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Lecture Notes

by: Jennifer Pacicco

Lecture Notes American Studies/ History 2410- 80

Jennifer Pacicco
GPA 3.74
Modern U.S. Immigration History
Professor Tom Guglielmo

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About this Document

Modern U.S. Immigration History
Professor Tom Guglielmo
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jennifer Pacicco on Friday January 30, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to American Studies/ History 2410- 80 at George Washington University taught by Professor Tom Guglielmo in Winter2015. Since its upload, it has received 115 views. For similar materials see Modern U.S. Immigration History in American Studies at George Washington University.


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Date Created: 01/30/15
Debating Immigration P P FP NI White Nationalism Nordic Nationalism Assimilationism Cultural Pluralism Assimiluralism Non Americanisms What do with people here What to do about prospective immigrants Other possibilities divide between ethnic nationalism and racial nationalism White Nationalism America a white nation Only whites can enter and be full edged member Ozawa decision perfect example Other examples 0 1790 naturalization law 0 Yazierka novel quotneck looked like white milkquot Nordic Nationalism America was rst a Nordic and therefore only Nordics should be allowed to immigrant and become citizens Who were they 0 Depended on who you asked 0 Northern and Western Europeans Saw people like Italians Greeks and Slavs as inferior and shouldn t be allowed in or not given full citizenships At its apex in early years of immigration 1924 Immigration act passed to keep Southern and Eastern Europeans out o Reemergence of the KKK targeted Southern and Eastern Europeans Religion element tended to be Jewish or Catholic Assimilation Leaving the old world and acceptance of the new world Never clear what quotold worldquot and quotnew worldquot meant 0 Both constantly changing 0 Never clear what abandoning old and embracing new meant 0 Learning English American history and American values 0 Few variations 0 Top down coercion vs bottom up volunterism What extent do they have to be forced or do it themselves Who is responsible for assimilation o Uniformity vs individuality Conform to being a normal American 0 Inclusive or exclusive Believe that immigrants could become an American Only certain people are capable of assimilation Have to change because quotAmerican way is the bestquot and your way is quotbackward and uncivilizedquot Diverse category of people 0 Very powerful at this time Cultural Pluralism o Immigrants preserving the old in order to enrich the new 0 America ought to sustain rather than diminish the distinctive culture of immigrant groups 0 Help create a federation of nations where each group had a distinctive part to play 0 Only inclusive for certain people 0 Mainly Europeans Not as in uencial as assimilation but did have grassroots appeal among many immigrants Assimiluralism Combination of assimilation and cultural pluralism o Might have to change a little bit but not completely 0 Learn English and become a citizen but hold on to traditions 0 Example 0 Foreign Language newspaper Encourage immigrants to nationalize Hold on to foreign language Used rights to defend immigrants and cultural distinctiveness Non Americanisms 0 Primary concern is something other than American Nation 0 Examples 0 Capitalists wanted workers so they were often proponents of immigrants and what impact would be on the US Pay less and get more pro t 0 Homeland nationalists not interested in debates about America because they believe that immigrants that they will come for a short amount of time and leave because commitment to homeland Circular immigration 0 Left Radicals anarchists communists socialists Vocal minority Trans national political solidarity


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