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Interior Design Contemporary Issues.

by: Gisselle Fernandez

Interior Design Contemporary Issues. SDC 100

Marketplace > Washington State University > Architecture > SDC 100 > Interior Design Contemporary Issues
Gisselle Fernandez
World of Design and Construction
Alexander Wolfe

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About this Document

World of Design and Construction
Alexander Wolfe
Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Gisselle Fernandez on Tuesday November 10, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to SDC 100 at Washington State University taught by Alexander Wolfe in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 48 views. For similar materials see World of Design and Construction in Architecture at Washington State University.


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Date Created: 11/10/15
SDC Notes 1 1 1015 Interior Design Contemporary Issues Human Centered Design Monitoring emerging factors in uencing practice and higher education is an ongoing process at the core of the council of interior design accreditation quality assurance and standardsetting mission LEARNING TARGETS 0 Be familiar how the work of interior designers informed by knowledge of human factors and theories of human behavior related to the built environment 0 Examine how tomorrow s designer can be a global citizen one who is socially responsible and respects cultural norms outside of their own experience through the engagement of humancentered design and 0 Examine emerging issues in interior design profession sustainability social welfare globalism empathy etc Contemporary Issues Emerging Professional Reach HumanC entered Design Sustainable Design Technology Urbanization Globalization Professional Reach Dynamic range of in uence 0 Recognize interconnections between the built and natural environments Capitalize on innovations in materials construction processes and technologies Acquire a liberal arts education with the necessary creative critical and strategic thinking skills as well as the development of empathy toward others and the knowledge base to inform design thinking 0 Commit to the ongoing process of learning and idea exploration in collaboration with others Develop an openness to crossing traditional design boundaries Be experimental and take calculated risks inherent to the creative process Work effectively With clients Whose expectations may not be realistically aligned With budget and timeline for completion Negotiate the escalating mass of information to create thoughtful design solutions informed by research Understand and apply databased decisionmaking requiring some degree of analytical skills and statistical aptitude Cross traditional design boundaries between design market sectors for instance Engage in risktaking and potential failure to arrive at remarkable solutions Become technically savvy and Willing to partner With consultants Apply innovations in materials and technology to design solutions Greenwashing Is this product really green Words like quotbotanicalquot quotnaturalquot and quotsustainablequot are all used without regulation to convey an image of purity and reduced environmental impact Businesses have realized the pro tability of marketing products as quotgreenquot and quoteco riendlyquot words that are used on advertisements for clothing cosmetics cleaning products cars and even real estate The Living Building ChallengeTM is a building certi cation program advocacy tool and philosophy that de nes the most advanced measure of sustainability in the built environment possible today and acts to rapidly diminish the gap between current limits and the endgame positive solutions we seek The Challenge is comprised of seven performance categories called Petals Place Water Energy Health amp Happiness Materials Equity and Beauty Petals are subdivided into a total of twenty Imperatives each of which focuses on a speci c sphere of in uence This compilation of Imperatives can be applied to almost every conceivable building project of any scale and any location be it a new building or an existing structure HumanCentered Design Deeper knowledge Base 0 Recast their professional identity giving more weight to problem identi cation in balance With problem solving and resolution O Engage in a deep design process to better meet human needs through the social and natural sciences that may involve employing applied research ndings applicable to practice Guide design decisions through an understanding of research methods and ndings 0 Communicate the essence of relatively complex data and research results verbally and graphically to clients and collaborators Global Citizen one who is socially responsible and respects cultural norms outside of their own experience Engaging in humancentered design necessarily begins with curiosity and developing this mindset was viewed as teachable Well Building Standard 7 Wellness Concepts Mind Comfort Fitness Light Nourishment Water and Air Sustainable Design A dominate issue 0fthe century New Paradigm Be ready to design with higher performance criteria for healthy interior environments Become familiar with the base of knowledge on sustainability and undertake a holistic approach to sustainable environments Understand and apply appropriate research methods to guide design decisions Be able to discern factual information about sustainability from marketing propaganda Leverage innovations in green materials and technology in design solutions Be able to effectively utilize experts from other elds in the design process Project example Eneco Headquarters Hofman Dujardin Architects and Fokkema amp Partners Rotterdam Netherlands Nature as the skin of the building and the interior of the building more natural materials has played a leading role in helping sustainable energy company Eneco to practise what it preaches They have designed the interiors for Eneco s headquarters building in Rotterdam which has undergone a revolution to create the perfect working environment complete with solar power natural light and oxygen from internal vegetation echoing Eneco s vision of sustainability Eneco s new building is also the perfect example of how clever and ef cient office design can offer employees the possibility to work exibly in a dynamic open sustainable and healthy environment Project example Painters Hall Opsis Architecture Pringle Creek Salem Oregon Painters Hall is Pringle Creek s Community Center Cafe Office art gallery and event venue Originally built in the 1930 s Painters Hall was renovated to LEED Platinum Net Zero Energy Building standards in 2010 demonstrating the potential of converting existing building stock into highperformance sustainable building sites Painters Hall features simple lowcost solutions for energy reduction such as natural daylighting and passive cooling lighting that save money and increase comfort A district groundsource geothermal loop serves the building s GSHP for highly efficient heating and air conditioning Excess generation from the 202 kW rooftop solar array offsets pumping for the neighborhoods geo loop system Key pieces of furniture were fashioned out of heavy timbers and slabs from trees milled onsite Materials collected from deconstructed buildings onsite were incorporated into the renovation of Painters Hall and the building s Zero Waste Initiative significantly reduces garbage produced by events and activities Open to the public Painters Hall is a hub for gatherings of friends neighbors and visitors at the heart of a neighborhood designed around nature and community Project example Livestrong Foundation Lake Flato Architects Austin Texas 2009 Technology A New Challenge Planning new equipment Advances in interior environments Design programs Databased decision making Project example Futuristic Expo Center Digital Media amp Sustainability Art Com Studios Wolfsburg Germany Urbanization Macro notion of the city refuge and prospect 0 Consider interior spaces as a part of a system of spaces crossing the built and natural environment 0 Support adaptability resiliency scarcity of resources and the connection of interiors to green spaces within the urban environment 0 Collaborate with elds impacting the urban landscape such as urban planning business government and law in order to address pressing issues in urban settings 0 Cultivate empathy and social sensitivity to the widening gap of human inequality including homelessness 0 Consider scale proximity and density within the urban environment Project example A Web of Interconnected Determinants Socioeconomic Disparities Paraisopolis Sau Paulo Brazil Project example The Monte Rosa Hut Professors Brillembourg and Klumpner ETH Zurich Architects Community Center Favela Sao Paulo Brazil Globalization Fluid migration of knowledge 0 Be knowledgeable about cultural differences and values to support adaptability and resiliency within the global environment 0 Develop an awareness and when called for an acumen in international business practices Be ethically responsible and maintain professional integrity Consider materials construction and space in the global context of social sensitivity ST EEP analysis tool ie social technological economic environmental and political to gauge how factors in the external environment will impact the performance of a given company S or organization s strategic plan Globalized Market International Training Program Architects US


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