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Hors la loi

by: Sarah Doberneck

Hors la loi French 41

Sarah Doberneck
French Cinema and Culture
Dr. Chirila

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About this Document

Notes from lecture about the movie Outside the Law
French Cinema and Culture
Dr. Chirila
Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Sarah Doberneck on Sunday November 15, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to French 41 at University of California - Los Angeles taught by Dr. Chirila in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 52 views. For similar materials see French Cinema and Culture in French at University of California - Los Angeles.


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Date Created: 11/15/15
Hors Ia oi outside the law by Rachid Bouchareb Thursday November 12 2015 Very conventional aesthetically Tone more like the godfather War movie Deploys the lmic language and narrative conventions of two popular cinematic genres historical epic and gangster lm lntertextuality archetypes of the mother land blood Boucharebs most controversial lm to date Criticized by the right wing deputy Lionel Luca saying it was anti French Said that there were a lot of historical inaccuracies that negatively portray the French People protested outside the lm festival venue Said to be proFLN The quotlittle children from the suburb would have been subjected to the same bad history lesson they would have endured had they remained in Algeriaquot 0 Inaccurate because these children were second generation immigrants and only knew France and were French citizens quotFirstsquot in outside the law Tackles the colonial French rule in Algeria and the bloody battle for independence that ended in 1962 with French defeat Argues that the origin of the war was the Algerian people becoming tired of being abused and suppressed by being a French colony First sequence 0 Genesis of the Algerian war is shown to be the dispossession of Algerian peasants as part of French colonization 0 Use of a long shot makes Messaoud appear dwarfed by the immensity of the blighted landscape 0 The issue of colonization isn39t black and white even though the People are dressed in those colors 0 Color scheme 0 Algeria overexposed sand toned Accents desert like conditions and aridity Shows too much sun 0 France winter night or in dark accentuates the coldness of France Setif Algeria 1945 0 We see the crowd coming in to the sort of town square from the street then the French getting ready to shoot The young boy wrapped in an Algerian ag is shot by the police 0 Inaccurate version of events 0 quotDoes not show the other side of the story the mass killing of French citizens by the Algerians during these eventsquot 0 The French say that the Algerians were all armed and started shooting rst but the Algerians say that39s not true 0 We don39t know if this is an accurate depiction of what happened o This was shown as one sided by Bouchareb because he wanted to highlight the colonial aspect of Algerian life and the unfair circumstances that the Algerians had to go through 0 Real beginning of the Algerian war 0 Before very few historians in France thought that this was the beginning of the war Dien Bien Phu 1945 o Connects the Algerian war and the French war in indo china 0 Anti coonia propaganda is constantly being played through the PA system urging the colonial troops to join the Vietnamese in their struggle o quotThe colonial France is not invinciblequot Metaphor of a house divided 0 Algerians aren39t all United 0 Brothers go different ways 0 Highlights how FLN Used violence to eliminate other Algerian nationalist political parties such as the MNA o Yessir Omani a harki who served on the French side in Indochina now works for the French police has a French wife and is trying got pass off as being French 0 Two French men who met as resistance ghters during WWII meet again as one is working for the French communist party and the other spreads support for Algerian independence and provides fase papers for the FLN members 0 A double civil war 0 No one could agree on the best path 0 Not simply pro French vs Pro FLN Challenges to FLN propaganda 0 Main action of FLN propaganda is in quotmetropolequot France o In the of cial Algerian history the FLN was the organization that brought independence to Algeria Said that they were always good Fought against corrupt French 0 Most of the violence is perpetrated by the FLN on other Algerians 0 Does not inger inordinately on French violence Torture by French isn39t depicted French violence is de personalized The massacre scene is shot using sight overexposure that understated the presence of red blood on white sand off white clothing and white stone It doesn39t focus on the goriness of the event 0 17 October 1961 The last scene of the lm In a train station police arrested the mass crowd of protestors and out them on busses where they were taken to detention centers in Paris The protest was meant to be peaceful but many were killed devastating the community 0 French violence the car blows up and Helene is killed The camera remains still and at a distance from the car The explosion and subsequent engul ng ames a spectacle common in Hollywood lms in which we do not see the charred body or any gore like that o The use of large scale violence is generally represented informally classical ways that distance the viewer from the violence being done by turning it into an aesthetic spectacle In contrast the use of violence by the brothers in their search for national liberation is shown to affect individuals in ways this the viewer seethe violence French monopoly of history Bouchareb is accused of being 5 mouthpiece for the Algerian government 0 Most of the funding for the lm came from the Algerian govt Porteurs de valise bag bearers o Transporters of money for the independence movement 0 Bad connotation because of the French memories of the war Porteurs de memoire bearers of memory 0 Protestors say that memory doesn39t accurately depict the war 0 Say that historical documents should be consulted rather than reply on people to recount their experience Hyphens Horslaloi outlaw Hors la loi outside the law 0 Debate over which translation is correct 0 The given name doesn39t contain hyphens so it is translated to outside the law


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