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Week of November 2nd-6th MIS notes

by: Stephanie Samar

Week of November 2nd-6th MIS notes 69692

Marketplace > University of Arizona > Business > 69692 > Week of November 2nd 6th MIS notes
Stephanie Samar
GPA 3.79
MIS 111
Dr. neuman

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About this Document

One week of MIS 111 notes. Has more detail than whats in the online blackboard notes
MIS 111
Dr. neuman
Class Notes
MIS 111
25 ?




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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Stephanie Samar on Thursday November 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to 69692 at University of Arizona taught by Dr. neuman in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 36 views. For similar materials see MIS 111 in Business at University of Arizona.


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Date Created: 11/12/15
Class 21 November 3 2015 Data Networking Fundamentals Strategic Use of Data Networking More efficient and effective business operations Geographical distance irrelevant globalization More timely and efficient access to information Enable a flexible and mobile workforce Enduser device Multimedia 0 Video 0 Audio Encryption Productivity Local equipment Home 0 Modemrouters 0 Wireless Office 0 Ethernetwireless o DNSEmaiISecurity Local Loop ISP Local loop 0 POTSDSLCable o SatellitePLCWiMax ISP s o POPS o DNSEmaiIServices Backbone and Content Services Connectivity Content Distribution Content Providers Selecting a route for a packet Two metrics o Hop count sends o Bandwidth Link Speed Packet Switching Advantages o Bandwidth used to full PotentialShared use 0 Not affected by single points of failure redirects signal original DOD objective 0 During a major disaster the public telephone network might become congested but emails and texts can still be sent via packet switching Disadvantages 0 Under heavy use there can be a delay latency 0 Data packets can get lost or become corrupted I Recovered but slows transmission latency o Realtime video streams such as streaming video can lose frames when packets arrive out of sequence Identifying Hosts URLNameDescriptive name IP Address Unique number 0 Well suited for humans 0 Well suited for machines quotname quotphone number 0 Example 0 Example 1341262050 wwwellerarizonaedu Understanding a URL httpwwwrcsregistrararizonaedudefauthtm Protocol Method used to interpret the webpage o HTTPhypertext transfer protocol Serveridentifies the location of the website 0 Domain Type of organization edu com net 0 Organization responsible party arizona 0 Location of website on server quotwwwquot directory Resource information about the website 0 Filename defaulthtm file name in quotwwwquot directory 0 Type of website HTMHTM L hypertext markup language November 5 2015 Wireless Communication in Business Wireless Communication Methods quotMultiplexed Access 0 Each person is assigned a specific time or frequency on which to speak quotRandom Access 0 Each person simply talks If they find others talking when they talk they stop wait a ransom amount of time and start talking again Wireless Link Characteristics Differences from wired link Makes communication much more difficult Wireless Transmission Media Wireless transmission over unguided media refers to the methods of carrying data through the air using infrared radio or microwave signals Wireless transmission Human voice meets the criteria for wireless transmission 1 Unguided media air 2 Decreasing signal strength distance 3 Interference noise 4 Multipath echoes Wireless Technologies Wireless LAN s 80211 WiFi Cellular telephone networks o 16 Analoglow bandwidth o 26 Digitalvoice ISDN model 0 BGWebvideoIMVoice 0 4G WiFiWiMax Longrange Microwaves satellite 0 Good News Have no right of way issues 0 Bad News No physical barriers can exist between transmitter and receiver I Satellite Geostationary Orbit GEO Middle Earth OrbitMEO Low Earth Orbit LEO I Microwave focused on radio waves Microwave signals travel in straight line Stations 30 miles apart Shortrange Bluetooth RFID


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