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Week 6 Notes - MUS 360

by: Alex Tucker

Week 6 Notes - MUS 360 MUS 360

Marketplace > University of Oregon > Music > MUS 360 > Week 6 Notes MUS 360
Alex Tucker
Hip-Hop: Hst, Cul, Aes >1 >AC
Kajikawa L

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About this Document

Included is the notes for Week 6.
Hip-Hop: Hst, Cul, Aes >1 >AC
Kajikawa L
Class Notes
MUS 360, UO, Kajikawa
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Alex Tucker on Sunday November 15, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MUS 360 at University of Oregon taught by Kajikawa L in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 29 views. For similar materials see Hip-Hop: Hst, Cul, Aes >1 >AC in Music at University of Oregon.


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Date Created: 11/15/15
1990 s New York 11215 Day 11 Dr Dre Let Me Ride 1993 In chapter 3 of Sounding Race Kajikawa argues argues that this song amp video constructs an experience of LA as transcendence and mobility Parliament Funkadelic The Mothership Connection 1976 Dr Dre Nuthin But a G Thang 1993 Sample source Leon Haywood I Wanna Do Something Freaky to You 1975 Kick drum relaxed bossa nova feel Dre adds tambourine w laid back swing Feat Snoop Doggy Dogg Music video portrays life of house parties barbeques amp cruising the streets Introduces new approach to commodify hip hop music as lifestyle Gangsta Rap vs Don Rap rappers used for advertisements Drake amp Sprite Dre amp Beats Conclusions Don Rap is NOT less commercialized than Gangsta Rap however the way it s commercialized is different rather than presenting image of struggle amp confrontation don rap 9 presented image of mastery amp material wealth Don Rap aligned we11w advertising expanding potential for hip hop to endorse highend products amp for rappers themselves to expand their entrepreneurial enterprises Hip Hop amp Advertising In the struggles of urban youths for survival and pleasure inside capitalism capitalism has become both their greatest friend and greatest foe Robin Kelley According to Kelley what transformations have the categories play and work undergone in urban America Other examples of advertising 1986 Run DMC s My Adidas Kurtis Blow Sprite King Tee amp Ice Cube St Ides malt liquor 1988 Yo MTV Raps shift from black radio vs urban radio Nike Ads by Spike Lee 1988 1990 s New York 11215 Day 11 Mars Blackmon Michael Jordan 1991 soundscan technology amp Billboard charts NWA s second album debuts 2 Paula Abdul 1 The Source Magazine 1988 Featuring rappers LL Cool J NWA issue 5 Queen Latifah The Source s Increasing Revenues 1991 circulation 40000 ad pages 286 2000 3000 page annual revenue 1 million circulation 500000 annual revenue 30 million added website TV show record albums amp awards show AntiDrug Abuse Act of 1986 Federal law passed as part of War on Drugs Political response to public hysteria over crack cocaine Shift from rehabilitative to punitive approach in policing amp incarceration Mandatory minimum sentencing for nonViolent drug crimes Sentencing disparities targeting crack cocaine 100 1 5 years wo parole for 5g of crack although one would need to possess 500g of powder cocaine Tough on crime legislation by 2000 33 states abolished limited parole up from 17 in 1980 24 states had introduced threestrikes laws up from 0 amp 40 states introduced truthinsentencing laws up from 3 US pop Is 5 of world s total houses 25 of world s prisoners Incarceration rates are 40 greater than Russia amp 62x that of Canada 78x that of France amp 123X that of Japan Between 1980 amp 1997 of people incarcerated for drug offences increased by a factor of 11 Racial Disparities in Incarceration Black amp white Americans use drugs similar rates Yet by 1989 blacks 4X as likely to be arrested 1990 s New York Day 11 11215 Blackwhite ratio of incarceration 81 While 3 out of every 200 young whites were incarcerated in 2000 rate for young blacks 1 in 9 Black male resident of CA is more likely to go to prison than a college or university War on Marijuana in Black amp White Summary of Findings Between 2001 amp 2010 Over 8 million marijuana arrests in US 88 for possession marijuana arrests now account for over half 52 of all drug arrests in the US marijuana possession arrests account for nearly half 46 of ALL drug arrests spending 36 billion in past decade enforcing marijuana possession laws African Americans between 375 amp 8X as likely to be arrested for marijuana possession Tupac Shakur 11415 Day 12 Nas One Love 1994 really famous song from Illmatic album about friend in prison due to drugs WuTang Clan RZA Ghostface Killah GZA Ol Dirty Bastard Method Man Raekwon UGod Masta Killa Inspectah Deck amp Cappadonna CREAM 1991 still popular today Other songs about being in prison Mobb Deep Up North Trip 1995 Notorious BIG Ready To Die 1994 One of the most critically acclaimed rap albums Loosely organized concept album based on life of drug dealer Diversity of styles hardcore to club jams Give Me The Loot Big Poppa opens W intro skit dramatizing Biggie s life birth to release from jail Curtis Mayfield Super y 1972 Sugarhill Gang Rapper s Delight 1979 Audio 2 Top Billin 1987 Snoop Doggy Dogg Tha Shiznit 1993 Things Done Changed talking about life in the day Gimme The Loot changes voice to sound like 2 different people Big Poppa the good life Everyday Struggle bad parts of life I don t want to live no more sometimes I hear death knocking at my front door different themes stress to moments of escape Tupac Shakur 1971 1996 Meanings of songs are good reason Why he is best rapper BIG best because of ow When people say Pac is the best rapper of a time they don t just mean he is the best rapper They just mean What he had to say was most potent most relevant and that he was the better human being Tupac s Rendering of Nword amp thug life N ever T he I gnorant H ate Tupac Shakur 11415 Day 12 G etting U G oals G ave A ccomplished Little I nfants F ucks E verybody Michael Eric Dyson Holler If You Hear Me Resisted casting black life through a lens of redemptive optimism Instead highlighted injustice amp decay through redemptive vulgarity Tupac Shakur 1 Youth amp legacy of Black Panthers 2 THUGLIFE 3 As a rapper artist 4 Legal troubles 2Pac Life Goes On 1996 lyrical references 25 w an L 25 to life fed time if tried by feds you usually get more time in hail compared to local song beat sampled rom The O Jays Brandy 1978 about a dog Ambitionz as a Ridah 1996 Johnny J 1969 2008 I loved all the old O Jays stuff So I just had to go with it to where that song would water me up just as an instrumental even before Pac even made up the lyrical concept for the song So I started with the drum track working my way into the bass synth kind of tampering with the sample a little bit so I kind of freaked it to add my avor to it Then layered those backgrounds on it and that background vocal melody was in my head probably 3 to 4 years before I made it with Tupac Musical Comparison Life Goes On Pachelbel chord progression Anbitionz as a Ridah Static minor key harmony Tupac Shakur 11415 Day 12 Key Tensions 1 2 3 4 moral vs aesthetic judgement keeping it real vs playing into stereotypes embracing struggle vs embracing destruction empathizing W plight of downtrodden through Violent amp misogynistic themes


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