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Unit 2: Reading #1

by: Nicole Caparas

Unit 2: Reading #1 10320

Nicole Caparas
GPA 3.888
Appreciation of Architecture II
Ann Marie Borys

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About this Document

Buildings across Time by Michael Fazio, Pages 328-333 and 365-371
Appreciation of Architecture II
Ann Marie Borys
129 ?




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This 4 page Reader was uploaded by Nicole Caparas on Saturday January 24, 2015. The Reader belongs to 10320 at University of Washington taught by Ann Marie Borys in Winter2015. Since its upload, it has received 146 views. For similar materials see Appreciation of Architecture II in Architecture at University of Washington.


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Date Created: 01/24/15
Renaissance in France 0 military excursions O feudal society strong centralized state headed by King 0 court dominant force in society 0 Certosa at Pavia comb of highly ornamented surfaces amp classical details 0 Late Gothic French mist familiar Chateaux in Loire Valley 0 Blois illustrates transition from Middle Ages to Renaissance through successive stages 0 large medieval hall amp associated rooms 0 Louis X11 east wing amp large courtyard O red brick with light coloured some trim at corners doorways windows I re ects continuity of medieval transitions O entrance way equestrian statue of Louis on large niche with double cusped pointed arches amp other Gothic detailing in stone I windows aligned one above another O Gothic dormers in steeply pitched roofs C North wing O open spiraling stair decorative carving of wreaths porcupines salamanders emblems of royal family 0 rooms en suite 0 Town facade 2 loggias amp an open 3rd story with freestanding O mixture of classical orders amp Gothic motifs Chateau of Chambord country side fortified castle within outerbailey wall simple cylindrical towers suite of rooms in each corner cruciform circulation pattern double helix staircase can t see the other Great lantern above clusters of cones chimneys dormers on roof 2 medieval profile against the sky 0 terrace ladies can view hunters 0 re ects partial assimilation of Renaissance architectural ideas into firmly established medieval building tradition Sebastiano Serlio Q The Five Books of Architecture a geometry b construction of perspective drawings c Antique Roman buildings High Renaissance works of Bramante amp Raphael d Five orders doric ionic corinthian tuscan composite arched rusticated door amp window surrounds appropriate for each order construction on materials e centralized church designs Philibert de l Orme 0 New inventions for Building Well amp Economically O construction of vaults amp roofs from engineering standpoint The Louvre Q rebuild one wing of enclosed court 0 Pierre Lescot O emphasizes vertically O courtyard fasade I 3 stories including attic I Corinthian amp Composite half columns amp pilasters I elongated windows amp pavilions at the extremities amp center 0 Jacques Lemercier O enlarged courtyard to 400 squared 4X larger than Serliolescot s proposal Palace RoyalPlace des Vosges 0 urban squares Q 2 pavilions center of N amp S sides of square 0 460 ft2 court O houses in that now must conform to design scheme I 4 bays wide I 3 stories high I excludes dormered attic story brick with stone trim amp roofed with slate 0 royal pavilions have more elaborate details amp higher roo ines Q royalnon royal shared continuous ground level arcade 0 equestrian statue of king focal monument The Louvre Paris 0 square court 0 east facade Q Bernini central oval pavilion square court by open loggias with blocky staircases 0 Le Vau Charles Lebrun Claude Perrault colonnade of paired Corinthian columns with central amp end pavilions rusticated ground story roof hidden by balustraded parapet to emphasize horizontal ness O a lot more restrained than archi in Italy Francis Mansart O Ste Maria de la Visitation for group of nuns who served side amp needy outside convent O central church scheme O rotunda ringed by column screens apsidal kidney shaped chapels cutting into thick surrounding wall gt nuns choir O telescoping vertical spaces truncated low slung domes O entrance facade serliana like composition capped by conveX pavilion roof 0 hemispherical dome at crossing capped by 2nd parger dome scaled to be seen above facade barrel vaulted nave Chateau Maisons sur Seine elaborate entry sequence monumental gateways amp tree lined boulevards O forecourt defined by stables amp orangery moat entry court corps de logis body surrounded by gardens parterres U shaped end pavilions capped by truncated pyramidal roofs large central pavilion with 3 story center piece of attached columns amp pediment crisp pilasters material emphasizes classicism main vestibule thick walled masonry box 8 columns trabeated building inside arcuated one low truncated domes Chateau of Versailles 0 Le Vau added 2 free standing service wings gt eastextending enclosure of east facing forecourt O enveloped north amp south anks with enfilades O permanent residence of royal court eXpand Q 1400 fountains built river for 30 miles for water supply 0 Le Norte cast gardens with aXial vistas terraces sculpture formal owerbeds fountains water basins path gt focus on king s bedroom as center 0 Jules Hardouin Mansart extended symmetrically to N amp S by building long wings O Galerie des Glaces Hall of Mirrors O 2 adjacent salons of War amp Peace behind west facade of central block Le Vau s staircase of Ambassadors divided to lead to both salons large circular panel in Salon of War Louis as Mars triumphant over his enemies interior decorations by Lebrun throne room Son of Apollo J ules Hardouin Mansart O St Louis des Invalides O based on Bramante s St Peters O dome amp drum based on Michelangelo s O strong vertical accent O dome buttressed by pairs of ionic columns protruding from fenestrated surface of drum O system of 3 dome shells i innermost truncated masonry dome relates to scale of interior space ii intermediate caps truncated one amp supports external iii external timber framed lead sheets scaled to exterior silhouette mass and compostion


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