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Anthro Week 11

by: Lauran Notetaker

Anthro Week 11 ANTH 3853 001

Lauran Notetaker

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About this Document

Week 11
Music, Language, and Culture
Dr. SeanO'Neill
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Lauran Notetaker on Wednesday March 30, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to ANTH 3853 001 at University of Oklahoma taught by Dr. SeanO'Neill in Winter 2016. Since its upload, it has received 10 views. For similar materials see Music, Language, and Culture in anthropology, evolution, sphr at University of Oklahoma.

Popular in anthropology, evolution, sphr


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Date Created: 03/30/16
March 28, 2016 Ideology: Guiding System of Ideas Hebrew or Navajo as Sacred Tongues Country Music as “White” - American ethnic music Acrolet - prestige language, (English) superior Iconization Associating Imagery with no sound.. Social groups with features of language or music Invoking a “Way of Life” Ex. Clicks become iconic in South Africa Kholsan people Ex. “Surfer Worldview” Surfer talk and inflections Ex. “Valley Girl” (Moonunit Zappa) noncool suburb; San Fernando Valley “False Consciousness” (Karl Marx) Ideology exists in contrast to reality… Distorting the perception of the true nature of things Dupe them will false conscious Carrot on a stick for horse or donkey pulling wool over your eyes Ex. Working Class Hero - John Lennon Power by Consent (=Hegemony) Gramsci Top-down spread of ideologies Standard languages (media, schools) Corporate Music Acceptance of place in hierarchy False Consciousness (Masked Oppression) Ranking of languages musical genres Association with race, class, or gender hierarchies Claims of inferiority or superiority Ex. American English (Inferior?) Ex. Noodling: Stigmatized Accents acrolet hollywood actors basilect bottom of things surfer 14 yo boys Counter-Hegemonic Movements Confronting of false ideologies Challenging false hierarchy Ex. Sinéad O’Connor, ripping up Pope picture Heteroglossia: Clashing Ideologies Internal diversity within all… Speech communities and musical traditions Reflection in all “texts” Multiple voices Clashing Ideology Ex. “The Farmer and Cowman” (Oklahoma) erasure of indians and African Americans naturalized - seen as real, incontestable Language Ideologies Purism “Heteroglossophobia” March 30, 2016 Language Ideologies Purism - boundary around language and nothing can come through it “Xenoglossophobia” Syncretism Spanglish “Navlish” Yiddish Sacred Languages God - the name that cannot be spoken, try to preserve the name “Not to say the lords name in vain” Secular Languages Music Ideologies Nationalistic overtones Gender Apache rule among siblings, no profanities among brother and sister Prince Willie Nelson - Cherokee heritage Lady Gaga - You and I Exoticism Beetles with harkav, (Indian music) Nativism Ethnicity Identity 1=1 algebra 2=2 algebra sense of same ness that can be socially constructed kind of imaginary, just cause you check male of female doesn’t mean you know a lot about the person Essential vs. Constructivism Inherited Differences versus Creative Differences Primordial past. Basis in culture, experience, Generic or racial difference choice Holocaust Jews Social difference Disabled Diversity within cultures Gay Uniform within community? Einstein and Beethoven building on this Speaking was Creative Traditions what we’re all a part of Jakobson’s Functions of communication (during interaction) Environment - “Here” “Now” Context Sender Message Receiver Feeling to evoke - hey! sit down! Focus on relationship - How are you? Contact Talk about talk Code Message - Focus on form (parallelisms) The Identity Function A sense of sameness (even imaginary) = Identity Ex. “The Navajo” A sense of difference (also imaginary) =Alterity Indexicality Contextual ‘Pointing’ Rooted in social imagination Ex. Smoke to Fire Physical or Casual Relationship Ex. Footprints to Presence Ex. Dialect to Social Background Language Music Speaker’s accent Style references performer’s identity. references social past. Southern Accent Gospel Valley Girl Country Surfer Talk Blues Rock Homology? Griot/Bard (~Royal)


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