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Interests, Interactions, and Institutions- Part 1

by: Erica Kugler

Interests, Interactions, and Institutions- Part 1 PSC 204- Dr. Chyzh

Marketplace > University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa > Political Science > PSC 204- Dr. Chyzh > Interests Interactions and Institutions Part 1
Erica Kugler
GPA 4.0
International Relations
Dr. Chyzh

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About this Document

First set of notes over Interests, Interactions and Institutions.
International Relations
Dr. Chyzh
One Day of Notes
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This 2 page One Day of Notes was uploaded by Erica Kugler on Monday January 26, 2015. The One Day of Notes belongs to PSC 204- Dr. Chyzh at University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa taught by Dr. Chyzh in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 224 views. For similar materials see International Relations in Political Science at University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa.

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Date Created: 01/26/15
Interests Interactions and Institutions Components of Internatl Rel theory o Interests the goals of the actors involved 0 Fundamental building blocks of political action 0 Interactions two types 0 Cooperation two or more actors work together to achieve a preferred outcome I One actor benefits not at the expense of the other actor o Bargaining involves the distribution of a fixed value in an unequal way I One actor benefits at the expense of the other actor o Institutions set of rules 0 Helps facilitate cooperation and enforce compliance Interests gt what actors want to achieve through political action o 3 categories of interests 0 Power or security 0 Economic or material welfare 0 Ideological goals 0 3 interests categories 3 schools of thought gt Realism Liberalism and Constructivism o Realism I Actor state I Goals enhancemaintain power and security I States only care about maximizing relative gains 0 Relative gains your gains compared to the gains of others I States have nolowshortlived cooperation cuz always looking for new self serving relationships that max relative gains I Institutions NC gt think insts are a shell controlled by its dominant members 0 Liberalism I Actors statesindividualsinststransnatl orgs I Goal maximize wealth gt focused on absolute gains 0 Absolute gains no comparison just look at what you will gain from an interaction rather than comparing it with other interactions 0 Comparison leads to less coop as you would want interaction that yields most gains 0 Looking at abs gains promotes coop I More coop between states I Acknowledges and utilizes institutions 0 Constructivism I How one responds to a situation depends on the context 0 Some parts of a situation may call for realism while other parts may call for liberalism I Can explain something as a whole but not its specific parts 0 Ex can help to explain terrorism but not what causes it Actors and Interests 0 Actors individuals or groups wcommon interests 0 State central authority wability to make and enforce lawrulesdecisions 0 Failed state countries governed by states who lose central authority 0 Sovereignty expectation that states have legal and pol supremacy win their borders Natl Interests 0 Stateasactors states motivated by interest in security 0 Natl interests interests belonging to the state 0 Origin of national interests pol groups pol or personal agenda Actors and Interactions o Interactions ways that choices by two or more actors combine to produce a political outcome 0 Strategic interactions each actor s strategy depends on anticipated strategy of other actor o 2 assumptions 0 Actors are purposive 0 Actors adopt strategies that are the best response to anticipated strategy of others I quotbest response strategy 0 Strategy plan of action based on interests and actions of others 2 Types of Interactions o Cooperation 0 One actor benefits and other actor isn t hurt I There will be losers the nonbenefitters but losers not neg hurt by the other actor benefitting I Actors work together so that they each get a little bit of the pie 0 Bargaining 0 One actor benefits at the expense of the other actor I quotzerosum benefit of one actor countered by cost of the other actor I Actors work together but one s interests overshadows the other s interests


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