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POLS week 1 notes

by: Kristin O'Flaherty

POLS week 1 notes POLS 2311

Kristin O'Flaherty
GPA 3.0

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About this Document

its the first couple days of notes after exam 2.
US Government
Dr. Boyea
Class Notes
political science; Boyea; UTA; university of texas at arlington;
25 ?




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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kristin O'Flaherty on Wednesday March 30, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to POLS 2311 at University of Texas at Arlington taught by Dr. Boyea in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 136 views. For similar materials see US Government in Political Science at University of Texas at Arlington.


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Date Created: 03/30/16
Week 1 POLS notes 2/15  The storm  current events  using Hurricane Katrina as an example  General Russel L. Honore***  HK is an example of: o it's hard to figure out who’s in charge o spending clause  current events:  o Justice Antonin Scalia passed away (1936­2016) o appointed in 1986 by Ronald Reagan o Longest serving justice o first Italian­American on the US supreme court o leader of the conservative wing o pioneer of the originalist approach to decision making  argued that judges must restrain themselves by the law and constitution  intent not relevant, only the written word o most influential justice in decades  affected both political/legal friends and enemies o Co­Founder of the Federalist Society o Bush v. Gore (2000)  lack of standards in FL recount that extended well past the 2000  presidential election o D.C. v. Heller (2008)  most prominent 2nd amendment case, protects an individual’s right to  possess a firearm o Citizens United v. FEC (2010)  right of corporations and unions to spend unlimited money in elections o Crawford v. Washington (2004)  “testimonial” statements by non­present witnesses not admissible o currently have 8 justices in the US supreme court o Just this year’s cases:  Abortion, Whole Woman’s Health v. Cole ­ restrictions on Texas abortion  clinics  Affirmative Action, Fisher v. University of Texas ­ admission policies at  the University of Texas  Obamacare, Zubik v. Burwell ­ mandate that religious non­profit provide  access to birth control  Public Sector Employment, Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association  ­ whether non­union members should be charged fees  2016 o a quandary for the US Senate and Republican Party  President Obama has a right to nominate a replacement  Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has stated no action until new  president is elected o Very important to the republican party o could shift the court to 5 liberal judges o real stakes for electing viable candidates  places Bush, Kasich, Trump, and Sanders in different light 2/17  American Federalism o Hurricane Katrina as an example o Defining Federalism o Alternate arrangements o Qualifications for Federalism  louisiana purchase­ Thomas Jefferson doubled the size of the country  federalism­ joint relationship between state and national govts  Bush ­ armed military; Blanco ­ no/pushes back  Why? Posse Comitatus Act of 1878  Honoré stuck responding to both Bush and Blanco  the video shows how federalism can fail  federalism­ joint relationship between state and national govts  marked by fluctuation  Federalism o hybrid arrangement o involves divided authority between 2 or more levels of govt  Unitary System o one single sovereign national govt o complete authority o Great Britain  House of Parliament o North Ireland  Confederal System o Association of independent states o subnational government level o Articles of Confederation o CSA (Confederate States of America)  Qualifications for Federalism o Constitutional relations across borders  2 sets of laws apply o Constitution must protect from encroachment (protect ability to survive and exist)  supremacy clause (Art. 6) → national government  10th Amendment → states o Both levels of govt may apply leverage on the other  Senate → state government  Spending Power (Art. 1) → national govt


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