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Health Notes Jan 23

by: Brittney Okorocha

Health Notes Jan 23 1353

Brittney Okorocha
GPA 3.11
Health 1353
Robin Ann Proctor

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About this Document

(Had to re-upload the notes from last week!) Here are notes from Robin Proctor's MWF 10AM lecture! These notes go over chapter one.
Health 1353
Robin Ann Proctor
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Brittney Okorocha on Thursday January 29, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to 1353 at University of Houston taught by Robin Ann Proctor in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 27 views. For similar materials see Health 1353 in Nursing and Health Sciences at University of Houston.

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Date Created: 01/29/15
Chapter One Shaping Up Your Health The Millennial Generation are current traditional aged students aged 1824 or those who were born 19822000 Developmental Tasks of Early Adulthood Forming an initial adult identity Establishing Independence Assuming responsibility Broadening social skills Nurturing intimacy U PP Ni Related Developmental Tasks of Young Adulthood Obtaining entry level employment Developing parenting skills Developmental Tasks of Middle Adulthood 1 Achieving generativity giving back a Contribution to the collective good b Parenting 2 Reassessing plans of young adulthood what your goalsobjectives were Developmental Tasks of Older Adulthood 1 Accepting changes that come with aging 2 Maintaining physical functioning 3 Establishing a sense of integrity or wholeness concerning life s journey Roles and their reciprocal relationship to developmental tasks 0 When we assume a role we also assume the behaviors and responsibilities that accompany that role Traditional definitions of health Concerns Morbidity Illnessdisease Mortality Death Episodic Health care seeking medical treatment when illinjured Preventativeprospective medicine ID risk factors and highrisk health behaviors to lower risk of illness Empowerment The nurturing of a person or groups ability to be responsible for their own wellbeing Health Promotion 0 Individually oriented 0 Individual focuses on personal goals fitness social interaction and healthy lifestyle 0 Group oriented 0 Promotes empowerment 0 Wellness 0 Aid individuals in unlocking their full potential through the development of an overall wellness lifestyle shares risk reduction activities with health promotion approaches Healthv Deople 2020 Two main goals 1 Increase quality and years of life 2 Eliminate health disparities in areas such as gender race income ethnicity and education level Why Behavioral Change is Often Difficult The person must Know the behavior is associated with health problems Accept that the behavior increases their risk for health problems Recognize that riskreduction programs exists and can be effective Believe the benefits of new behavior justify the behavior change Feel that significant others with accept these changes U PP Pi Stages of Change 1 Precontemplation 2 Contemplation 3 Preparation 4 Action 5 Maintenance 6 Termination IDimensions of health physical emotional social intellectual spiritual occupational and environmental New Definition of Health 0 One s ability to use the intrinsic and extrinsic resources related to each dimension of health to fully participate in the actiVities that contribute to growth development with the goal of feeling a sense of wellbeing when evaluating one s progress through life 0 Less centered on the concepts of morbidity and mortality 0 Two areas of difference 1 Role of health process of transitions 2 The composition of health intrinsic or extrinsic resources


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