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HIS 101: Week 9 (11/9-11/13)

by: Frankie Bjork

HIS 101: Week 9 (11/9-11/13) HIS 101 Cr.3

Frankie Bjork
UW - L
Global Origins of the Modern World
No professor available

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About this Document

This includes more information on the Industrial Revolution, including some inventions, it's impact, and Communism.
Global Origins of the Modern World
No professor available
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Frankie Bjork on Friday November 13, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HIS 101 Cr.3 at University of Wisconsin - La Crosse taught by a professor in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 19 views. For similar materials see Global Origins of the Modern World in History at University of Wisconsin - La Crosse.


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Date Created: 11/13/15
The Industrial Revolution 0 Two major phases of the Industrial Revolution 0 phase I coal and steam 17501831 I couldn t have steam without coal and visa versa I coal wouldn t have had as much value before this I had to keep factories next to where you would find your power source 0 phase II electricity and petroleum 18311914 I much like today 0 new sources of generated power I don t have to be next to the power source 0 Some early inventions and when they appeared steam engine late 17th c James Watt improved 1760s steam boat 1806 steam locomotive 1820 telegraph 1844 electric dynamo electric motor 1831 first oil well 1859 electric power plants 1880s automobile late 1880s first radio 1901 o What was revolutionary about the LR and why was it so revolutionary o enormously enhances the productivity of human labor I ex harvesting wheat 0 hand and horse 61 hours and 365 labor cost 0 harvest machines 3 hours and 066 labor cost 0 wealth increases I 1837 wealthiest man was Stephen Girard 7000000 I 1877 Cornelius Vanderbilt 100000000 I 1901 Andrew Carnegie 500000000 I 1913 John D Rockefeller 1000000000 o enormous increase in urbanization I ex Chicago population 0 1860 109000 0 1880 503000 0 1900 1699000 0 1920 2702000 0 1940 3297000 I urban is considered a population over 2500 0 global destruction of artisan classes I artisan craftsmen shoemakers blacksmiths weavers etc 0 creation of a new oppressed social class called the proletariat the factory workers 0 Revolutionary impacts of the railroad OOOOOOOOO 0000000000 0 made ground transportation cheap the farmers could get what they wanted because the railroad could bring it bring products to an international marketplace 1889Dakotas became states railroad sold public land to settlers to make money opens up the continental interior create national and international marketplace things could now be imported rise of big business mostly occurred during 18651900 land settled between 16071865 0 Military impacts of the IR 0 O O 1857Sepoy Rebellion I Muslims thought their guns were greased with pig fat standardization of parts cotton gin gun parts increased firepower Battle of Omdurman 1898 o Ecological impacts of the LR caused a lot of pollution cholera a disease characterized by explosive diarrhea sanitary problems we didn t know what germs caused disease until the 1860s Global Warming 0 Sociopolitical consequences of the IR 0 O O enriches and empowers the bourgeoisie creates a new oppressed social class the urban industrial proletariat Liberalisms political ideology of the bourgeoisie I careers are open to everyone Socialisms the political ideology of the proletariat I general overview of socialisms 0 against laissezfaire o greater economic equality 0 government needed to distribute the money made during the LR better shouldn t all go into the hands of stock and factory owners capital wealth which is not consumed but used to produce more wealth o capitalism wealth capital is in private hands favor labor unions favored graduated income tax want an 8hour day want Social Security health insurance and retirement security I two major types 0 evolutionary or parliamentary 0 ex Labor Party of Great Britain 0 revolutionary Communism o extremists very violent o fathered by Karl Marx o The Communism of Karl Marx 18181883 and Friedrich Engels 18231895 0 Who were Marx and Engels Marx o a German Jew that was kicked out o lived in England with his wife were very poor 0 supported by Friedrich Engels EngeB o factory owner turned Communists 0 sold his factory and lived off of and supported Marx with the proceeds 0 Key ideas of The Communist Manifesto 1848 had almost no influence at first advocacy for violent revolution take over factories without compensation to owners history of a class struggle proletariat vs bourgeoisie dictatorship of the proletariat o attitude of Marx towards religion religion is the opium of the people 0 used to keep people believing in something else heaven keeps the people oppressed fits the needs of the bourgeoisie the only reality is material o Chapter 30 French Revolution 17891815 0 bourgeoisie vs the old feudal aristocracy and kings o lords vs serfs o guildmasters vs journeymen and apprenticeship


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