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Social Anth Week 11 Notes

by: Nangesian Lekilit Waters

Social Anth Week 11 Notes Anth 1002( Grinker, Social Anthropology)

Nangesian Lekilit Waters
Intro to Cultural Anthropology
Prof. Grinker

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About this Document

Professor lecture and good discussion section notes
Intro to Cultural Anthropology
Prof. Grinker
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Nangesian Lekilit Waters on Friday November 13, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Anth 1002( Grinker, Social Anthropology) at George Washington University taught by Prof. Grinker in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 44 views. For similar materials see Intro to Cultural Anthropology in anthropology, evolution, sphr at George Washington University.

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Date Created: 11/13/15
WEEK 11 What is Violence From OED exercise of physical force to inflict harm on something words can hurt categories can create equivalent to physical responses even if not due to acts of physical violence structural violenceinequaity and discrimination based on social constructions cultural creates sense of inclusion and exclusion violence and structure are connectedfor better or worse need to pay attention to social structure that make violence possible violence social inequality affects health independent of income level 0 hierarchy 0 class 0 race 0 stress 0 social support Durkheim we dont condemn it cos its a crime but its a crime cos we condemn It Disenfranchised groups rely on their own cultural resources to resist oppression Rap Song Police public enemy some police think they have authority to kill minority Dre Ren Ice c fear of the states and larger system planning genocide 0 quottry to give me HIV so i can makin babies like mequot rap song 39cause 911 is a fake life saver39 anger at racism and lost opportunities action and plea for recognition we cant completely glorify these lyrics o they reenforce the stereotypes o structural violence paradoxso powerful that its hard to resist it wo the discourse itself Structural violence 0 ScheperHughes 0 Farmer o Bourgois look at the larger system and includes studying up and those oppressed quotstudying upquot reinventing ancho to study the colonizers rather than the colonized culture of power rather than the other way round culture of poverty oscar lewis nader insured of asking why people are poor we should ask why they are so affluent lewis by the time slum children are 6 theyve absorbed basic values and attitudes of their subculture and are not physchomogically geared to take full advantage of changing conditions or increased opportunities what appeared to be a culture of poverty became as a result of and response to racism cultural oppression caveat power classvioence racism are central topics in quotin search of respectquot what does it not tell us does the book quotdeorientalizequot or does it reinforce stereotypes structure and agency is human action determined or the determining structures shape practises but practices also shape structures each enables the other structure is botha a verb and noun power hegemony and ideology hegemony when power enters culture wo us being aware foucault discipline and punish power is wielded thru capillaries exists everywhere key power power isnt always repressive or recognizable or visible Bourdieu symbolic voiceless misrecognition of inequality as quotnaturalquot rather than politically structured people blame themselves for their suffering especially if they have internalized society39s views 0 eg that homelessness drug use are caused by personal flaws or criminal behavior 0 the internalization of society39s views marx umpen proletariat a residua class what society considers the 39scum offal refuse of all classes39 Bourhois would never use umpen in that sense but he wants to draw attention to a population vulnerability in a modern age Nov 11 2015 Bordiu In Search of Respect o wants mainstream american society to look at these people and see something that relates to them Kelth Colonialism gov in Africa 0 two people 0 elites didnt go out in society 0 anthros were out there 0 realized that a lot of the work they did went unnoticed in the elites o econ activity that many were involved in were an evasion of traditional Kensian views of the econ o quotInformal econquot 0 Ex Brazil many informal settlements these people are not counted 0 Brazil doesnt produce much cocaine but they export a lot of it and that39s considered an informal participation in the econ 0 Egypt majority of new building was carried out wo authorization from gov o Transactional sex Southern Africa sexual exchange for material gain even among couples financial transaction is expected even if they39re in love norms of sex outside of marriage and they involve econ transaction fueled by new dreams to be wealthier or having the new trends the author doesn39t want us to see it as prostitution she wanted us to see it as modernity people conceive of a modern life as having multiple sexual partners DISCUSSION Nov 13 2015 4 reading 0 human suffering o poverty 0 marginalization o inequality 0 structural violence 0 agency structural violence political and economic organization of society that causes harm to part of its population however indirectly cambodia notion of hierarchy o c rouge gov comes in and promotes equality thru violence 0 allows those who are lower to commit violent acts to the higherclass 0 how Cambodia fits into structural violence Bourgois 0 how do structures facilitate violence 0 the way the society is segregated makes it harder to get out of that space 0 street culture harlem39s saving face p8 emerged from seclusion from the rest of society a way to own what you do have even if life is hard working in the drug world they dont want to be apart of the rest of society turns into violent culture for protection people dont mess with you and helps them save face resistance and self destructive 0 legal econ when they try to get a job in the legal econ they cant no type ofjob where street culture is ok have to exercise biculturalism have to use diff language dress cultural differences that dont translate well primo working in office and ends up doing things that aren39t acceptable in the legal world they39re only able to quit drugs once when they make a lot of money these structures keep them from getting out of bad situations 0 welfare a lot of blame even from people who are supposed to help individual people and institutions that dont care much not an incentive for them to improve theirjobs with such bad structure in the gov nuclear family 0 keep the family together is usually everyone39s idea 0 men want a stable family but at the same want the street life 0 women are supposedly to care for kids in this society 0 he says they should provide a way out for women because keeping clear family together is not good 0 he critics society and social structure 0 book not very scholarly based on writing but included some theorists like Marx Marx class divide is caused by capitalism o bourgeoisie middle class proletariat workers lumpenproletariat marginalized wants the 2nd class to stand up for themselves 0 the lumpens are very poor Fanon says the Lumpens are the ones who can change things 0 same thing Bourgois says there39s inequality but he39s more concerned about the lower lower class Bourdieu o symbolic violence mechanisms in society which forces people to see inequality as natural the way things are and start to blame themselves for the way things are habitus the way power reproduces itself in our culture 0 Foucauh 0 power is everywhere and it controls everything 0 forces people to internalize discipline even when power isn39t around to force them o Applied Anthropology use it to address needs of society usually thru policy policy recs better healthcare address inequality Bourgois uses applied anth in his book and addresses issues directly some anthros see their work and study as a way to change things and dont necessarily offer recommendations


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