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Week of November 9th-13th Nutrition Notes

by: Stephanie Samar

Week of November 9th-13th Nutrition Notes 65915

Marketplace > University of Arizona > Nutrition and Food Sciences > 65915 > Week of November 9th 13th Nutrition Notes
Stephanie Samar
GPA 3.79
Nutrition, Food and You
Jennifer Ricketts

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About this Document

Nutrition, Food, and You notes from in class. I have in depth notes about what the powerpoint was about.
Nutrition, Food and You
Jennifer Ricketts
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Stephanie Samar on Thursday November 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to 65915 at University of Arizona taught by Jennifer Ricketts in Spring 2015. Since its upload, it has received 29 views. For similar materials see Nutrition, Food and You in Nutrition and Food Sciences at University of Arizona.

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Date Created: 11/12/15
Nutrition Exam 4 Notes Unit 10 November 6th 2015 Overweight or Obese Overweight BMI 2530 33 of the population in 20092010 Obese BMI over 30 357 of the population in 20092010 Ethnic associations 0 Middle to upper class white Anorexia o Other cultures see being bigger beautiful Factors the contribute Hunger Physiological need and appetite want to eat Physiological mechanisms Genetics Genetics X environment Environmental factors 0 We work more and cook less 0 We eat more and more 0 We sit more and move less Physiological Mechanisms help regulate hunger and satiety Feedback mechanisms 0 Ghrelin stomach o Leptin adipose tissue 0 Distentioncholecystokinin o Vagal nerve cannabinoids fatty acids 0 Nutrientsglucoseinsulin Genetics plays a role in determining body weight Hormones o Ghrelin o Leptin Thermogenesis o Nonexceriseassociated thermogenesis 0 Genetic quotset point I Their body knows body weight weight body likes to be Body composition and Adipose Tissue Fatfree mass 0 Body water 0 Mineral rich tissues bone teeth 0 Protein rich tissues muscles organs Total body fat 0 Essential fat 0 Fat tissue I Adipose cells I Subcutaneous fat throughout body for insulation I Visceral fat fat around the middle of body increases risk of disease Health Effects of Excess Fat Overweight and obese people have a greater risk for 0 Heart disease Type 2 diabetes Certain cancers Hypertension High cholesterol andor triglycerides Stroke Liver and gall bladder disease Sleep apnea breathing problems Osteoarthritis to much wear and tear on joints 0 Menstrualabnormalities Body fat distribution Central body obesity 0 Visceral fat around waist 0 apple body shape OOOOOOOO o cardiovascular and type two diabetes risk Lower body obesity 0 Visceral fat below waist 0 pear body shape 0 Osteoarthritis Body Mass Index BMI Calculating BMI 0 Weight lb height inquot2 x 703 Measuring Body Index Bioelectric impedance 0 Fat doesn t like electricity 0 Water likes electricity Skinfold thickness DXA bOdy xray aCentraIbody b Lowerbody Air displacement using BodPod lilalllitilglzl 333333quot Underwater weighing What is healthy Classification Men Women Healthy 13 21 23 31 Overweight 2225 3237 Obese 26 31 38 42 Extremely Obses 32 or more 43 or more Calories in Calories out Energy intake 0 Foods and beverages that contain macronutrients Energy output energy expenditure 0 Metabolic energy needs 0 Energy for physical activity 0 Thermic effect of food TEF digesting food carbs are easiest to digest so uses less energy 0 Non exercise activity Thermogenesis NEAT Metabolic Energy Needs Metabolism o Anabolic reactions 0 Catabolic reactions 0 Basal metabolism Metabolic rate 0 Body composition 0 Gender 0 Age 0 Caloric intake Basal needs BMR BMR BMR contribution o Liver 29 Brain 19 Heart 10 Kidney 7 Skeletal muscle 18 o The rest 17 Energy for physical activities Decrease 39 Addition to BMR Type of activity Duration Degree of effort Weight of person Additional Energy Needs Thermic effect of food TEF o Digestion 0 Absorption 0 5 10 of total caloric intake Nonexercise activity thermogenes NEAT o Shivering fidgeting 0 Muscle tone maintenance 0 Body posture maintenance Energy Balance 3500 kcal rule Negative energy state uses greater energy than intake Positive energy state uses less than energy intake Increase OOOO Effects of Energy Imbalance Theoretical weight changes for o Losing fat 0 Gaining muscle One pound of fat 3500kcals o Gaining of losing 1lb of fat per week would require a daily energy imbalance of 500 kcals I 500 kcals per day x 7 days a week 3500kcals One pound of muscle 28003000 kcals o Gaining 1lb of muscle can be heavily influenced by genetics I Theoretically 400425 excess kcals per day in addition to resistance training 1lb muscle per week


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