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lecture notes day 1

by: Filemoni Tiatia

lecture notes day 1 bus m

Marketplace > Brigham Young University > bus m > lecture notes day 1
Filemoni Tiatia
GPA 4.0

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This 2 page Reader was uploaded by Filemoni Tiatia on Wednesday January 28, 2015. The Reader belongs to bus m at Brigham Young University taught by in Winter2015. Since its upload, it has received 59 views.


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Date Created: 01/28/15
Filemoni Tiatia January 20 2014 Dave Carroll Lessons from United Breaks Guitars posted by Columbia Business via YouTube In this presentation Dave Carroll shares his success story as a musician and protestor In 2009 Canadian music artist released a single telling the story of his dissatisfaction with United Airlines customer service While on a trip with his band Sons of Maxwell Dave heard one of the passengers exclaim that United Airlines baggage handlers were throwing guitars Turns out one of those guitars was Carroll s 3500 Taylor Guitar Dave fought customer service for months and even addressed his concern to a representative United Airlines concluded that it was his fault and refused to pay for any damages In response to their lack of sincerity Carroll released his hit single United Breaks Guitars His video reached millions of views within months and caught the attention of many customers of United Airlines The bad PR lead to a significant decrease in stock value and millions of dollars spent in PR repairs Dave s story is an example of how powerful the voice of consumers can largely effect a firm s success Dave s success is an inspirational story and has taken him all over the country sharing his experience with audiences young and old This video is footage of him speaking at the BRITE 2010 Conference A multiday conference full of innovative and leadership workshops Dave s presentation offered a very simple informative and relatable approach There was a lot of positive characteristics to his speech First he seemed very comfortable It probably comes from his experience as a performer but he didn t stutter much and didn t show a lot of nervousness and his thoughts were wellconnected and cohesive He had a good wellmannered presence about him and he was dressed well He had a good smile and he emanated positive energy He always returned his gestures back to neutral and he told his stories impressively Although generally a positive presentation it de nitely had rooms for improvement Some of the negative things I saw included the fact that he lacked vocal variations he held note cards he had vocal llers and he lacked facial eXpressions Although he is a very well mannered and digni ed man one attribute he does not yet have is charisma


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