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PSYCH1010: Social and Developmental Psychology

by: Kelly Parsley

PSYCH1010: Social and Developmental Psychology PSY 1010

Marketplace > University of Tennessee - Chattanooga > Psychlogy > PSY 1010 > PSYCH1010 Social and Developmental Psychology
Kelly Parsley
GPA 4.0
Introduction to Psychology
Paul J Watson (P)

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About this Document

These are the notes for the week of Wednesday 10-28-15 and Friday 10-30-15 about social psychology and introduction to developmental psychology.
Introduction to Psychology
Paul J Watson (P)
Class Notes
PSYCH1010, Watson, social psychology, developmental psychology, Lecture Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kelly Parsley on Tuesday November 10, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PSY 1010 at University of Tennessee - Chattanooga taught by Paul J Watson (P) in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 37 views. For similar materials see Introduction to Psychology in Psychlogy at University of Tennessee - Chattanooga.


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Date Created: 11/10/15
PSYCHlOlO Introduction to Psychology Watson Wednesday 102815 SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY 1 What two areas of psychology in the last section of the course are dedicated to seeing persons in their full complexity Developmental Psychology things are complex how persons are developed from beginning to end Personality Theory theories of the person What chapters in this last section of the course will be useful in our attempts to describe psychology as an applied science 0 Last lecture looks at psychology as an applied science through psychological disorders and treatment and therapy In terms of our ecological or composite model of the person What type of causes does this chapter help clarify Environment mind and body 0 Mostly metapersonal variables history and culture How might social psychology be defined in formal terms 0 Study of how thought feeling and behavior are in uenced by the actual implied or imagined presence of others Mind and behavior are equally important 0 Persons cause persons as interpersonal variables and it39s also interested in metapersonal variables history and culture 5 What social psychological phenomenon did Stanley Milgram examine in a famous series of studies 0 Obedience overt conformity with authority figures 6 How did he get interested in this issue 0 Life would be chaos without obedience focused on Nazi War Crimes Adolf Eichmann in Nuremburg 7 How do psychologists define obedience Overt conformity with authority figures 8 What was the basic procedure of the Milgram experiment that we described in class Researcher Milgram Assistant real subject Learner fake subject 0 He put an add in the newspaper to get people to respond to an experiment about punishment 0 The assistant and learner are assigned randomly by the ip of the coin if the learner responds inappropriately he would be punished The learner is asked to learn in a room with an intercom system asking questions if he gets it wrong he will receive an electric shock The learner has a heart condition so the researcher assures him the questions are easy 0 The learner has a panel of switches labeled from 15 volts slight shock to 450 volts severe shock with every wrong answer the shocks get more intense When the assistant is not in the room with the learner he can pull the switches more easily even if he hears the learner screaming and dying because he was told it was in the name of science and therefore okay 9 What had psychiatrists predicted Milgram would find 0 110 1 of the population would continue shocking all the way to the 450 voltage shocks if told to do so 10 What did Milgram find ll 12 13 14 15 16 0 23 of the population continued administering shocks to the 450 voltage shocks if told to do so In terms of our ecological model of the person what types of causes did Milgram s study explore Please explain Metapersonal it was culturally accepted to shock the learner because the researcher claimed it was in the name of science and therefore okay What social psychological phenomenon did Phillip Zimbardo and his colleagues try to examine in the study that they were not able to complete Roles How do psychologists define the concept roles Position in a group with rules defining which behaviors can and cannot be displayed What was Zimbardo s procedure Roles Prison Guards and Prisoners Students were randomly assigned to one of the roles Prisoner cops come to your house fingerprint you and put you in a mock prison environment 0 Prison Guard meet with researcher and told to maintain order and do whatever you want but do not physically harm prisoners This was supposed to last 2 weeks and everyone was paid daily Guards began to treat prisoners harshly as less than others Prisoners became depressed and psychologically unstable 0 The experiment had to end after just 6 days because it got too realistic and put students in danger What began to happen to the research participants after Zimbardo s study began The participants accepted their roles to extreme limits How long was the study supposed to last 2 weeks 17 18 19 20 How long did it last and why was it stopped 6 days it was too dangerous In terms of our ecological model of the person what types of causes did Zimbardo s study explore Please explain Metapersonal interaction between prisoners and guards has been implemented due to cultural norms and what is expected and accepted Do the studies of Milgram and Zimbardo suggest that social life should not include elements of obedience and roles Why 0 Obedience and roles are required for a successful society What lessons might we learn from these two studies 0 Obedience and roles can have negative effects but are important Friday 103015 INTRODUCING DEVELOPMENTAL PSYCHOLOGY 21 How might Developmental Psychology be defined 0 Things are complex so let39s generate as much information as possible to figure out the person 0 The study of the sequence of changes that persons go through across the lifespan Includes the sequences for physiological physical development psychological emotional and mental development and social development moving from dependence to interdependence What definition of the person is implicit in the organization of a typical introductory textbook in Developmental Psychology 0 A person is what happens from conception until death This is very general and broad This does not solve the problem of values when does a person begin 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 What issue does the developmental psychology of Lawrence Kohlberg address 0 Lawrence Kohlberg morals decisions based on moral reasoning Grand theory of moral development What is the developmental theory of Erik Erikson called Dr Watson39s favorite theory Psychosocial Development maps human experience through 8 basic steps in life What is the developmental theory of Sigmund Freud called Psychosexual Development all personality is derived from your sexuality What issue does the developmental psychology of Jean Piaget address 0 Cognitive Development human intelligence develops How do most psychologists conceptualize and measure intelligence Intelligence is something you have persons are characterized by traits Traits relatively enduring characteristics 0 Measure trait of intelligence through an IQ test How does Piaget conceptualize and define intelligence Intelligence is NOT something you have it39s something you make 0 Intelligence is a constructed understanding of the world for as long as you live you will continue to construct more intelligence Within Piaget s understanding of intelligence how does an individual discover that he or she needs to construct new forms of intelligence What examples might you give of this need You are intelligent when what you expect is what you get 0 You are unintelligent when your expectations don39t match reality this signals you to construct more intelligence 0 If you spend 3 hours trying to solve math problems and expect to receive an A but you get an F instead then this mismatch signals you to construct more intelligence 29 30 31 32 33 34 What are the four basic concepts that Piaget uses to describe the construction of intelligence 0 Schema a systematic pattern of behavior or thinking used by an individual to relate or adapt to the environment this spurs active behavior in response Assimilation understanding experience based on already existent schemas what you know determines what you see 0 Accommodation changing schemas based upon new experiences what you see determines what you know Equilibration keeping assimilation and accommodation in proper balance both are essential Define explain and give an example of the term schema Example all men are jerks Define explain and give an example of assimilation Example you meet a guy who suddenly doesn39t have quotjerkyquot traits so you assume maybe he is just a smooth jerk Define explain and give an example of accommodation 0 Example after dating a year you begin to think maybe he isn39t really a jerk new schema most men are jerks with a few exceptions Define explain and give an example of equilibration Example yes some men are jerks but not all men are Relative to the question of whether you should have an open or closed mind what implications does Piaget s theory have If someone only assimilates his thoughts are too rigid If someone only accommodated he wouldn39t benefit from experience a mirror who walks through time excessively liberal and ighty Equilibration tells us not to be completely closeminded Don39t be completely openminded either 0 Persons should have appropriately open minds This definition is useful because it encompasses all aspects of a person not just one area and many theories exist for every age of a person


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