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Development Chapters 9&10

by: alliemartinnn Notetaker

Development Chapters 9&10 NURS 2001

alliemartinnn Notetaker
U of M
GPA 3.51

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About this Document

Human Growth and Development: A Life Span Approach
Robin Austin
Class Notes
Human, development, Nursing, adolescence, puberty
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by alliemartinnn Notetaker on Monday March 28, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to NURS 2001 at University of Minnesota taught by Robin Austin in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 11 views. For similar materials see Human Growth and Development: A Life Span Approach in Nursing and Health Sciences at University of Minnesota.


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Date Created: 03/28/16
Chapter 9 & 10 Adolescence Puberty ● First rush of hormones and beginning of full adult physical development ● Usually lasts 3­5 years ● Many more years are required to achieve psychosocial maturity ● Secular Trend ○ Each generation has experienced puberty a few weeks earlier, and  has grown a cm taller than the previous generation ● Glands Associated with Puberty ○ Pituitary Gland ■ Located in the brian ■ Hormones produced regulate growth and control  other glands ○ Adrenal Gland ■ Located above the kidneys ■ Produce stress hormones ○ Sequences of Hormone Production ■ Hypothalamus­Pituitary­Adrenal Axis (HPA) ■ Hypothalamus­Pituitary­Gonad Axis (HPG) ● Beginnings of Puberty ○ Gonads ■ Paired sex glands ■ Produce hormones and gametes ○ Estradiol ■ Chief estrogen hormone ■ Females produce more estradiol than males ○ Testosterone ■ Chief androgen hormone ■ Males produce more testosterone than females ○ Menarche ■ First menstrual period ■ Pregnancy is biologically possible ○ Spermarche ■ Development of sperm in the testicles ● Body Fat ○ Leptin ■ Affects appetite and involved in onset of puberty ■ Increase during childhood and peak at age 12 ● Puberty and Sleep ○ Circadian Rhythm ■ Day­night cycle of biological activity that occurs  every 24 hours ■ HPA hormones at puberty cause a phase delay in  sleep­wake cycles ○ Teens tend to have irregular sleep patters ○ Teens need about 9­¼ hours of sleep every night Physical Growth ● Growth Spurt ○ Sudden and rapid physical growth that occurs during puberty ○ Each body part increases in size on schedule ○ Height spurt follows increase in body fat, then muscle spurt occurs ○ Internal Organs ■ Lungs triple in weight ■ Heart doubles in size and beats more slowly ■ Lymphoid System decreases in size (only thing that  shrinks) ○ Skin and Hair ■ Skin becomes oilier and sweatier ■ Hair becomes coarser and darker ● Sexual Maturation ○ Primary Sex Characteristics ■ Parts of body directly involved in reproduction ○ Secondary Sex Characteristics ■ Not directly involved in reproduction but indicate  sexual maturity ● Nutrition ○ Many adolescents are deficient in their intake of vitamins and  minerals ○ Often result from food choices ○ Eating Disorders ■ Anorexia → Severe calorie restriction ■ Bulimia Nervosa → Binge eating and forcing food out of body Neurological Development ● Limbic System (fear, emotional impulses) matures before the Prefrontal Cortex  (planning, emotional regulation) ● Logic Shutdown ○ When emotions are intense, the logical areas of the brain tend to  shut down ● Positive Aspects ○ Increased myelination ○ Enhanced dopamine activity ○ Synaptic Growth ● Risk and Reward ○ Reward parts of the brain are much stronger than the inhibition  parts of the brain ○ Slower maturing prefrontal cortex makes powerful sensations  desirable ● Thinking about Oneself ○ Egocentrism → Leads young people to focus on themselves to the exclusion of others ○ Personal Fable → Belief that one’s thoughts, feelings, experiences are unique and more wonderful/awful than anyone else’s ○ Invincibility Fable → Conviction that one can’t be overcome or harmed by anything bad (inc. unprotected sex, drug abuse, high-speed driving) ○ Imaginary Audience → Belief that everyone is watching and taking note of your appearance or behavior ● Cognitive Thought ○ Formal Operational Thought ■ Piaget ■ More systematic logic and the ability to think about  abstract ideas ○ Hypothetical Thought ■ Reasoning that includes propositions and  possibilities that may not reflect reality ○ Deductive Reasoning ■ General to specific statement ○ Inductive Reasoning ■ Specific to general statement ● Teaching and Learning ○ Motivation ■ Cognitive perspective of development ■ Highlights academic disengagement typical of  middle schoolers ○ Causes ■ Puberty, alienation from teachers, peers ○ Entity Approach to Intelligence ■ Sees ability as innate and a fixed quantity ○ Incremental Approach to Intelligence ■ Intelligence can be increased by effort Identity ● Identity vs Role Confusion ○ Erikson’s 5th stage of developmental crises ● Areas if Identity Achievement 1. Religious 2. Political 3. Vocational  4. Gender


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