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Week 2 Bio notes

by: Nate Dickstein

Week 2 Bio notes 105

Nate Dickstein
GPA 3.55
Biology of Social Issues
Gerald Downes, Duncan Irschick, Jeffrey Podos

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About this Document

Here are the in-class notes for the 2nd week of class from Monday, January 26th until Friday, January 30th.
Biology of Social Issues
Gerald Downes, Duncan Irschick, Jeffrey Podos
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Nate Dickstein on Friday January 30, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to 105 at University of Massachusetts taught by Gerald Downes, Duncan Irschick, Jeffrey Podos in Winter2015. Since its upload, it has received 161 views.


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Date Created: 01/30/15
Class 312615 How is SCI treated spinal cord and brain cells have very limited capacity to regenerate in humans the environment outside of cells actively inhibit growth replace damaged cells stem cells the recipe that turns cells in the 8 cell embryo very early cells in a baby39s development into any type of cell in the body stem cell research has the potential to resolve multiple health conditions Lloyd Olsen September 10 1945 miketheheadlesschicken works on a farm cuts the head off one of his chickens named mike but the chicken still lives Retrain spinal cord circuits the spinal cords from various animals have the ability to function in isolation from the brain the human spinal cord is also thought to function apart from the brain circumvent damaged spinal cord and limb can we decode impulses to control an artificial limb use thought to move a prosthetic limb gain the ability to feel through a prosthetic limb Class 412815 strategies for therapies for spinal cord injury PROTECT surviving cells drugs to block cell suicide REPLACE damaged cells stem cell therapy stimulate REGROWTH by examining how this happens in other organisms RETRAIN spinal cord circuits determine how to activatecontrol spinal cord apart from the brain CIRCUMVENT damaged spinal cord develop new prosthetics to allow movement and touch Concussion brain is most complex object in the known universe contains roughly 100 billion neurons and roughly 100 trillion connections what protect the brain bonesskull membranes fluid Concussion Concussus action of striking together relatively mild traumatic brain injury no gross structural changes interrupts electrical activity in brain regions Signs and symptoms of concussion immediate the fencing response you go out your hands go up found in two thirds of head impacts followed by unconsciousness thinkingremembering longer term signsymptoms difficulty thinking clearly feeling slowed down difficulty concentrating difficulty remembering new information Physical symptoms nausea sensitivity to light and noise lethargic feeling tired no energy emotionalmood symptoms irritability sadness more emotional anxiety Sleep sleeping more sleeping less trouble falling asleep concussions can differ in severity systems of grading concussions on severity not currently recommended for medical use people must now pass the im PACT test a neuropsychological test Current treatment no real treatments available avoid activities that could cause another concussion avoid alcoholic beverages rest Class 513015 Both the spinal cord and the brain are protected in similar ways and are made of the same material both spinal cord and brain neurons have very limited capacity to regenerate in humans Paralysis and concussion differ in the location of the injury and the severity of the trauma danger signs that could indicate a more severe TBI one pupil larger than the other drowsy and cannot be awakened convulsions or seizures can39t recognize people or places getting more and more confused How come woodpeckers and rams don39t get concussions when they bang their heads overall structure of the skull brain and neck less fluid around brain smaller brain 2g vs 1400g a scaling phenomenon CTE chronic traumatic encephalopathy brain and spinal cord dysfunction caused by trauma or disease thought to occur with repeated concussions or sub concussive trauma no tests for CTE in living people TAU a protein found in both diseased and normal healthy individuals normally this protein is kept in check people who have received lots of concussions have this abnormally folded formations of clustered TAU and can39t keep it in check abnormal clumpsconcentrations in people with CTE same occurrence happens in people with Alzheimer s disease Signs and symptoms of GTE disorientation confusion vertigo headaches poorjudgment dementia slowed muscular movement difficulty with balance and gait impeded speech what are the risk factors for CTE not known except for repeated head trauma gene cs clinical presentation disease course environmental risk factors ways to prevent ways to treat all are being vigorously investigated


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