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Fifth Day of Notes 1/28/15

by: Sara Johnston

Fifth Day of Notes 1/28/15 Bios 3110

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Sara Johnston
GPA 3.38
Human Anatomy

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About this Document

Human Anatomy
One Day of Notes
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This 6 page One Day of Notes was uploaded by Sara Johnston on Thursday January 29, 2015. The One Day of Notes belongs to Bios 3110 at a university taught by Williams in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 163 views.

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Date Created: 01/29/15
Lecture Five 12815 Musculocutaneous Nerve Innervates Flexors of the arm Tucked in and not very accessible so it doesn t get injured very often Flexors of Arm 1 Biceps Brachii Two heads 2 Brachialis 3 Coracobrachialis Injury 1 Rare a Protected location b Not very accessible so it doesn t get injured very often 2 If injured it would affect flexion and supination a Not total loss due to Brachioradialis and supinator b Can also get innervations from other places Muscles of the Arm Arm 1 Shoulder to Elbow 2 Forearm Elbow to Wrist Flexors l Biceps Brachii Long and Short head 2 Brachialis 3 Coracobrachialis 4 Brachioradialis a Exception to the rule b Brachioradialis is innervated by the Radial Nerve Extensors l Triceps Brachii Long Lateral and Medial head Basic Biomechanics Two ways to compare rotational force torque at different joint positions 1 Line of force and Line of action comparison a Line of force is straight through the muscle b Most efficient when our line of force and line of action are parallel to each other 2 Comparison of joint Moment Arms length of joint Lever Arm Maximum efficiency where force is acting in parallel to the line of movement Two components of force when line of force is not parallel to line of movement 1 Force pulling into the joint MFT 2 Force pulling in the direction of movement MFN We don t need to know these formulas for the test but just have a decent understanding of lever arm Moment Arm The distance perpendicular from the line of pull line of force to the center of joint rotation joint axis Moment arm and torque 1 Greatest when joint forms 90 angle 2 Shortest when full exion or extension Shorter moment arm short distance between the joint and the muscle 1 More efficient use of force Flexors Musculocutaneous nerve innervates the exors Anterior Compartment 1 Biceps Brachii a Flexes at two separate places Long Head and Short Head b Long head Originates Supraglenoid tubercle of the Scapula Inserts Radial Tuberosity c Short head Originates Coracoid process of the Scapula Inserts Radial tuberosity d Function Elbow exion and supination Shoulder Flexion and stabilization of humeral head 2 Coracobrachialis a b C Originates Coracoid process of the scapula Inserts Humerus In line with the crest of the lesser tuberosity Function Flexion Adduction and a little internal rotation 3 Brachialis a b c d Extensors Originates Distal half of the Humerus Inserts Ulnar Tuberosity Function Elbow exion Brachialis is a large muscle and has a big belly Fibers are similar to biceps Posterior Compartment 1 Triceps Brachii a b Extends at three different places Long head Medial head and Lateral Head Long Head Originates Infraglenoid tubercle of the Scapula Inserts Olecranon of the Ulna Function Extension of the elbow and extension and adduction of the shoulder Medial Head Originates Posterior Humerus inferior to radial groove Inserts Olecranon of the Ulna Function Extension of the Elbow Lateral Head Originates Posterior Humerus proximal to the lateral groove Inserts Olecranon of the Ulna Function Extension of the Elbow 2 Anconeus a b Originates Lateral epicondyle of the Humerus Inserts Olecranon of the Ulna c Function Extension of the elbow Injury Biceps tendinitis 1 Long head of biceps 2 Bicipital groove 3 Inflammation Repetitive use injury a Inflamed tendon plus no space leads to swelling which increases friction b Increased friction leads to more damage and more swelling Rupture of Long Head Biceps 1 Results from severe tendinitis 2 Tendon torn from attachment Bicipital Myotatic Re ex Normal response 1 Involuntary contraction of biceps 2 Integrity of Musculocutaneous nerve and C5 and C6 spinal cord segments Look at the dermatomes and find where the sensory info is coming from 1 Looking at dermatomes will tell you if it s coming from C5 and C6 Brachial Plexus Injury Affect movement and cutaneous sensation Over stretching can lead to BP injury Paralysis 1 Loss of muscular movement Anesthesia 1 Loss of cutaneous sensation C5 and C6 injury superior trunk 1 Stretch or rupture due to increase in angle between neck and shoulder 2 Ruptures superior part of Brachial Plexus or Tears the roots 3 Waiter s tip 4 ErbDuchenne palsy a Children who are pulled out by forceps or vacuums can get this disease b Paralysis of muscle supplied by C5 and C6 c Adducted shoulder medial rotation extended elbow Mictrotrama 1 Heavy backpack a Motor and sensory de cits of the Musculocutaneous and radial nerve Klumpke paralysis l Affects inferior part of brachial plexus 2 Less common 3 Limb suddenly pulled superiorly 4 Injury to the Inferior trunk C8Tl control forearm a Contribution to medial cord some posterior cord b Avulsion of roots from spinal cord c Muscles of the hand affected Claw Hand Axillary Nerve Damage The axillary nerve may be damaged in a fracture of the surgical neck of the Humerus Results 1 Limited ability to abduct the arm 2 May cause a loss of profile of the shoulder Radial Nerve Damage Effects depend on where injury occurs 1 Vulnerable in radial groove and surgical neck of Humerus Extensors Brachioradialis 1 Weird muscle because of its placement on the body Injury in radial groove 1 Triceps medial head affected 2 Extensors of forearm paralyzed Cubital Fossa Shallow triangular depression 1 Borders a Superiorly Medial amp Lateral epicondyles b Medially Pronator Teres c Laterally Brachioradialis Brachial artery splits into Radial and Ulnar artery Median nerve Subcutaneous Median cubital vein anterior to brachial artery


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