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Exam Three-Television

by: Hannah Bettis

Exam Three-Television JOUR 101

Hannah Bettis
Media and Society
Barnett, Barbara

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About this Document

The notes over Television for exam three.
Media and Society
Barnett, Barbara
Class Notes
J101, jour101, journalism 101, journalism, television, Media and Society
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Hannah Bettis on Sunday November 15, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to JOUR 101 at Kansas taught by Barnett, Barbara in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 31 views. For similar materials see Media and Society in Journalism and Mass Communications at Kansas.

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Date Created: 11/15/15
0 Americans spend an average of 5 hours a day watching TV 0 TV is the main leisure activity in the USA 0 Socializing is second 0 TV is seen as the main place to get news at home 0 Currently Americans spend more time online than in front of a TV Audience 0 AfricanAmericans watch the most TV 0 7 hoursday Hispanics and AsianAmericans watch the least TV 0 3 4 hoursday 0 When you39re a teen TV viewing drops then goes up as you get older 0 People over the age of 65 watch more than 7 hours of TVday TV and you 0 By the time you39re 65 you39ll have seen over 9 years worth of television 0 The average home has more TVs than people 0 60 of Americans use the Internet and TV together 0 For every 1 hour of a show you see 20 minutes of ads 0 Once you39re 18 you will have seen 200000 violent acts on TV 0 The average US child spends 1500 hours watching TV 0 The percentage of 4 6 year olds who said they39d rather watch TV than play with their dads is 54 The birth of TV 0 18805 experiments begin to create TV 0 19205 the first images are transmitted through television 19505 90 of homes in the USA have TVs 0 There were only three main networks and 3 channels 0 NBC CBS and ABC 0 This time was considered the quotgolden agequot of television TV changes several things 0 Entertainment 0 Journalism 0 Advertising 0 The way we interact 0 How we see ourselves Early TV 0 Was seen as the radio storytelling but with pictures added 0 Westerns variety shows comedies dramas soap operas cop shows and quiz shows were just some of the kinds offered 0 New formats arose 0 Feature films 0 Talk shows Everybody Loves Lucy The first large family sitcom 0 Saved time and money by being filmed live in Hollywood as opposed to New York and broadcast live 0 Due to Lucy filmed reruns became possible 0 Programs could become syndicated 0 Entertainment becomes Hollywood39s realm 0 Shows can be produced more quickly 0 39 shows in 20 weeks TV changes journalism 0 Documentaries and investigations are on the rise 0 Politics begins to be covered 0 Conventions and debates are aired The Red Scare and the Black List 0 Murrow O Criticized the Red Scare and McCarthyism O quotA Report on Senator McCarthyquot pointed out all the times McCarthy had contradicted himself 0 McCarthyism 0 Making an accusation of treason without reliable evidence 0 The Black List 0 The practice of denying a job to writersactorsproducersanyone in entertainment due to a suspicion of their political affiliation The singlesponsor advantage 0 A network could sell both a niche audience and the amount of time a commercial would be displayed 0 A company creates the program with ads and sponsors it 0 1 advertiser 1 program ratio 0 Ex quotThe Adventures of Robin Hoodll sponsored by Johnson and Johnson The 64000 problem 0 A quiz show was 39coaching39 their contestants and told them to lose on purpose 0 Congress created a federal law against rigging game shows in amendment to the 1960 Communications Act TV advertising changes 0 Went from 1 advertiser 1 program to multiple advertisers per program 0 Sponsors had no benefit in the program just in the amount of audience members that watched the show 0 Companies were only interested in the amount of viewers that saw the ad and not the quality of the program The dream decade of advertising 0 WWII ends 0 quotthrifting and repurposingll become old news 0 There is a rise in building homes population and spending 0 TV becomes the electronic catalog 0 Advertising becomes big on TV Who39s watching the ads 0 Nielsen ratings help determine how many people watched the program 0 Helps determine what people tend to watch more 0 Helps learn rate of advertising How do you measure it 0 Global television audience metering 0 Measures viewership Sweeps 0 Four times a year 0 Ratings 0 Viewers are seen as a percentage of all homes with TVS 0 Share 0 Percentage of audience watching among television sets in use Big changes 0 19505 golden age of TV 0 19605 color TV is invented womenAfrican Americans become more popular on television 0 19705 controversy becomes fun to watch cable is invented primetime soap operas are on the rise 0 19805 CNN takes precedence 0 19905 dysfunctional families become the standard to watch news is streamed live from Baghdad gay people are portrayed positively 0 20005 more choices are available than ever Audience of today 0 97 of of all homes in America have TVs 0 TV is the most widespread medium to reach adults 0 The leading source to get news 0 Seen as the most influential medium 0 Young people now watch more recorded shows than live TV What is TV today 0 All about news 0 All about entertainment 0 All about profits 0 Four big networks 0 NBC Fox CBS and ABC How networks work 0 Each network has an affiliate 0 Networks provide the programs for affiliates 0 A local station often news will pay to associate themselves with the network 0 Networks can be a place for people to rely on their favorite shows or reporting style PBS For viewers like you 0 TV without commercial influence 0 For people under 12 and over 50 Pressure from corporates to expand network 0 Going down the drain Started in NYC in the 705 Subscriber based network 0 No ads 0 Transmitted through cable or satellite 0 Has movies or TV specials The cable revolution 0 Before cable signals were transmitted through public airways 0 Subject to government regulation 0 Free to watch 0 With cable signals are transmitted through fiber optic cables 0 No regulations 0 Pay to watch 0 Cable today 0 Has a growing audience 0 More variety 0 Able to have 39edgy39 programming 0 The cable set up 0 Basic cable 0 Local channels 0 Expanded basic 0 Local channels 0 Channels with broad appeal 0 Premium cable 0 All of the above 0 Also includes specials movies and sports 0 Includes payperview TV redelivered 0 TV is broadcast digitally providing viewer interaction 0 Social media adds to the experience 0 Tweets and hashtags help provide a community around a show


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