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week 11 and 12

by: Trevor Meed

week 11 and 12 Phil 111

Trevor Meed
GPA 3.86
Multicultural Philosophy (Diversity)
Dr. Jordan Curnutt

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About this Document

Multicultural Philosophy (Diversity)
Dr. Jordan Curnutt
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Trevor Meed on Sunday November 15, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Phil 111 at St. Cloud State University taught by Dr. Jordan Curnutt in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 13 views. For similar materials see Multicultural Philosophy (Diversity) in PHIL-Philosophy at St. Cloud State University.

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Date Created: 11/15/15
Week 11 and 12 Continued from the Atman Want to escape because life is just endless opportunites to suffer 0 Know Atman as the real Mind correct real knowing what is real result Knowledge a Atman eliberation moksha o The Atman and the coverings o Upanishads describe a person as made of several sheathscoverings like a Russian matryoshkia dolls The true self is at the core 0 Why coverings are not the Atman o Principle of ultimate reality what is real must be unchanging eternal pure perfect and puure No coverings quality 0 quotPhysical covering body not exist at one point it is not perfect will be destroyed o The Fool the materialist who thinks body is the self has ignorance o The intelligent person dualism believes an immaterial soul combined with the physical body is close but not right 0 The wise person true reality is not the body or a soul combined with the body 0 View of quottranscendental monism reality is one nonphysical immaterial absolute entity 0 Atman is Brahman What is Brahman 0 Universal exsistence of being itself independent of other things Brahman is the ultimate source of everything present in all things 0 Only brahman is truly real all else is simply a reflection of Brahman everything depends on Brahman o Tat Tvam Asi quotThough art though That is you 0 Individual soul of a person and the universalsoul of reality are the same reality of subjective and objective reality are identicale 0 Knowing this fact liberates us from samsara Moksha is absorption in to the ultimate reality that is undistinguishable from the self Metaphysical Realism 0 Things exsist independent of our minds Real world is external to our thoughts perception and desires Direct realism Senses give us contact with the world We perceive what is outside of us 0 Direct realism is also called Nai39ve realism 0 Direct realism is false we get information on things that are not really there naive to think that all we perceive as real mirage senses think something is there that cannot exist 0 Example of a hand that is hot or cold and place in bucket of water and one hand feels the water as hot and the other as cold Our sense lie to us about the reality of the world Indirect realism 0 John Locke saw problem with Direct realism so came up with indirect realism 0 Our contact is indirect and our perceptions are interpritations of the world some features are truly out there external and real but other features are in the mind and subjective 0 Primary qualities external and objective size shape solidity and motion 0 Secondary qualities internal and subjective color smell sound taste feels 0 George Berkley says that indirect realism does not go far enough everything is in the mind and we have no reason to belive that anything is out there at all quotOf the principles of Human knowledge 0 The known objects of human knowledge 1 Ideas imprinted on the senses Sensations and perceptions I see a tree 2 Passions and operations of the mind Desires thoughts and feelings I want ice cream 3 Ideas formed by memory and imagination Combination of 1 and 2 I remember or imagine sitting under a tree and eating ice cream 0 The knower something which knows or perceives objects of knowledge The mind spirit soul myself An active being perceiving these ideas 0 To know requires the knower 0 Number 2 and 3 can not exsist without a mind also can not have sight seeing hearing or touching without a mind All we perceive needs a mind I order for them to exsist Why Do objects need a mind 0 Meaning of the word exsist to say that somethings exist is to say that we perceive it seen felt or heard 0 Phlogiston exists but it cannot be perceiveds a meaningless dum sentence like A bachelor is a married female 0 quotEsse is Percipi the essence of physical objects is to be perceived quotto be is to be perceived something not sensible is unreal 0 People believe strange things physical objects are what we perceive quotWhat do we perceive that is not from our own sensations 0 We cannot adopt an outside perception about our own perceptions cannot set ourselft away from our own perceptions and to verify if they accurately represent what is out there 0 Reality is composed of minds and ideas 0 Objections and replies 3 1 Obvious objection is a difference between the existence and the perception are different lt Reply no difference the properties are nothing more than its sensation and perceptions impossible to imagine an object without perception 2 John Locke s objection secondary qualities sell sound taste color primary qualities size shape solidity motion Reply think something with size shape moving no imagine this object with no secondar object No cannot have an obect with just primary properties 3 Objection from best explanation why do we perceive Beucase there are objects i external world Simple easy nthe Reply Bad explantion Unsolveable mystery How can a material object cause anything to happen in an immaterial mind How can two completely different substances causealy inter act La kota History Oceti Sakowin story of how Sioux came about the name 7 council fires Social things done in 7 s and ritual done in 4 Each 7 part s split into 7 again Oglala proffesor s tribe I I 2015 i 12700 BP A long time ago France Germany Spain same size as 1868 Lakota Land w Richest gold mine 1877 took huge chucks of land away dependency started took weapons and horses 18771980 compensate for 5 million plus intrest 106 millin dollars have not accepted the money because the land was taken away 1875 1876 govt forced Lakotas to be dependent on the govt 1889 took more land 1890 Sitting Bull murdered All aspects of Dakota life being suppressed along with land takeing 90 million acers lsot throughout allotment Lakota spirituality 7 families came up from underworld through a cave Wasun Niya between Buffalo and Lakota Made Black hills and concealed the cave tazipco guy has a pipe has 7 curved ceremonies Great race 1883 prohibit the Indians from doing their religion through starvation and prison them Power through food No case in 30 years Indian kill nonindian Painting is covered not proud of state capital


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