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week 12 - Psych 324

by: Allie S

week 12 - Psych 324 Psych 324

Allie S
GPA 3.46
Brain and Behavior Psychology
Dr. Claudio Cantalupo

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About this Document

week 12
Brain and Behavior Psychology
Dr. Claudio Cantalupo
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Allie S on Monday November 16, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Psych 324 at Clemson University taught by Dr. Claudio Cantalupo in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 16 views. For similar materials see Brain and Behavior Psychology in Psychlogy at Clemson University.


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Date Created: 11/16/15
a Visual Field VF part of the environment that is registered on the retina i Left visual field right visual field binocular field cross over l Predator binocular field is large for depth perception 2 Prey binocular field is small lateral eyes to see all around ii Parts of retina l Nasal retina closer to the nose 2 Temporal side closer to the temple 3 When something falls on the left visual field the photons are registered on the nasal side on the left eye but the temporal side of the right eye This is vice versa for the right eye iii Optic Chiasm the crossing over of nasal side axons Causes information to go to the opposite side of the brain 1 Information is relayed to other side because of corpus callosum iv Lateral Geniculate Nuclei LGN of the Thalamus relay sensory information V Optic tectum some of the information is sent here instead of thalamus Doesn t provide any sensory information Instead involuntarily directs our eyes In the midbrain where the superior Colliculus is l Blindsight patients become blind nothing wrong with eyes but because the primary visual cortex or thalamus is destroyed Blindsight happens when optic tectum is still working They can guess where dots might show up on a screen with results better than random Unaware that this affects their behavior vi Primary Visual Cortex V1 in the Occipital Lobe processes information 1 Where you find the very first neurons that fire due to stimulation of photoreceptors vii Retinal disparity discrepancy in the location of an object s image on the two retinas as a function of the object s distance detected by the visual cortex depth perception l The distance from the eye causes a different angle in the lens and therefore is registered on a different part of the retina II Theories of Color Vision a Trichromatic Theory von Helmholtz amp Young i All colors are the result of the processing of three pure colors red green and blue each one detected by a specific receptor 1 BTW lights work at adding wavelengths where paint works to subtract wavelengths 2 Problem yellow also appears to observers as pure colors b Opponent Process Theory Hering i Explains color vision in terms of opposing neural processes in two specific receptors ii Receptor for red and green photochemical one degrades and one amplifies 1 One neurons responds oppositely to these two colors iii Receptor for blue and yellow photochemical one degrades and one amplifies 1 One neuron responds oppositely to these two colors iv Explains Complementary Colors and negative color aftereffect l Complementary colors Blue feels the opposite of yellow and red feels the opposite of green c Mixture picture i Trichromatic theory 1 3 color receptors 3 primary colors a Red Green Blue ii Opponent process Theory 1 2 2 color receptors 4 primary color cells Red Green and Blue yellow iii Combined Theory Hurvich amp Jameson picture 1 2 Ganglion cells receive information from 3 receptors and bleeds into 4 primary colors How does it work a 3 cones attached to two ganglion cells red green and blueyellow b red light shines red cone sends signal to red green ganglion makes cell hyperpolarized this inhibition tells brain you re seeing red c Green light shines activates red green ganglion and hypolarizes it this time excitatory effect saying you see green d Blue light shines ganglion yellowblue cells is excited you see blue e Yellow light shines Because wavelength of yellow is between red and green it activates the green and red cone pretty much equally Because red green ganglion receives an excitatory and an inhibitory effect you don t see red or green Green cone also activates the yellowblue ganglion This sends inhibitory response which tell our brain yellow iv Receptive field s of color opponent ganglion cells 1 2 3 we Red cones in center and Green cones on the outside vice versa Yellow cones in center and blue cones on the outside vice versa a Yellow cones are actually red and green cones All cones in center are excitatory and all cells on outside are inhibitory More efficient discrimination of number of wavelengths Enhanced info on color contrast in objects i


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