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Arch 3411 Week 10

by: Emma Norden

Arch 3411 Week 10 ARCH 3411

Emma Norden
U of M
Architecture History to 1750
Robert Ferguson

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About this Document

Architecture History to 1750
Robert Ferguson
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Emma Norden on Sunday November 15, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ARCH 3411 at University of Minnesota taught by Robert Ferguson in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 38 views. For similar materials see Architecture History to 1750 in Architecture at University of Minnesota.

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Date Created: 11/15/15
Burial Mound of the Emperor Nintoku Near Osaka V CE Shinto Shrine Ise rebuilt every 20 years since 690 CE Two plots of land every 20 years the shrine is rebuilt on other plot while the one on the other is demolished Simple small building built with much care Modern carpentry One venerates shrine from outsides rarely does one enter Horyuji Temple Nara 685 Palace church as it is connected to the palace Highly developed timber construction Seems to reinforce its sanctity by restating layered quality and imitating parts of pagoda No way to access upper levels Todaiji Temple Nara ca 1200 Issue of what qualifies a replica comes up Images on wall and opposite wall can be opened to be viewed from large congregation on outside Great Buddha hall replicates original largest wooden building in the world Conserves simplicity of previous tradition Byodoin Phoenix Hall Uji 1053 Suburban villa owned by wealthy family Palace chapel private Buddhist monastery Arch 3411 Amiens Cathedral France 1220 Nothing is higher than the cathedral Sums up Gothic architecture Triparte triumphal arch with two towers seem to be a Roman stage Row of windows symbolize setting sun main facade always faces west Cathedral is like a city Pointed arches rib vaults spaciousness Conditions of light and incredible height 137 Unlike Roman cathedral Gothic cathedral is brightly lit Depth of wall buttress thrust of vault Cathedral at Durham 11151133 Earliest rib vaults seen in nave Very early ying buttresses Abbey Church SaintDenis reconstruction by Abbot Sugar 114044 Louie VI called Capital of the Realm and Religious Center of France Apse with ambulatory and radiating chapels Fagade is close to contemporary Norman work Transparency of architecture in terms of the ability of light to permeate building starts to emerge Stained glass Last Judgment is illuminated in center of stained glass windows Light we see is the shadow of the divine light stained glass gives us a visionary experience and its relation to immaterial world NotreDame Paris 1163 Started with choir ying buttresses and transepts added later Double aisle Permeation of light through chapels and aisles Expands horizontally as elements are added vertically in plan Chartres Cathedral 11341145 Long standing Marian pilgrimage site Was built very fast West facade intact survived fire Original configurations of 3 chapels modified with 4 chapels in between Quadreparte vault encompassing 1 bay instead of 2 simplifies nave Development of piers and colonettes where colonettes come all the way down bringing line of vault ribs all the way down simplifying nave repeated later on in other churches


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