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Stress Management Day 1 and Day 2

by: Neha Salgaonkar

Stress Management Day 1 and Day 2

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Neha Salgaonkar
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About this Document

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One Day of Notes
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This 7 page One Day of Notes was uploaded by Neha Salgaonkar on Tuesday January 27, 2015. The One Day of Notes belongs to a course at Indiana University taught by a professor in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 34 views.


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Date Created: 01/27/15
Study Guide For Exam 1 Day 1 Chapter 1 a Stress a demand made upon the adaptive capacities of the mind and body i What is your capacity to adapt to the stressor Cope with the stressor ii If it challenges your capacity to adapt then it is stressing Three aspects of stress i Your personal view of the stressor 1 Point of view some people will get more stressed out for certain things ii Your reaction to events in life 1 Some people see stress as a challenge while others freak the fuck out iii Stress is a demand upon the body s capacity Stressor the event that you perceive as a threat and causes you to initiate the stress response Eustress positive desirable stress that keeps life interesting Disstress bad stress Acute stress results from a short term stressor spooky jump scare Episodic acute stress perpetually in the clutches of acute stress Chronic stress longterm stress resulting from those nagging problems that don t go away Holistic Health more than the absence of disease Physical health your body and systems are in working order Intellectual Health the ability to think learn assess and question healthy and stimulated not bored involved excited to learn Emotional Health having wide range of feelings and expressing them in appropriate ways Spiritual health principles and values that guide a person and give meaning and direction Social health ability to relate to others and express care and concern Factors in uencing stress i Heredity ii Environment iii Numbermagnitude of stressors iv Subjective meaning of stress v Developmental level of individual vi Availability of social support p Sources of Stress i Time management ii Personal expectations iii Family expectationslife iv Employment decisions and nance v School pressure vi Living arrangements vii Relationship difficulties viii Physical health issues ix Environmental stressors x Daily hassles unexpected little things missed the bus forgot an assignment q Three basic approaches i Eliminate stressors ii Change your thinking iii Manage your stress ll Day 2 Chapter 16 a Relaxation i Techniques that put your body in a relaxed state reduce stress and tension ii Practice being in a calm state helps you stay in that state for longer iii Both mental meditation and physical muscle compressionrelaxation techniques for relieving stress yoga is both iv Stress products won t work alone but will help with a combination of a stress reduction exercise v Relaxation go from a state of being stress stress response to a place of calm b How to get started i Try each exercise multiple times ii Practice 1020 min a day iii Secluded without interruption little background noise iv Practice during recommended times of day v Do it based on your health concerns talk to your doctor c How it s supposed to feel i Tingling warmth coolness oating heaviness pleasant numbness distortions in your sense of time may change your emotional reactions d Power Nap i Increase in energy increase in ability to focus general feeling of rejuvenation ii How it works Efficient because of position of the body helps balance distiribution of blood iii Position lay down with knees elevated at 90 degrees on a tablechair lll Movie notes a Original purpose of stress is to save us b Baboon l stress each other out i Social and psych stress similar to our society ii Lack of control causes stress iii Rank determines level of stress hormones dominant lower stress levels quothave notsquot have increased heart rates and high bp c Humans can t easily turn off their stress like animals can not for survival but for phychsocial reasons i Stress response can be more damaging than the stressor itself ii The right type of stress is great roller coaster extreme sports short relinquish some control in a safe setting Self Assessment Tools Assess your stress Symptoms of stress Perceived stress scale Inventory of College Students Real Life Experiences Ardell Wellness Stress Test Student Stress Scale Stress Vulnerability Factors Tombstone Test Daily Stress Diiary Assess Your Stress Resting Heart Rate Breathing pattern Respiration Rate StressoMeter Assess da results 12915 Ch 20 Guided Imagery Using Your Imagination 1 The mind interprets an imagined event the same as a real event a b First we have mental creation Second creation occurs when we do the necessary things to bring the rst creation into the physical dimension ex football players imagining themselves throwing the football 2 Hypnosis on 09 More focused attention More responsive to suggestions More open and less critical and disbeieving Reduces activity in the let hemisphere of the cerebral cortex and increases activity in the right hemisphere i Way to access subconscious mind ii Can t get you to act against your morals The subconscious mind responds to whatever conscious mind focuses on i When hypnotized conscious mind quotsteps asidequot 3 Uses of Imagery a ow of thoughts that includes sensory qualities from one or more sense a Dene f Visualization using the imagination to picture or see a place or thing Improvement of performance skills Improvement of con dence and positive thinking Tactical rehearsal and problem solving Performance review and analysis Control arousal and anxiety 4 Bene ts of Guided Imagery goom Overcome inesses Treat stressrelated symptoms Improve health outcomes Produce deep relaxation Best done while lying down Make the environment comfortable Begin by using simple and brief relaxation exercise Use imagine to something that is relaxing to you Autogenics Selfdirected relaxation using suggestions to create feelings such as warmth and heaviness in the body Putting yourself in a hypnotic state through the power of suggeonn Background lnfo Developed by Oskar Vogt and continued by Johannes Schultz Designed to activate the PNS by using suggestions focused on warmth and heaviness How Autogenics Work Vasodilation the pleasant feeling 0 warmth in the extremities Occurs when the impending threat has passed and there is no longer a need to run or ght Bene ts Reduce heart rate Reduce respiratory rate Reduce tension Help with anxiety phobias and hysteria Helps insomnia Increases performance Tips Create favorable conditions have a passive attitude can done while lying on oor or sitting in a chair Why You are so Stressed about Stress written on July 16th 2014 by a writer named Anna Altman overview on stress and the causes behind it addresses certain contradictions about stress management that have been created over time Stress is not necessarily bad for you and that it is simply your body s response to whatever obstacle you may be facing at the moment Another rumor that the article confronts is the idea that we have been getting more stressed out over time In reality the modernization of culture has not led to an increase in stress and instead stress levels have remained consistent over the years The article also discusses the importance people put on the economy and their health which are the two leading topics that cause stress Ted Talk speaker insisted that we shouldn t be afraid of our body s reaction to stress and should instead embrace it Different Yoga Terms Asana Physical exercises Pranayama Breathing exercises Dhyana Meditation the ability to focus on one thing or nothing indefinitely Hatha yoga Collectively asanas postures or poses pranayamas breathing techniques and pratyahara meditation designed to reduce stress and restore balance 3515 Thinking and Choosing Cognitive Distortions Cognitive therapy intended to focus on cognitive distortions and relearning thought processes as a way of altering negative emotions to raise selfesteem and to gain hope for the future Thinking Errors Albert Ellis 12 irrational ideas 0 The beliefs or conditioned responses often take the form of absolute statements Cognitive Techniques Positive SelfTalk 0 Message you send yourself 0 Becoming aware of your self talk is the rst step to mastering it 0 Switching from negative to positive 0 Can improve selfesteem eliminate chronic nagging stress increase happiness peace of mind con dence and self control Power Language A way of speaking that helps boost your feelings of control simply by changing the words you use The words you use to describe your emotions will have a noticeable effect on how you feel Choice We have the power to choose our response to what is happening in any situation Requires deliberate intent Levels of Responding Gratitude AllowanceAcceptance Discovery Observation ResistanceComplaining JudgmentCriticismBlaming AttachmentRightnes 99 WNE


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