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H2340W Week 3 notes

by: Morgan Routman

H2340W Week 3 notes HIST 2340W

Morgan Routman
GPA 3.62
US Diplomatic History
Professor Brasinzky

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About this Document

Here are the notes for Week Three!
US Diplomatic History
Professor Brasinzky
Class Notes
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This 8 page Class Notes was uploaded by Morgan Routman on Friday January 30, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HIST 2340W at George Washington University taught by Professor Brasinzky in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 168 views. For similar materials see US Diplomatic History in History at George Washington University.


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Date Created: 01/30/15
H234OW Week 3 13015 1240 PM The SpanishAmerican War was a turning point in US Foreign Policy 0 US learned how to be a power an empire and have an expansive military Growing American economic investment in Cuba meant that the island was more closely tied to the US Rise of Nationalism because of the growing urban middle class and antiSpanish sentiment 1895 Revolutionaries in Cuba want to overthrow the Spanish Rule a He pushed for Spain to give Cuba more autonomy 0 However Spain in turn sent Valeriano Wyler to oppress and mistreat the Cuban people a Letter written by Spanish Foreign minister in Washington saying that McKinley was too weak to ever go to way n It was intercepted and cause a lot of upheaval a February 15 1898 it was said that the Spanish sunk the ship off the coast of Cuba 0 In 1976 it was concluded that it was in fact an internal combustion problem Between the Letter and the sinking of the Maine the US to protect our honor a When the revolution first broke out the public showed because of Cuba s virtue in comparison to the Spanish s European ways Cuba a See the Cubans have virtue similar to that of the US 0 America could help them develop 0 They would be a great new market The war was over quickly with a clear Happened mostly at sea and there were more volunteer fighters than actual military men 0 This led to the because America had signed the essentially promising not to annex it after the war 0 This is what led to the Treaty of Paris and allowed for the US to expand This spurred significant debates America had never been an empire before 0 Should it become one now 0 How does the government deal with new land and potential colonies o No longer viewed as damsels in distress but as instead 0 Americans felt the need to go in and help where they weren t wanted 0 Cuba was seen as an annoying child 0 written by Senator Orville Platt CT a US had the right to intervene n Cuba wasn t allowed to accrue debt from European Trade a US took a 99 year lease on Guantanamo Bay e the day before they were Annexed newly elected president of the Philippines started a revolution against America This led to war and oppression of the Filipino people Aguinaldo was eventually captured and imprisoned as well n This war killed more Americans than the SpanishAmerican War March of the Flag 0 Saw the Filipinos as children and unable to govern themselves o Argued that this would only be a continuation of what the Founding Fathers wanted and pursued Called Jefferson an Imperialist 0 Thought that the US was their only hope against European Powers and that they were doing God s work Cincinnati and Chicago Speeches 0 O 0 Thought that becoming an Empire would undermine domestic policy Thought that the US wasn t like European powers because it didn t try to colonize And they ran their government based on consent not power Having an empire would destroy liberty at home Argued that the capacity to selfgovern comes with experience and that we should give that to the Philippines 0 Both believed in US Exceptionalism and argued that their points stuck better to US tradition Both want prosperity for the US and agree on consent of the governed Both agree that the Filipinos aren t competent OOOO Supervise the building of Municipal Governments Brought about Education Reforms Brought in Economic Development Programs Dispatched city planners to help grow the design of cities and living areas All part of what America thought was its responsibility to prepare the Philippines for selfgovernance The US became a world power 0 The US created a new road for itself into the international economy 0 The US builds upon its idea that it can transform other countries especially those in Asia H234OW Week 3 Continued 13015 1240 PM 0 Background European Powers were attempting to divide up parts of China and establish spheres of influence US designed this policy to help China maintain its sovereignty but also ensure that America would be able to pursue trade 1895 China suffered a huge loss against Japan a Japan wanted to remove Korea from Chinese control n This ended the Sinocentric order in Asia and made the Chinese question their institutions practices and confidence because Japan was supposed to be inferior n This led to more US intervention in China 0 First Secretary of US Legation in China 0 Helped negotiate the Treaty of Shimonoseki which ended the Sim Japanese war 0 There was increasing trade between the US and China in the 1890 s It was widely understood that the US could benefit from the high populations and large markets of China a We traded our cotton with them developed mining enterprises and invested in Chinese Infrastructure 0 Formation of Groups such as America s Asiatic Association lobbying group 0 Denby wanted to o Worried that if the US doesn t make a move that Europeans would continue to grow their sphere s of influence Europe and Japan already did this and Denby thought America should follow suit This put a lot of pressure on Washington to do something about China 0 There was a higher presence of Christian Missionaries and they were becoming more assertive o Ie making their ways into Central China 0 This led to a larger influence of Christian missionaries on the Americanization of China 0 Argued that the missionaries were training a whole generation of potential Chinese Leaders 0 Wanted to spread American values and liberalize the Chinese in ways that pure commerce could not 0 Wanted to create a liberal mentality and more progressive nationalism o Missionaries took on the roles of teachers in the society which was very important to the Chinese and not wildly accepted 0 The Government was weak at the time and saw them as undermining their authorities This led to antiChristian and antiMissionary sentiment 0 Mostly young male peasants that tried to drive the missionaries out of the country Over 10000 Chinese Christians were killed Over 200 foreigners were killed 54000 armed forces fought not just American Made the government even weaker Had to pay the Western Powers Foreign powers gained new rights in China Legation quarters of extraterritoriality Believed that the government had moral obligations to support them because they had an opportunity to influence a change a Litigators became receptive and started pressuring the government Worried that the US might become more like Europe 0 Thought that we must be able to have a trade relationship without creating an empire 0 Suggested a treaty Wanted us to remain benign to China Equal Treaty 0 US doesn t want to encroach on sovereignty Wants to earn trust in Asia 0 We don t want to be the bad guy 0 Shipping and rail road privileges 0 That the general Chinese Tariff be collected by the Chinese Government 0 All powers in China must respect its sovereignty 0 Gets Great Britain to go along with it 0 Japan is closely tied to England and agrees 0 France goes along as well 0 Russia and Germany don t want to oppose them and also agree All of them only agree verbally so its hard to enforce o The US was able to point to it occasionally but it wasn t super effective Did make China like America for a while though 0 Why is this important 0 Significant to our influence on China Eventually China sees the US as the same as the other Western Powers


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