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March 23rd to March 28th Notes

by: Joseph Landing

March 23rd to March 28th Notes KIN 202 G- Applied Nutrition for Health and Performance

Joseph Landing

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About this Document

One week of notes
Anatomy and Physiology II
Wes Smith
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Joseph Landing on Tuesday March 29, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to KIN 202 G- Applied Nutrition for Health and Performance at University of Miami taught by Wes Smith in Winter 2016. Since its upload, it has received 40 views. For similar materials see Anatomy and Physiology II in Kinesiology at University of Miami.

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Date Created: 03/29/16
KIN March 23 through Monday 28 th -454 grams = 1lb. -So there is -100 grams in 1 lb of muscle. -1.6-1.8 grams of protein is recommended for hypertrophy with most importantly a caloric intake that exceeds TDEE by -400 and 500 calories per D. -Creatine, HMB and Beta Alanine all can help with weight gain. -HMB is used in Ensure. -Sleep 8 hours a day and hydrate for weight gain. Keep your weight program altered consistently. -Creatine Monohydrate is 1 week of loading with 15 to 25 grams per day. Followed by .1 grams per kilogram of body weight a day. With 3/1 CHO/Pro 3 within minutes of post exercise. -Increases LBM -Increases Recovery Between Hard Efforts. -Milk, has two gold standard proteins whey and casein. Chocolate Milk has a natural 3/1 ratio of CHO to Protein and Performs well as a recovery drink. -Consume enough to reach 1.5 grams CHO per kgbw and .5 grams PRO per kgbw. -Soy milk causes cancer. Well maybe. And its genetically modified. -Starchy root vegetables are associated with weight gain. -HMB is found in catfish and grapefruit. It is a metabolite of leucine. It may increase muscle repair mechanisms to attenuate breakdown between workouts. Might also act to boost protein synthesis. -Beta alanine, combines with histidine to form carnosine an intracellular acid buffer. Buffering muscle acid allows for more anaerobic work to be performed. -Proprietary Blend is commonly used by supplement companies to hide their ingredient number. Propriety blend of Maltodexterin plus beta alanine. -Osteoporosis, in this country there will be 6 million hip fractures a year. Women are at the higher risk cause of menstrual cycles. -osteoporosis is the silent disease. People lose bone mineral density as they age. It’s easy to prevent the hunched over look with exercise and nutrition. -Osteopororis is defined as having a bone mineral density 2.5 standard deviations below peak bone mass. 55% are 50 or older. -1 out of 2 women and 1 out 3 men will suffer a fracture osteporortic after 50. -24% of hip fracture patients will die within 1 year after fracture. -Age 3 to late puberty is when bone density increases. -Genetic factors explain 90% of the variation of bone mass in the spine and 70% of bone mass in the hip. So very genetic. -A son has a 400% higher risk of low bone density if the father is also lower. -Women lose 25% of bone mass versus men who lose 12%. -Breastfeeding doubles a woman’s daily calcium losses. -Excessive alcohol is the number 1 cause of osteoporosis among men. -50% of children in the US get <400 mg of dietary calcium per day. -3 out of 4 women get <800 mg of calcium a day. -Main source dairy. Vitamin D increases absorption. -1300 mg a day for the average person -Risk factors are low bone mass, family history, being female, low bmi, advanced age, low testosterone in men, estrogen deficientcy, amenorrhea, anorexia, low calcium intake, smoking, alcohol, caucasion or Asian, use of corticosteroids. -Caffeine can have a tiny impact on calcium loss. If you put some milk in your coffee your fine. -Vitamin K and Vitamin D help calcium absorption. -Osteocalcin is secreted by osteoblasts for bone formation but also involved with insulin production. Vitamin K required to activate it. -Prunes are high in phytosestrogens and polyphenols, and may help bones. But could increase cancer risk. -Bone and exercise, especially weight bearing exercise increase bone density the most. Squats are key. Rest is also very important. 3 sets of ten squat jumps is better than 30 jumps in a row. -Female athlete triad is disordered eating, osteoporosis and amenorrhea. Eating to Prevent Cancer -lots of fruits and vegetables, rich in folate and B12 and antioxidants. No refined sugar or flour. High fiber diet. -Balanced ratio of Omega 3/ Omega 6 (2 meals of non-fried fatty fish/ week) -Red meat and processed meats are associated with increased mortality. And colorectal cancer. -Have red meat on occasion. To reduce carcinogens. Take out HCA’s by microwaving -Clean grill. -Do not order steak well done or charred. -Consume green leafy veggies with the meat. -Growth Hormone helps to grow tissue and helps muscle heal. -People with low IGF 1 don’t even get cancer. So how can you keep igf 1 low? Dietary manipulation. -Eat less meat. Seriously. Eat less meat. 1 meat meal a day. -Weight training could lower cancer risk. Not cardio. -How to cancer proof your blood in twelve days. Eat plants, less meat and exercise. Did I mention less meat? -Growth Hormones will increase cancer risk and lower life span. -


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