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History, Week 12, WWII in Asia and Pacific

by: Jordan Rouse

History, Week 12, WWII in Asia and Pacific HIS 121

Marketplace > University of Kentucky > History > HIS 121 > History Week 12 WWII in Asia and Pacific
Jordan Rouse

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About this Document

Asian & Pacific War, Japanese War,
United States History 1914-1945
Lacey Sparks
Class Notes
history, Week 12, Asia, Pacific, Japan
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jordan Rouse on Wednesday March 30, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to HIS 121 at University of Kentucky taught by Lacey Sparks in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 9 views. For similar materials see United States History 1914-1945 in History at University of Kentucky.

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Date Created: 03/30/16
Week 12 Lecture 12: WWII in Asia and Pacific Began with Japanese at Pearl Harbor Ended with American bombing of Hiroshima Asian p.o.v. struggle to see if Japan could establish dominance over China US worships force “opening” of Japan to would trade since Japan wanted to keep out -1853 Rapid modernization instead of preserving Japan-first non-western country ton industrialize Japan came out with first Journal Sino-Japanese War o Defeats China o China much slower to respond o Showed China needs to change o Result, Japan began taking territory o Gained recognition of West imperial power Anglo-Japanese Alliance o Great Britain signed treaty o 1902 o First Non-Western country not enemy Japan defeats Russian o Russo-Japanese war 1904 o Sinking of Russian fleet o Result; Japan expanded empire overseas, Formosa and Korea Revival of Chinese and Japanese expansion Japan demands increased influence in China Chinese nationalist movement as a result; ran by Sun Yat-Sen, in Kurantang Party Japan occupation of Manchuria after Mukden Incident Wanted to detach it from China completely Japan Propoganda called for unity Japan denounces Washington Naval Agreement which restricted Navy China has problem of leaders o Chinese civil war- Communist troops going on long march Japan goes to war in China 1937 o Starts with Rape of Nanjing, untold citizens were raped o 2-300 thousand civilians, bloodiest battles Succeeded in occupying much of west coast, but China is too big Starting to have doubts of resources Thought way out of this was to expand war, choise of who to fight China, or U.S. China called for U.S. support Soviet Japanese War o 1939 o Lost o Gave up on this alternative Conquests Pacific Japan occupied Saigon in French Indochina after German defeat of France US economic sanctions to Japan, out of oil In order to stop, break out in war Gerneral Hidek Tojo Britain and America did not take threat seriously Pearl Harbor o sinking of almost all American ships o devastating and shocking o carefully planned Lead Britain to surrender economy after attack on Singapore Seized Dutch colony 1942 Philipines were defeated “Baton Death March” Propoganda suggest Japan as protector Greater East Asia Co. Prosperity Sphere o Anser to imperialism o Cooperation or exploitation Prevented Japan from devastating blow India crucial battlefield Demanded British to Quit India o Gandhi put to Jail; Britain had to keep him from rallying independence o British colonial rule ended in India when starvation set in o gained independence 1947 Subhas Chandra Base o He supported Japan o Nationalist leader Franklin Roosevelt addressed nation by radio against Japan Wartime paranoia caused Japanese Americans and sent to camps, including women and children Battle of Midway o American Dive bombers o Destruction of four Japanese carriers Japan forced to defensive British took offensive at Burma, creating a land road between India and China American planes flow food t china Numerous island battles Guadalcanal o Japan were extremely tenacious o Rather die st o 1 island battle o High casualties Movies made about island battle Army and Navy were torn on best strategy General MacArthur had 2 plans, executed both against Philippine’s and Japan Philippine battle had many civilian loss Japanese getting desperate Kamikaze-suicide bombers crashing planes into ships Most famous American picture, raising flag in Iwo Jima American bombing campaign against Japan 1945 Americans horrified by Japanese troops killing civilians or suicide by soldiers and civilians Atomic bombs over Hiroshima and Nagasaki Hasten Japanese decision to surrender Conclusion  Japan bet they could take over China and have Empire in Asia (failed)  Japanese conquests scattered European Empires  Set stage for New Asian History Class Notes: Lecture Chinese relations  Too much for them to chew  Chinese Nationalist Movement list  Japan has to expand war last  Nationalist Movement- China didn’t want Japan influenced  Started occupation of China with Manchuria  Mukden Incident o Railroad explosion to take over Manchuria o Without formal approval  Denounced Washington Naval Agreement  What was China’s internal conflicts with Japan: Brutality & Rape of Nanjing  What was the reason for Japan withdrawing if they were winning: China called for US support  Why did Japan go to War after peace propaganda Restoration  Promoting race war against white Europeans  Imprisoning Asian Americans to prevent spies: caught 0 spies  US motivated to defeat Japan  Japan wants china to understand it wasn’t have anyone for help by attacking many other countries  Britain afraid if they isolate India, they will Join Japan  Batan Death March- example of brutality  Battle of Midway o Turning point of war o Reverse Japan damage o Attack Japan on own land  Island hopping  Kamikaze pilots  Drop bombs on Hiroshima  V-J day  Cknowa  US is able to recover  Japan not able to recover after Midway  Securing Oknowa is what secures U.S. bombing site  Ends WWI in Pacific 1945


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