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Lesson 25: The Great War

by: Kaitlyn Hamke

Lesson 25: The Great War Hist 150

Marketplace > Ball State University > History > Hist 150 > Lesson 25 The Great War
Kaitlyn Hamke
GPA 3.5
The West in the World
Dr. Hall

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About this Document

Detailed notes of the lesson as explained by Professor Hall. Everything is perfectly outlined based off of the lecture and illustrates all the main points of the lesson making it an excellent guide...
The West in the World
Dr. Hall
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kaitlyn Hamke on Sunday November 15, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Hist 150 at Ball State University taught by Dr. Hall in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 26 views. For similar materials see The West in the World in History at Ball State University.


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Date Created: 11/15/15
Lesson 25 The Great War Septe mbe r 1914 o Germa ns begin to stop and build trenches o Germa ns on the offensive but become pinned in on town sides and are forced to take a more stationary and defensive approach Trench Warfare Defensive lines o Often very close to each other Separated by barbed wire and quotNo man s land Designed in a sort ofjigjagged line Germa ns developed a much more elaborate system of trenches OOOO Begin developing more planes as an observatory device to track troop movements New Weapons Many new weapons and artillery are engineered Heavy artillery quotBig Bertha o Shapes war on western front and the ca use of most casualties from attacks Machine guns 0 Breachloading rifle Airplane 0 quot200000 aircrafts 0 Bombers 0 Observation Biggest use during the war 0 Not many planes were actually used for bombs Gas warfare 0 British and other troops develop the gas mask to combat gas attacks 0 First early form of gas was chlorine gas and then mustard gas Tanks 0 Developed by the British 0 1St Generation of tanks tended to get stuck War eventually comes to a stalemate The Battle of the Somme 0 Series of attacks by British and French forces upon the Germans 0 British and French advance their lines by about 5 miles 0 Tons of casualties 0 Sir Douglas Haig I Develops a plan to advance movement 0 Massive artillery attack 0 Begin advancing across noman s land 0 60000 British casualties 0 20000 dead 40000 wounded o Bloodiest day for very little success 0 Robert Graves I Becomes a wellknown poet and novelist after the war I Was severely wounded they thought he was dead but he survived the Battle of the Somme 0 Introduction of the rationing system by the Germans 0 British cut off German imports of food Turnip War 19161917 0 Basically the only food that the Germans could obtain 0 quot1000 calories per day 0 Germa n government began to create quotersatzquot food 0 Poor substitutes to combat the little amounts of food April 6 1917 0 US declares war on Germany and joins the Allied Powers 0 Germa ns decide to try and move quicker to win the ward before Americans have the chance to get involved November 11 1918 o Germa ny signs an armistice the ends the war Nume rous empires fell due to this war


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