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Dis St 230 Movie Notes 10:8:14

by: Kaitlin Galvagno

Dis St 230 Movie Notes 10:8:14 Dis St 230

Marketplace > University of Washington > Dis St 230 > Dis St 230 Movie Notes 10 8 14
Kaitlin Galvagno
GPA 3.86
Intro to Disability Studies
Joanne Woiak

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About this Document

Intro to Disability Studies
Joanne Woiak
One Day of Notes
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This 4 page One Day of Notes was uploaded by Kaitlin Galvagno on Thursday January 29, 2015. The One Day of Notes belongs to Dis St 230 at University of Washington taught by Joanne Woiak in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 114 views.


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Date Created: 01/29/15
Dis St 230 Notes on When Billy Broke His Head 10814 Katie Galvagno Released in 1994 a documentary directed and written by Billy Golfus who also stars in the lm as himself quotThis isn t exactly your typical inspirational cripple storyquot Billy Billy was in a car accident that caused brain damage some visible evidence like a limp but people can t see the other effects like lost memories A scene is shown where a black man in a wheelchair is told by police that he cannot go down a certain road for his own protection during a protest These officers are trying to control a protest done by people with disabilities 0 Billy attends this protest and says this is the rst time he hasn t felt alone A bene t was held for Billy while he was in the hospital where everybody talked about how much they loved him and everybody said he was their best friend All he had to do was quotwake upquot As soon as he was quotawakequot he started to use a wheelchair and his mother was told that he should be put in a home All the people from the bene t and their support disappeared Life changes Lost ability to make money to survive and have fun lost friends and support system and many other things that he can t even count In the beginning he only knows one other person with a disability Larry who broke his neck diving into shallow water as a teenager An attendant helps him with dressing getting into a wheelchair and putting in tracheotomy Billy says that Larry always makes faces like he s in pain Larry brushes the comment off Larry is writing a book using a bite tube to type Billy says he s always impressed by Larry and how tough he is Larry sings in a band quotI hate to paint him as inspirational but I gured if Larry can do what he wants to do in life then so can Iquot Billy Billy had to take many tests to receive help in getting a job from a state department when they could have just asked what he wanted to do but they didn t ever get him job opportunities They tried to close his case as rehabilitated but he fought back They still didn t help him get a job but told him to go back to school where he got a Master s degree but still didn t get a job afterwards because people did not want to hire him His dad doesn t understand how hard it is for people to get a job when they have a disability 0 quotYou re not that disabled it s a matter of determinationquot Billy s dad 0 Billy started writing in journalism about how the quothelping systemsquot have failed like how it took one woman four years of appealing just to get a chair that stands up 0 quotPeople are being denied services that would enable them to be selfsuf cient 0 Katie a woman with sight impairments is frequently sent forms that she has to ll out in order to get services but she can t see them 0 They have to verify that she is legally blind every six months 0 joy Mincey a woman who uses a wheelchair demonstrates how she gets into the car from her wheelchair She says that quotWe see ourselves in the context of our humanity whereas the medical community only focuses on us as esh They see me as joy Mincey the paraplegicquot They see quotdisability as an inherently negative thingquot 0 joy is a dancer 0 quotSpenddownquot Billy got 3 noti cations in the mail that canceled his food stamps and suggested 242 in quotspenddownquot aka less monetary support 0 An expert in charge of Billy s case explains how this budget was created Two deductions are quottaken from everybodyquot but no explanation is given as to why Billy will now only be getting a little over 522month o The explanation given is hard for Billy to follow the man is just throwing number after number at him 0 The man says he quotwould not want to livequot on that much money per month but there s nothing he can do and his other 400 clients are in the same boat so he understands how dif cult it must be 0 Billy says he feels like he s being punished for getting in an accident 0 quotGovernment systems throw lead weights onquot Billy quotI thought the Americans with Disabilities Act was supposed to x all this crapolaquot Billy Less than 50 of Chicago s buses are accessible 0 In 1978 in Denver activists blocked buses by getting out of wheelchairs and lying in the street in order to ght for accessible buses A decade and a half later all the buses in Denver were accessible 0 Billy visits the headquarters of quotAdaptquot a disability activist organization 0 Speaker at headquarters quotWhy the hell do we have to do all thisquot just to get basic rights 0 They watch news coverage of a demonstration in which people with disabilities blocked the entrance of people into a building that was inaccessible and had no elevator The newscaster calls it a quotvery effective demonstration It would be cheaper for people to receive care and assistance inhome than to continue running nursing homes 0 Avg nursing home costs over 40000 and is degrading Described as quotnice warehousesquot quotYou get disabled and you get caught up in all these rulesquot Billy No freedom of choice in a nursing home 0 Lee who has ALS and wanted to be a cop lives in a nursing home but would be completely capable of living on his own with the help of an attendant which would also be cheaper A woman named Robin who has a physical disability is interviewed while driving a van She says that nobody believed she would be able to drive and she had to ght the system for 8 years to get someone to teach her then she learned to drive in two days The rst person that was supposed to administer her licensing test was quottoo scaredquot to give her the test She has only had one minor traf c ticket in 9 years of driving quotThe physical bodies are not the problemquot the problem is the negative attitudes regarding disability that build barriers Billy Negative representation in media 0 Jerry Lewis Jerry s Kids portrays disability as pitiful People with disabilities are also portrayed as villains or as irrational in the media quotPeople with disabilities of all kinds are told they are defective as they are no positive way to be a disabled personquot Paul Longmore a professor with a disability who teaches about disability at Stanford 0 quotEverything clickedquot for Billy when he began to think of people with disabilities as a political minority after talking to Paul quotIf you re disabled Berkeley is the place to be the independent living movement was born herequot Bily Billy visits Ed Roberts founder of independent living movement in Berkeley He uses an iron lung Ed says people think it s awful but it s just a mechanism for breathing Says that it s comforting to be in it 0 When Ed went to the Department of Rehabilitation Services to get help to get a job he was told it was infeasible 14 years later he was in charge of the department 0 quotWe gotta be seen in a natural way disability is a part of life We can help people take back control of their own livesquot Ed 0 Ed does karate and is shown in the lm using a wheelchair to pin the instructor against the wall 0 quotAnger is one of the best things we got going in this movementquot Ed Billy Golfus runs for Park Board wants to focus on making parks accessible for elderly people with disabilities 0 quotI m not wanted on the Park Boardquot Billy does not win the position Billy goes on a shing trip with his dad JJ Billy s dad is hard of hearing but doesn t consider himself one of quotthose disabled peoplequot 0 quotTheir disability is what s keeping them in a nursing homequot JJ 0 quotWhat if you got a strokequot Billy quotI don t want to go to a nursing home If it looks like it s terminal there s no point in living and suffering JJ quotThey d jump off the bridge if they had a disability but I need a little determinationquot Biy regarding how his dad and brothers do not accept him as he is and think he would have more success if he put in more effort I did my best to write the quotes as accurately as possible but they may not be exact Their message or purpose should be the same regardless of wording


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