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GEO135 - Week 13 Notes

by: Shannon Surell

GEO135 - Week 13 Notes GEO 135

Shannon Surell
GPA 3.81
World Geography
David Johnson

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About this Document

These are the notes for week 13!
World Geography
David Johnson
Class Notes
David Johnson, GEO135, Geography 135
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Shannon Surell on Saturday November 14, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to GEO 135 at Illinois State University taught by David Johnson in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 30 views. For similar materials see World Geography in Education and Teacher Studies at Illinois State University.

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Date Created: 11/14/15
David Johnson World Geography Week 13 Notes Europe Population a lot of population similar to the United States 0 They live largely on immigration Everyone mostly derives from Europeans The Bantu was the source of much of the infrastructure in Europe Roman infrastructure 0 Infrastructure roads bridges poitical organization established culture education system etc physical psychological moral etc o Romans were great road builders and wanted roads because I To keep the empire together I Scheme of aqueducts to move water through the city 0 Education believed that it was necessary and the people got educated in Latin I They had a lingua franc general language of the nation I Holgate language of the town 0 Religion I That which binds together I Common religion Christianity 0 Commerce I Make things that you are good at making I They made lots of things with metal especially things that the army needed I Benefits 0 Manufactured goods were generally of high quality 0 People who specialize have an interdependence on each other what is made in town A is needed in town B and vice versa Revolutions that made Europe 0 Agrarian Revolution I People in the area with an outside stimulus bad weather decided that they need to get serious about growing the food they need to grow I Medieval warm period 9001300 0 Red line was normal temperature throughout the year J anDec 0 Critical temperature nothing to do with the temperature outside it doesn t vary up and down temperature at which the plant decides to produce physiological material and grow 0 Black lines were the start and end of the growing season In much of the northern hemisphere the growing season ended up getting longer started earlier and ended later the yield or amount of production went up reason why Europe prospered People now have more food than they need less starvation and more people people don t have to all be farmers anymore The Scandinavians went towards Iceland and towards North America You got foundations of universities and academic fields Growth of professions ex medicine Hospitals develop The Little Ice Age 0 When the temperature went down a few degrees for most of Europe it had very little affect some say that people were spending more time indoors with rats and then there were eas and more people would die because of illness 0 Europe finally was organized more educated etc o Lasted until 1850 didn t stop much from happening 0 Rise of Islam came from Arabia I Hierarchical diffusion I Expanded across north shore of Africa into the Iberian peninsula Spain and Portugal I Muslims built a Navy and took many parts of Southern Europe I 8th century began the formation of kingdoms northern part of Europe develops o Revolutions that made Europe Renaissance Protestant Reformation and Enlightenment I Renaissance rediscovery of knowledge The Golden Age the Greeks and Romans were producing a lot of scholarly articles and did a lot of scientific work Middle Ages was called this by the Renaissance Europeans Aristotle The Philosopher biggest expert you could get They started educating people and using knowledge Creation of the printing press 0 You could spread information Desystemized things that they were doing Prince Henry the Navigator started a school to teach people how to navigate and how to not get lost on the ocean o Learned how to use an astrolaid became a sextant o It helps you tell what time it is


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