moisture water vapor nallde r a J Warmer air nitrogen a oxygen writer 222015 2D PC Maximum Saturated Specific MSH Humidity 53 3 HeistWe Humidity 1 ll 35 Relative lJlur39 iuI ilJe r MSH varies by temp bc warmer air holds more water vapor A Humidity 2 Relative Humidity 30 E c are c quot 53 Eli Relative Humid ity 1 ED 555 Relative HIur riirljlityr A Cool air till it reaches its dew pt temperature Air cools over night so can reach dew point Cooler air has Warmer air MaXimUm a lesser greater capacity to hold water capacity to warm air hold water low vapoCroolerair Jesseroapaoity Specjftc 20 RH 50 RH 100 RH muddy 5 pm 11 pm 5 am 222015 gm water vapor Air temperature Maleum of air 10quot k9 Saturation speci c humidity m RH x100 30 Specific humidity a Qk g Dew point temperature Saturation speci c humidity 8 i RH g x100100 Specific humidity 8 Air temperature dew point temperature Air temperature 7 Saturation speci c humidity 9 RH x100100 Specific humidity 6 E 6 A Humidity MSH 3393 Temp 14 C 2 Relative Humidity RH ni ggiiy RH actuaUspecific water vapor content of air SH X 100 Tor g RH 610 x 100 maximum saturated watervapor capacity of the air at that temperature MSH 81 SH actual 0 RH 40 gm water vapor1 kg air X 100 amount of I 40 gm water vapor1 kg air water vapor MSH Temp 25 C l RH 20 gm water vapor1 kg air X 100 humidity RH 620 X 40 gm water vapor1 kg air 2091 100 222015 miiiiiii 5 350 Dew point 350 i I g Temperature 47g g 47g 4 curve 4 40 C 47 Maximum SH SH on L i 939quot 32133quot curve this side 330 in V E E 7 gig 2D gg 20 ETC airis not E g I g 11591 gm saturated gm 7 39 lt1 00 i i I o U 1 RH 91 9 C 4 9m 0 40 30 20 10 0 10 20 30 40 50 C 40 30 20 10 0 10 20 30 40 50 F 4 0 393 2390 4390 6390 8390 150 1amp0 F 40 0 393 2390 4390 6390 3390 HBO 1 Temperature Temperature 6 9 o 9 w B Atmospheric Stability nstability 2 63 WW t 390 quot9 M Ji Warm manna air it clear skies 39 7 I rising air parcels air cools to condensation MThnmmnErmkel nie sinking air parcels create clear skies B Atmospheric Stability nstability Cumulus Wind cloud i Condensation level Parcel oF rising warm olir rf la Condensation level 2 bottom of clouds where 222015 condensation begins at 100 RH at dew point SHzMSH B Atmospheric StabilityInstability Movement of air parcels air masses up and down relative to the surrounding atmosphere 73 C B Atmospheric StabilityInstability Bufoyancy Air parce3 Lower air orce ressure masses go up p and down Low rf quot density 39 C a ankJquot parcel huhd 39der17 sit quotrquot Higher alr ravitalional g pressure lorce 1 Earth39s surface B Atmospheric StabilityInstability uplifitng mechanisms convectional frontal Wan39ri all i7 contractions W P lnah 39dw 19651quot an39 hail i EGG1 THDTI IEDPI BMGkEJEDlZ mgl pi39hlr only one you need to know for exam 222015 B Uplifting Mechanisms C Adiabatic CoolingNVarming of Air Parcels Masses Orographic uplift of air parcelsmasses air going a up and over a mountain or mountain range i Doesnt matter Wh39Ch quot 1 vi lifting mechanism all sa iaewir lsmasses cool Precnpitation on Windward Side dry on leeward V parce of Alix azgt zezotsdttt winds V quotstats irmntai 319925 milkTHIN Ll I P quot ifquot quotu in am tnnmann mmicsmme C Adiabatic CoolingNVarming of Air Parcels C Adiabatic CoolingNVarming of Air Parcels Masses Masses 250D ITI 34 2904 Thcunsun Elmoksf ule 222015 Cooling of Air due to Pressure Chanqes C Adiabatic a 40 29 0 600 CoolingNVarming of Air Parcels Adiabatic I Masses cooling of a 39 3000 m c 400 n rising air it t parcel bc air E Q CJ parcel cools 39 Air parcel E g 2000 soc corolla thtterrtalllly39 as it a 3 E Internally as It expandlsunder 5 tower air pressure as expands under it g I lower air 5 3 DO 90 pressure tquot I 39 Surface 1000 g Earth s surlace a Cooling by explain SiOln 2302 American Meteorological Social RH relative humidity Ability of the air parcel to hold moisture decreases when it cools adiabatically so oRH 9 Increases until reaches dew pomt temp as r 0 Dew point leve condensation level j Air parcel rises a E H gr 92 Rah 39 r J Warmer air Solder air a gt m niticgen C Adiabatic CoolingNVarming of Air Parcels m whee Masses condensation a Wm 1O 222015 SH Of an air Parcel only Changes Moisture lost as air SEW w I if lose water by preCIpitation 3D parcels rises C 1 I I r 39 D 39 ess morsture in air here L i 2 39 39 1 or c ll iiilude kilometre i M l Specific Humidity SH actual amount of water vapor in air iEQE titfadsitumh liuh ishing E many lili Dew point Dew point Temperature As air parcel Temperature Dew point VCurve xWg continues to curve 47g temperature drops 40 rise in altitude 4o 7 because of loss of 30 air temp drops 30 l moisture Has so Its capaCIty preCIpitation 2 r to hold 20 3 gm L 159 moisture drops gm it 7 159 Air parcel now 39 i i quot 1 Le its dew l contains less SH gm EC 40 30 g fffgm 20 3 0 40 50 point temp DC 40 30 049 20 30 4D 50 water vapor F 10 o l3 z empigawgo a o lilo 150 drops F 10 o 5 239mg 3390 160 150 11 222015 A air temp dew point temp eg 9 C What happened to 3 gm of water 75 gm of vapor g air vaporKg air B air temp dew point temp eg 4 C loss from atmosphere gt precipitation 45 gm of vapor g air What happened to 3 gm of water next air goes VEM QW T 39s quot 3 7 T g d0er the 39 GBHH 7 K lm5554 F K mountain asss m Hutspl warming 2500 m manualsmu m K marinasmum Hale nil mun a ar sandingiltlsrr 39 39 sincmuinisf Flute nil swim I 39 aim sundaijg tlsn 39 39 m ismm 739 L i quot r 1sz 739 I L K quot Warming of Air Due to Pressu reCImnges Air parcelmass sinks gt r warms adiabatically 39 a Adiabatic warming 7 of air parcel air E parcel heats quot quot internally as it is j J compressed by I higher air pressure 0 r J 5 Air parcel hesig iiiiiiieiignail39y compressed by higher air pressure C Adiabatic CoolingNVarming of Air Parcels M asses i Earth s suitlace is Heating by compression 12 the ability of an air parcel mass to hold vapor increases when it warms adiabatically so 00 RH of air parcel decreases Eal er air a Warmer iilr w nitrogen oxygen water 222015 v 9 t a o 6 Q Warm C Adiabatic CoolingNVarming of Air Parcels Masses 1 l Moist air forced Upward by terrain 4 causing condensation hotwarm amp dry air descends it has low RH Hot dry dirdescends i causing low relative liturniclity C Adiabatic CoolingNVarming of Air Parcels Masses C Adiabatic CoolingNVarming of Air Parcels Masses Windward side Moist climate forest Leeward side Rainshadow Desert 13 222015 Moist climate forest on windward side of mountain Rainshadow Effect deserts on the leeward protected from wind side of mountain ranges Rain shadow on leeward side of mountain range Winds carry moisture inland from Pacific Ocean Clouds rain on windward side of mountain ran 39 deserts quot 39 2 r l habitats Masses Masses leeward side of mountains Chinook Snow Eater rapid warm up snow melt in winter as a C Adiabatic CoolingNVarming of Air Parcels Masses 14 Chinook Winds come down off the Front Range Lthe Rocky MountainsAaest felt ln the x Calgary Alberta Boulden oloredo 222015 Raindshadow Effect on Islands Thomson Elmkw39 um httpswwwyoutubecomwatchvVEJ nganQY Polar front Polar jet stream Sljtllr39 icall fet streal n X Su lattropical hug Trail ind I ladlay cells 27 Subtropical hlgl39l x Subtropical jet stream 1 L Polar jet stream South Pole 15 uai hau Oahu Northeast w Trade Winds Ham ulu Molokai my Inches Centimeter Lanai Maui More than 2m 5 More than 503 C5 Kahnclawe 1IZIIZI to EIZIIZI 25d to SIDE 25 tc 1IZIIZI 51 to 25d Lessthan 25 Lessthan 54 Hawaii t rth Rainshadow on western sides of islands East side receives rainfall while West is dry opposite of continental US 222015 Average Annual Rainfall Kchala Hescrts I 2801 lnches i 25ft inches i 200 inches I i160 inches 3 120 Inches 80 Inches 60 inches 40 Inches BDlnChes 20lnches Hawaii Island lfllnches KeiluaKcna D Conditions Causing Condensation amp Precipitation Condensation takes different forms Clouds in the atmosphere Fog groundlevel cloud Dew condensation on objects Frost solid deposition of water vapor from saturated air up D Conditions Causing Condensation amp Precipitation 1 Steps a uplift of air b saturation of air to dew point temp c Condensation nuclei cloud seeds particles in atmosphere upon which water vaporcondenses particles dust sea salt pollutants 16 D 1 Steps c Condensation nuclei 2 cloud seeds water vapor can t condense on its own it needs to condense on particles to form water droplets 222015 Cloud seeding to induce precipitation disperse substances dry ice silver iodide into the air that serve as cloud condensation nuclei l 2 Precipitation in the Low Latitudes Average Clo Lid droplet size 002 millimeters cence process Average condensation nucleus size a 1 1002 millimeters II 2 Precipitation in the Low Latitudes Only where the atmosphere is warm in the low latitudes above equatorial tropical amp subtropical areas do water droplets coalesce to form raindrops Still need Condensation nuclei 17 222015 Precipitation in the Low Latitudes 2 Precipitation In the Low Latitudes When rain drops are too heavy to remain suspended they fall to earth as precipitation Bergeron 7 process ice quot crystal growth D 3 Precipitation in the Mid and High Latitudes all forms of precipitation in the mid amp high it comes down as rain It originates as ice crystal D 3 Precipitation in the Mid and High Latitudes Bergeron process ice crystal growth clouds are full of supercooled water that is constantly evaporating amp condensing back amp forth because the air in clouds is saturated 222015 D 3 Precipitation in the Mid and High Latitudes D 3 Precipitation in the Mid and High Latitudes the freezing creates snowflakes which either fall to the ground as snow or melt on the way down to become rain Snowstorm 2008 19 222015 Rain in the mid amp high latitudes is melted snowflakes D 3 Precipitation in the Mid and High Latitudes l V Bergeron process ice crystal growth sleet hail snow rain lEnd of material to study for Exam 1 Tuesday February 10th lBring your student ID to exam 20


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