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Geog 110 Notes Day 2

by: Penny Kuang

Geog 110 Notes Day 2 GEOG 110

Marketplace > Geography > GEOG 110 > Geog 110 Notes Day 2
Penny Kuang
GPA 3.3
World Regions
Professor Victor-Burke

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About this Document

Geography 110 (World Regions) Notes Day 2
World Regions
Professor Victor-Burke
One Day of Notes
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This 1 page One Day of Notes was uploaded by Penny Kuang on Sunday January 25, 2015. The One Day of Notes belongs to GEOG 110 at a university taught by Professor Victor-Burke in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 211 views.


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Date Created: 01/25/15
Today was great Too many technical dif culties But thanks for the water 1 1915 Wegner continental drift Pangaea a Not accepted at the time because people believed the earth was only 100039s of years old b Let s talk about cookies oating in marshmallow sauce or tectoniclithospheric plates oating on the asthenosphere i Sea oor spreading at MidAtlantic ridge divergent boundary ii Subduction zones of continentaloceanic plates at Paci c ring of re convergent boundary 1 And it39s not called the Ring of Fire for nothing All those earthquakes and volcanos iii Breakup of plates displacement of water tsunami iv Creation of Andes in South America Himalayas in northern India at convergent boundaries 2 Besides movements of tectonic plates also wind and water affect landscape a Weathering erosion glaciers rivers waves wind usw i Glaciers to Great Lakes regions ii Grand Canyon carved by Colorado river 3 Climate affects people39s behavior culture and lifestyles a Weather is now climate is overall trend So meteorologists use short term data climatologists use long term data b 6 types of major climate regions yes they have transition zones i A Humid equatorial climate aka party for mosquitoes Tropical conditions high temperatures year round with precipitation 1 Af No dry season ie tropical rainforest rain measured in feet 2 Am Rain concentrated in 13 month period wet monsoon season a Monsooncurrent of wind blowing steadily out of a given direction for a period of time Also there are wet and dry


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