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Week 4 Tuesday Notes

by: Dianna Montzka

Week 4 Tuesday Notes PPPM 280

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Dianna Montzka
GPA 3.8
Intro to the Nonprofit Sector
Dr. Mason

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About this Document

On Tuesday of week 4 we discuss Government-Nonprofit Relationships
Intro to the Nonprofit Sector
Dr. Mason
One Day of Notes
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This 3 page One Day of Notes was uploaded by Dianna Montzka on Wednesday January 28, 2015. The One Day of Notes belongs to PPPM 280 at a university taught by Dr. Mason in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 270 views.

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Date Created: 01/28/15
Week 4 Jan 27th 2015 homework assignment 1 due friday Government Nonprofit Relationships Crisis of Immigrant Children httpswwwyoutubecomwatchvte3MlCusoRk httpwwwkoatcomnewsnewmexicoalbuouerduecatholiccharitieshousingimmigrant fami lies26599242 government failure when immigrants and minorities don t have a voice or are unable to take action and stand up for their rights pushed under the rug to do our dirty work and support the way we live nonprofits have been a significant partner is helping these immigrant children Why does gov partner with nonprofits pros partnering with nonprofits that have expertise and community trust abiity to tap into other sources of funding to subsidize public service increased privatization gov not directly doing the services performed by a third party but still provided by gov cons ack of oversight of taxpayer funds expenses of monitoring contracts osing control when you delegate a task over programpolicy implementation bureaucratic drift who s at fault if something goes wrong public accountability who wasn t being tight on theirjob to overlook the activities of the nonprofit Why are non profits interested in partnering with gov to repair and prevent government market and voluntary failures pros increase in ability to meet mission access to funding to serve and build capacity partnership with gov to solve social problems because of gov and voluntary failure nonprofits cannot succeed in solving these social problems alone a seat at the table in policy implementation discussions eetc to be able to influence policy not directly related to lobbying through strategic capacity building can influence policy cons restricting flexibilitynot being able to do certain things with the money inhibiting innovation or growth professionalization reducing representation diminishing autonomy gov oversight to nonprofit activities reduces the nonprofits right to be able to make their own decisions increased red tape from sbiding by the gov guidelines and procedures etc spedning a lot of time reporting back to gov rather than doing actual work for the organization displacing goals mission drift or vendorism vunerable to failure relying on a million dollars from the gov and then having that funding being lost they are in the whole scared of advocacy scared of pushing back hard if your funding might be reflected in this Nonprofit dependence on government contracts gov grants contracts are at 327 of revenue sources in the nonprofit sector do rely significantly on revenue sources other than a big check from an individual voluntary failure charitable giving is not enough to make a difference on the problems we care about fed gov gives grants to states municipalities and community based nonprofits states gives grants to municipalities and contractsgrants to nonprofits municipalities gives contracts to nonprofits gov and nonprofits are somewhat mutually dependant on each other yes nonprofits need this large source of revenue from gov and need the tax breaks to do as much work with the money they have but gov needs the nonprofits to pick up the slack on the work they can t do If there weren39t nonprofits it would be a lot more expensive for the gov to deal with these problems themselves In sweden there is a lot of public services provided by the gov and thus nonprofits are not as active there Recently demand for services had increased yet gov funding has decreased with the recession and nonprofits are left holding the responsibility of filling in the gaps gov market and voluntary failures Three Dimensions of govnonprofit Relationships 1 supplements to governmentacting independently 2 compliments to government acting in partnership 3 adversaries of government policy change does the relationship of these three change over time yes and can be multiple at once 4 Cs of nonprofit gov relations cooperation cooptation complementary confrontation Notes are taken from lectures by Professor Dyana Mason Some sentences are copied directly from lecture slides available on Blackboard Further analysis of lecture materials are of my own thoughts and considerations and include what is discussed by the class


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