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Week 3 Notes

by: Kaitlyn Palmer

Week 3 Notes BUS G 202

Kaitlyn Palmer
GPA 3.5
Business, Government, and Society
Ellie Mafi-Kreft

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About this Document

Week 3 of notes, including a summary of the in class discussion covering the Ventria Case.
Business, Government, and Society
Ellie Mafi-Kreft
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kaitlyn Palmer on Friday January 30, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to BUS G 202 at Indiana University taught by Ellie Mafi-Kreft in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 193 views. For similar materials see Business, Government, and Society in Business at Indiana University.


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Date Created: 01/30/15
G202 Day 4 12715 Public Sector Government Participants 0 Voters assumed Rationally Ignorant o Costly to know about political issues individual vote won t make a difference 0 Politicians elected of cers assumed to be VoteMaximizers 0 To carry out goals they must be elected 0 Provide info at low cost to voters o Bureaucrats civil servants assumed to be BudgetMaximizers o Hired into of ce like in private sector 0 They seek promotions higher pay Need a bigger budget Possible Public Sector lnef ciency 1 The Shortsightedness Effect 0 Current bene ts future costs dif cult to identify 0 Maximized in uence on current votersexpense by future generations 2 Operational lnef ciency 0 Public sector ahs no pro t motive o Reduces incentive of gov t to keep costs low bureaucrats are not reward from reducing costs 0 Ex If you don t spend your whole budget the Congress will give you less next year from the Of ce 0 Ex Cop car putting extra lights on a cop carjust because 3 Lobbying Rent Seeking o Lobbying Rent Seeking Devoting resources to in uence public policy formation in order to bring more income to your interests 0 Income redistribution occurs inef cient o Lobbyists nd political opportunities threats inform politicians public opinion form coalitions groups with similar interests 0 Ex Not allowed to ship alcohol to other states the liquor stores lobby for this for their pro t margins amp they partnered with Mother s Against Drunk Drivers to make sure underage kids don t get it 4 The Special Interest Effect 0 Special Interest Effect Small groups of people receive bene ts of expense at large groups 0 Individual costs of taking action exceed potential individual bene ts 0 Small concentrated groups can gain political power Types of Political Action rene fs Support Wi39d l 39 E I SEE Enmnh39altedl E lilepersed p E in widely a a I Hi Ania Er t a managed I mquot E E Eminenilmlted Engraneurial quotitem 3 Emma Types of Political Action 1 Majoritarian Politics 0 Ex Social Security 0 No special interest groups take action on either side of the issue 0 Lobbying does not occur 2 Client Politics 0 Ex USDA Foreign Advertising Funds MAP 0 Tax payers pay business get because they penetrate foreign markets 0 One special interest group is active in favor of a group 0 Lobbying will likely be successful Day 5 12915 Types of Political Action Continued 3 Interest Group Politics 0 Active special interest groups are on both sides of the issues 0 EX Legalizing Marijuana NORML versus CALM 0 Outcomes depend on the relative strength of lobbying 4 Entrepreneurial Politics 0 On special interest group is active against an issue 0 Ex nuclear waste dumps 0 Successful lobbying will be costly Ventria Case 2 of world production 14 of exports 2nOI or 3rd largest 2 million deaths from diarrhea per year their rice proteins will help 20 person start up company 2000 farmers in California Rice industry makes 500 million Allies o Investors Employees UC Davis 0 Infant Formula Industry 0 World Health Organization UNICEF Red Cross 0 Biotech Association Pharmaceutical Companies 0 CRC ended up siding here Neutral 0 FDA USDA EPA o CADA CRC farmers millers public reps Adversaries 0 Rice Farmers 0 Rice Millers o Exporters of Rice 0 Japanese Retail Association 0 Environmentalists 0 Food Safety Group 0 CADA ended up siding here disagreeing with the CRC Fight for California Compromise for California Run from California Interest Group Politics


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