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Comparative Politics of Western Europe- Reading Notes (France)

by: Estefania Notetaker

Comparative Politics of Western Europe- Reading Notes (France) PSPSC 2330

Marketplace > George Washington University > PSPSC 2330 > Comparative Politics of Western Europe Reading Notes France
Estefania Notetaker

GPA 3.94
Comparative Government and Politics of Western Europe
Harvey Faigenbaum

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About this Document

Notes/Outline for France Reading
Comparative Government and Politics of Western Europe
Harvey Faigenbaum
GWU Political Science Comparative Politics of Western Europe Reading Notes France
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This 3 page Reader was uploaded by Estefania Notetaker on Monday January 26, 2015. The Reader belongs to PSPSC 2330 at George Washington University taught by Harvey Faigenbaum in Fall2014. Since its upload, it has received 101 views.


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Date Created: 01/26/15
France Basics Administrative divisions 22 regions Constitution 0 1958 Legal system 0 Civil law system 0 Review administrative but not legislative acts Executive 0 Chief of state President 0 Head of government Prime Minister 0 Cabinet Council of ministers 0 Appointed by president on suggestion of prime minister 0 Elections 0 President Popular 0 Prime minister appointed by president Legislative Bicameral Parliament 0 National Assembly 0 Elections popular vote under singlemember majority 0 Term 5 years 0 Senate Irrelevant 0 Elections electoral college Half seats renewed every 3 yea rs 0 Term 6 years Judicial Supreme court of appeals 0 Appointment President reccm By high scouncil ofjudiciary Constitutional council 0 3 members president 0 3 members national assembly 0 3 members president of the senate The French Executive Hancock 22 The President and the Government Charles De Gaulle Michel Debr Draftsman of constitution wanted stronger govt New Constitution 5th Republic Central feature President Election by 0 At rst 80000 legilstaors o 1962 on Popular vote 0 Term 0 First 7 year 0 2000 on 5 years 0 Powers 0 Near monarchial Expanded by rst 3 presidents Charles de Gaule Georges Pompdou Valery Giscard d Estaing President appoints prime minister who then supposedly appoints cabinet 0 Starting with Francois Mitterrand 4th president dynamics changed Socialist with a Gaullist controlled assembly Division Forced to appoint to assembly liking 0 Creation of new relationship during divided govt Prime minister domestic President foreign affair national defense 0 When govt united President and assembly in same ideology president regains his preeminence o Jacques Chirac Back to normal First two years Premature election gt socliast control I Back to power sharing Nicholas Sarkozy back to full on presidential power 0 Francois Holland new dynamics Holland and his prim minster have full power but Holland and him are not strong Unadultered presidential dominance Any condition 0 President appoints left and right chief of state Dissolve assembly and call for new elections 0 Requirements consult with prime minster and speakers of chambers not less tna a years after lection 0 used in 5 occasions Cannot veto bills only ask to reexamine 0 Current events French Senate 0 2011 Labor party won for the rst time left o 2014 Right wing take it again 0 But senate is not powerful so what does not matter


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