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Introduction to Sociology- Chapter 6 Notes

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by: Taylor Rice

Introduction to Sociology- Chapter 6 Notes 1614-10

Marketplace > Rochester Community and Technical College > Sociology > 1614-10 > Introduction to Sociology Chapter 6 Notes
Taylor Rice


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About this Document

Chapter 6 Notes- will be on the test
Intro to Sociology
Guenette, Lynn
Class Notes
25 ?




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1 review
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"Why didn't I know about this earlier? This notetaker is awesome, notes were really good and really detailed. Next time I really need help, I know where to turn!"
Liliana Davis

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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Taylor Rice on Monday March 28, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to 1614-10 at Rochester Community and Technical College taught by Guenette, Lynn in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 16 views. For similar materials see Intro to Sociology in Sociology at Rochester Community and Technical College.


Reviews for Introduction to Sociology- Chapter 6 Notes

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Why didn't I know about this earlier? This notetaker is awesome, notes were really good and really detailed. Next time I really need help, I know where to turn!

-Liliana Davis


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Date Created: 03/28/16
Introduction to Sociology 1614-11 Week of March 21 -March 25 Lecture Notes Chapter 6- Social Control and Deviance  Social contract: unwritten contract-between individual’s and society- give up person freedoms for positive social benefits  Deviance: recognized violation of a social norm-culture  Crime: breaking the law  Social control: attempts by society to control individual behavior  Sanctions: o Positive: reward conformity o Negative: punish deviance o Formal: public (ceremony) o Informal: personal  S-F: Functions of deviance-person blame  S-C: poor people suffer more-system blame  S-I: how do we create deviance? S-F: Durkheim: Person Blame *thought deviance existed everywhere-universal-varies from time and place What are the functions of deviance?  Deviance defines normal  Clarifies moral boundaries-over the line  Promotes social unity- (us/them)  Promotes change- ex. Rosa Parks  Social cohesion: we MUST punish deviants-offends collective conscience Suicide Study: 4 Types:  Anomic: weak social ties and rapid change  Fatalistic: social regulation, prisoners, slaves  Altruistic: identity with group-Hara Kiri; not all bad  Egoistic: social regulation, p.a.s.; terminal illness Merton  Social strain-1940s United States  Focus on goals and means  Assumed same goal ($), but different means Goals Means *Ritualists - + *Retreatists - - *Conformists + + *Innovators + - *Rebels - on own - (Descriptive not explanatory)  Differential Association: we need to provide opportunities for those who lack means S-C: Marx- System Blame  Poor people suffer more in the justice system in a capitalist society  Laws themselves discriminate due to who writes them  Rockfeller Drug Laws: 1982ish o System itself is discrimatory-can’t always blame it on an individual; cops sometimes can  White Collar Crimes: committed by professionals on the job against the system-cost the U.S. 20 times as much as street crime-learn from each other in deviant subcultures O.J.  Surveillance: Michael Foucault-prisons-panoptic-electronics have begun replacing it  Boston bombers, snowden, we self surveil  Ai-wei-wei: all about government and surveillance- Chinese Artist S-I: Micro *How Do We Create Deviants?  Labeling Theory: Garfinkel-primary deviance-“secret” deviance  Ary deviance: when caught and labeled by others through degradation ceremonies  Stigma: strong negative label-becomes you and your identity-“felon”- people become like the label they get Medicalization of Deviance- “ADHD”:  No personal responsibility for their sickness  Broken Windows: Zimbardo-social setting-criminal social disorder- cars in Palo Alto and Brooklyn o Brooklyn= destroyed cars o Palo Alto= wasn’t destroyed, just beat with a hammer because people thought it was there for that once they saw others doing it  NYC- Giuliani (mayor): enforcement of minor offenses-overall crime “stop and frisk”


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