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11/9 & 11/11 Notes

by: Rebecca Staley

11/9 & 11/11 Notes CISP 320

Rebecca Staley
GPA 3.39
Survey Exceptional Children
Dr. Bob Angel

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About this Document

Survey Exceptional Children
Dr. Bob Angel
Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Rebecca Staley on Friday November 13, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CISP 320 at Marshall University taught by Dr. Bob Angel in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 16 views. For similar materials see Survey Exceptional Children in Special Education at Marshall University.

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Date Created: 11/13/15
Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy Most common type of muscular dystrophy Passed from mothers so very rare for girls to have it Terminal illness Muscles are replaced by fatty tissue All types of muscular dystrophy are progressive All types are genetic Symptoms occur between 36 average lifespan is early 20 s Starts in lower extremities goes through upper body and reaches the face Around 910 they need wheelchairs No learning or cognitive issues related to this Prone to upper respiratory issues Behavior Disorders and Emotional Disorders 0 General Characteristics Two Primary behavioral excesses 0 Externalizing behaviors most common 0 Internalizing behaviors 0 Externalizing AggressionPhysical verbal nonverbal Lying temper tantrums stealing property destruction threats of violence or violence towards peers andor teachers 0 Internalizing Negativism Depression Eating Disorders Overly shy or immature Withdrawn Hypochondria Easily upset and difficult to calm Behavioral De cits 0 Academic Achievement Low GPA High Absenteeism At risk for school failure and early drop out 0 Social Skills Less participation in extracurricular activities Lower quality peer relationships Juvenile Delinquency Behavior Management 0 No easy solutions 0 You can learn to be good at managing behaviors 0 The goal of behavior management is to teach children to be responsible for their own behaviors 0 Most new teachers say that they needed more behavior management in their preparation 0 Children differentiate their behaviors from one setting to another 0 While no teacher completely eliminates all their behavior problems some teachers have significantly fewer problems 0 CM Charles discusses the traits of serious teachers Traits of Serious Teachers 0 They value learning 0 They value the golden rule 0 They prepare adequately for instruction 0 They give their best effort in teaching 0 They keep students on task 0 They take the extra step 0 They persevere 0 They communicate with parents 0 They have great expectations What behaviors do we expect 0 Students should be on task 0 Students should be behaving responsibly 0 Showing good human relations What can you do 0 Charles discusses three important aspects of behavior management Preventative Discipline Supportive Discipline Corrective Discipline Preventative Discipline 0 This is Where you need to spend most of your time Preparation 1 The physical setting of the classroom 2 The curriculum 3 Attitude 4 Expectation and Limits 5 Support Systems 6 Routines vs Changes Performance 1 Management of teaching 2 The teacher on Stage 3 The Golden Tongue 4 Acceptance of everyone Supportjve Discipline 0 These techniques are designed to nip the behavior in the bud and get students back on track Signals Proximity Control Interest Boosting Humor Hurdle help Change or restructure activities Reinforce appropriate behavior Request Behavior Redirection


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