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week 1 notes

by: Angie Bell

week 1 notes HIST 3013: Civil War Reconstruction

Angie Bell
GPA 3.25
Civil War and Reconstruction
Joan Cashin

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About this Document

Civil War and Reconstruction
Joan Cashin
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Angie Bell on Tuesday January 27, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HIST 3013: Civil War Reconstruction at Ohio State University taught by Joan Cashin in Winter2015. Since its upload, it has received 116 views. For similar materials see Civil War and Reconstruction in History at Ohio State University.


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Date Created: 01/27/15
1152015 Election of 1860 voter turnout for election was extremely high Lincoln won the popular and electoral vote but only won 38 of the vote considered a minority victory Bell was a forgotten candidate was pro slavery but anti secession sentiments about secession in the South was extremely divided Secession Winter South Carolina secedes on December 20 1860 Lincoln doesn t become president until March but South Carolina is worried about Republicans making most of the new western states free states and gaining power then eventually abolishing slavery down the road the South is worried of anyone who has anything bad to say about slavery equates even critics with abolitionists Buchanan doesn t respond with any actions about secession thinks it is probably unconstitutional but doesn t react other states follow suite in seceding no popular vote in states about secession but Secession Conventions are held for a small group of powerful planters in each state yeoman farmers yeomanry popular occupation all over the US and in the south typical southern man works the land himself only 25 of southerns own slaves some southerners against secession disagree with it because they had parentsrelatives who fought in the Revolution and felt that secession ruins the Union about 100000 southern men served in the Union army because they disagreed with secession Wyatt Earp from the upper South in Kentucky his older brothers all served in the Civil War for the Union army Semmes family one brother fought in the Union navy and one brother fought for the Confederate navy Robbert Barrow rich from farming start investing in properties in the Northeast US southern man who preferred the status quo so that his business dealings wouldn t be ruined Lincoln didn t have a Republican majority in the Congress so some southerners tried to highlight this fact to show that he probably had a cap on what he could accomplish as president many Germans come to America during 1850 s because of German Revolution 1861 some Germans from Texas attempt to go to the Union to fight for the Union Army ambushed and killed on the way most of the older generations in the South were against secession many of the younger men were for seceding Cobb family documents this debate between generations father Daniel urges his sons not to fight in the war because he thought it wasn t worth dying for and his son died in the last week of fighting before Lee surrendered Colt was against most revolts didn t care about slavery either way made the Colt revolved sold guns to some of the southerners even though he was from the Union because he just saw it as a business transaction US has a huge spectrum of political beliefs and sentiments Mark Twain Samuel Clemens escapes to California to escape from participating in the war even though Jim in his book Huck Finn was a slave and seen as the hero Morse creator of Morse Code is a rich entrepreneur very nationalistic hostile to extremists on both sides of the political spectrum didn t vote for Lincoln thought he was an Atheist thought that the Civil War was orchestrated by the English refuses to take sides and writes editorials about his position trying to get Americans to stop fighting he ends up leaving the US near the end of the war Nathaniel Hawthorne wrote Scarlet Letter from New England middle aged man during the War said black people were inferior to white people and slavery was a good system to keep the blacks in check very critical of abolitionists and Lincoln died in 1864 Henry James was a famous novelist his father was one of the first millionaires he and his older brother were favored by his father and not allowed to serve in the army because he didn t want them to get hurt but the youngest two are allowed to fight because the dad doesn t see the worth in them William older brother defies the father and runs off to fight and the father retrieves him with a private detective decisions to fight and politics were very dynamic and polarizing during this time broke up families and town there was no united North or united South Confederates name comes from a Washington speech speech had nothing to do with states rights or secession Confederates say they uphold the values of the Founding Fathers Jefferson Davis became president of the Confederate states appointed by a small group no elections held didn t use Breckenridge because he was from Kentucky and Kentucky was still part of the Union


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