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Week 10 Notes

by: Meghan Notetaker

Week 10 Notes ANTH 0780

Meghan Notetaker
Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
Laura Brown

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About this Document

full week of notes, with examples and teacher commentary
Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
Laura Brown
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Meghan Notetaker on Tuesday November 10, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ANTH 0780 at University of Pittsburgh taught by Laura Brown in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 32 views. For similar materials see Introduction to Cultural Anthropology in anthropology, evolution, sphr at University of Pittsburgh.

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Date Created: 11/10/15
Beliefs in Virgin Birth people in the Tully River region of Australia in the Trobriand Islands have explanations for pregnancy other than sex animals dreams words ghosts Trobriand Virgin Birth Early Explanations people are ridiculed for their some anthropologists insist that people know that sex is involved in getting pregnant don39t want to think about parents having sex Edmund Leach explanations that people give in some situations may not be the full explained events maybe they don t know what sex is Trobriand Details sex may help to open the womb men don t create babies but they look like them from sexual activity and contribute to characteristics Jesus is legally the son of Mary and Joseph yet his substance is from God Alternate Understanding stories about origins may take multiple forms Trobriand Island matrilineal kinship believe that most stuff comes from the mother and the mother s side of family child is of the same legal baloma yet it may take its material substance from its father What s odd about the Baloma Europeans also have multiple ways for explaining where babies come from European Conception semen as seeds women as soil women must be contained enclosed and kept clean women may nurture children but not provide their substance children come from their father leadership and wealth and identity Belief in a Homunculus semen contains small humans eat menstrual blood as their food very similar to the Trobriand kinship Patrilineal kinship model OPPOSITE OF TROBRIAND ISLAND Descent Procreation is a cultural construction it expresses the categories and stuff of a particular culture MADE IN INDIA surrogate mother immediately taken to the hospital for a c section due to excessive bleeding twins were kept in the neonatal ICU trouble with birth certificates aasia the patient surrogate mother was kept for 12 days in the hospital Wednesday Procreation as Cultural O paternity and maternity must be understood as embedded within a cultural system Q descent reflects other cultural categories 9 biology is interpreted through culture Male and Female as Cultural 0 Sex classifies bodies base on observable characteristics 0 Gender classifies persons based on behavior 0 an estimated 4 of children born in the US are intersexed 0 both the Talmud and the Tosefta the jewish books of law list extensive regulations for people of mixed sex 0 physiologically people might be classified as belonging to 5 sexes rather than 2 Masculine and Feminine o What counts as appropriate dress behavior speech and action for men and women varies across time and space I it also varies by social class Marriage 0 endogamous within group I caste in parts of india 0 exogamous outside of group I langue group in the vaupes region of columbia 0 sex and number I polygamy polygyny I polyandry I monogamy I same or different sexed persons 0 economic organization I bridewealth transfer of goods from groom s family to bride s family I dowry transfer of goods and wealth from bride s family to groom s or from natal family to the bride 0 how do our ideas about kinship relate to our ideas about money 0 how do our ideas about kinship relate to our ideas about biology Where Do Babies Come From 0 Trobriand Virgin Birth 0 women get pregnant when an ancestor spirit from their mother s family called a baloma crawls into their womb o conception doesn t directly involve the father 0 doesn t involve the act of sex Belief in a homunculus o semen contains small humans 0 some of which contain smaller humans 0 menstrual blood is their food 0 this is similar to trobriand kinship stories 0 patrilineal kinship Conception stories 0 trobriand island I ancestor spirit from the mother s family crawls into her womb enlightenment I sperm are tiny humans I dad and his family s money I inheritance and last name 0 turkey and US I men are plants women are soil none of these models reflect biology yet they do explain significant features of the kinship and legal systems in which they persist I monogenesis I unilateral descent I trobriand islands matrilineal I enlightenment europe US turkey patrilineal Why the Virgin Birth Controversy o trobriand island stories about conception shocked anthropologists not because they failed to reflect biological relatedness 0 but because they refer to a kinship system very different from their own Who s Your Daddy 0 a social question as well as a biological one o trobriand islanders are raised Complex Kin Relations biological parents legal or social parents descent in name ritual sponsors financial sponsors Culture and Biology 0 biology informs and shapes culture 0 culture interprets and informs biology I cultural practices have biological consequences O 0000 O I we interpret biology through cultural categories Sex and Gender 0 gender cultural categories 0 sex informed by culture I biological variation in sex is ignored or fixed


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