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Week one notes

by: Alejandro Perez

Week one notes Chem 1372 Fundementals of Chemistry for Engineers

Alejandro Perez
GPA 4.0
Fundementals of Chemistry for Engineers
Shoujun Xu

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About this Document

Fundementals of Chemistry for Engineers
Shoujun Xu
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Alejandro Perez on Wednesday January 28, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Chem 1372 Fundementals of Chemistry for Engineers at University of Houston taught by Shoujun Xu in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 71 views.


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Date Created: 01/28/15
NOTES WEEK 6 GIMMY An issue before the Supreme Court changing how districting and redistricting is done How districting and redistricting LINES are drawn party affiliation very in uential What issue is the Supreme Court deciding that might end gridlock in Washington 2ncl Amendment quotA well regulated Militia being necessary to the security of a free State the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringedquot That one movie about that woman who went to jail American violet Where we left off The Lemon Test Free exercise clause congress can egisate actions NOT beliefs Second amendment right to bear arms 2 parts of the debate 0 Amendment only made for militia Secures right to rebel against tyranny DC vs Heller As a part of the national gov the people in DC have the right to bear arms McDonald vs Chicago Extended the previous decision to state 4 5t 6t and 8th amendments secure Combined protection criminal due process rights Establish the guidelines Gov should follow to deal with individuals that break the law Exclusionary rule criminal procedure rule that states any evidence obtained iegay it cannot be used in court 4th Amendment 0 Bars policy from conducting unreasonable searches and seizures in their privates persons houses papers and effects 0 It requires probable cause that a crime has been committed for them to search you 0 Random searching of neighborhoods and groups of people is unconstitutional They can search you if they believe their safety is in danger They can also search if the objects are in mere sight They can search if they have the concent o Thermo imaging searching is unconstitutional 5th Amendment 0 Bars double jeopardy no person shall be charged for the same crime 0 Protects you from incriminating yourself you cannot testify against yourself 0 Miranda vs Arizona Miranda rights 1963 6th Amendment right to council To represent yourself Right to a trial Speedytdal Confront your accusers 8th amendment Protects you from cruel and abusive punishment Right to privacy Lawrence vs Texas Bedroom is part of your zone of privacy Supreme Court said NO Briswall vs Connecticut First time a right to privacy case was taken into study and identi ed a bedroom as private Civil rights what you expect the gov to protect you from o Discrimination 0 Property Dredd Scott case 0 Illinois Perpetuated slavery 13th Prohibits slavery within the USA 14th everyone born in the USA are citizens official acts by the state citizens could practice discrimination without the interference of gov GIMMY PLESSY vs FERGUSON Doctrine of Separate but equal not a violence against the law It was legal Brown vs Board of education over turned plessy vs ferguson in 1954 It violates the equal protection clause 15th established citizens right to vote for all citizens However some states enacted laws that would by pass it ie White primary clause Grandfather clause if your grandfather voted You could vote 0 Poll tax Voting act rights of 1965 Two types of segregation that still occurs today 0 De facto segregation racial segregation that occurs because of past social and economical situation patterns 0 De jure occurs because of laws or administrated decisions by public agencies Civil rights movements 0 Civil disobedience Lead Martin Luther King Jr 0 Black power lead by Malcolm X more forceful approach 0 Civil rights act 1964 in response to public demands prohibited discrimination in the areas of voter registration public accommodations public schools employment equal employment commission 0 Affirmative action was an attempt to rectify past discrimination


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