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COM 212 Ch1 Notes

by: Mariah Rodriguez

COM 212 Ch1 Notes Com 212

Mariah Rodriguez
GPA 3.35
Approaches to the Study of Interpersonal Communication
Douglas Edward Pruim

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About this Document

Hey guys, here are my notes for week one. These should really help you out if you are taking this course. Let me know if you have any questions.
Approaches to the Study of Interpersonal Communication
Douglas Edward Pruim
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mariah Rodriguez on Tuesday January 27, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Com 212 at Purdue University taught by Douglas Edward Pruim in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 159 views. For similar materials see Approaches to the Study of Interpersonal Communication in Communication Studies at Purdue University.


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Date Created: 01/27/15
Thursday January 15 2015 COM 212 Notes Ch l Communication the process by which humans collectively create and regulate social reality know this for exam Characteristics of human communication Process moving no beginning and no end constantly changing Communication is a process not a thing Human Collective Creative creativity is a direct result of human communication Regulatory All of the above together are a social reality Implications Through communication we create our own reality Too often we allow our created communicated social reality to control us Communication always happens in a cultural context It is more important for us to consider what two people are doing together than two people that are separated Model nterpretivetop one thing that we can get better at ability to label organize and interpret the conditions surrounding and interaction Someone can quickly learn what is important and what is not about a situation First time situations First step in mastering other competencies Thursday January 15 2015 Selfcompetence middle The process of self presentation ability to choose and present a desired self image If not sure of yourself while speaking you will feel less confident all the time cmqu comm PROCESS COMPETENCE INWLEDGI AIOUY COMMUNICAI39ION interpretan Compctonu A non 0F PERulVIhL39 IILATIONM CONTIXT LXSLNOI 1VNOILVI39IMS Messagr l omnmome A I39KZJLL3 139 n Hm DICODINC v31t31 Lquot 39I Wv39ll39lg nuq nr39uv39ut 39 039 quot LCM39TCQOQFHJ PEIFORMATIVE COMPETENCE nun 1390 man couuumcanou HISYONCAI CONTEXT CHANGE OVER TIquot Connected to all the other competencies Goalcompetencemiddle right Ability to set goals anticipate probable consequences and choose effectiveness of action Thursday January 15 2015 Related to role competence Rolecompetence middle left Taking on social roles and knowing what is appropriate Meeting or violating social expectations Adapting to each other Example grandparents and how you speak with them not cursing around them Messagecompetence bottom ability to make message choices that others can comprehend as well as to attend to and understand the message choices of others Knowing how to send and receive messages effectively Verbal competence using language Example girl in class her dad saying he39s going to go get a bubbler as in a PCP Nonverbal competence nonverbal codes Example flicking someone off Australia using a thumbs up for flicking someone off facial expressions physical appearance Listening competence processing and understanding messages effectively What is communication In my own words Communication is a way for humans or animals to interact with each other in order to come to a shared reality via verbal or nonverbal cues Face an approved social reality what we show to others for approval interpersonal communication what people do when they are together not separately communicative competence ability to communicate in a personally effective and socially appropriate manner formative competence happens everytime someome produces effective and appropriate communication behaviors Thursday January 15 2015 process competence all the cognitive activity and knowledge necessary to generate adequate performance implicit knowledge knowledge we don39t stop to think about use to unconsciously guide behavior


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