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Biology notes: 1/19 - 1/30

by: Emma Andrianopoulos

Biology notes: 1/19 - 1/30 152

Marketplace > University of Massachusetts > Biology > 152 > Biology notes 1 19 1 30
Emma Andrianopoulos
GPA 3.5
Biology 152
Christiane Meyer

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About this Document

I have attended every lecture and diligently taken notes. If you missed class, or need to refresh on the material my notes are for you. I am an above average student and relay the information in a ...
Biology 152
Christiane Meyer
Class Notes
bio 152, Biology, biology notes, biology 152, biology 152 notes, bio 152 notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Emma Andrianopoulos on Friday January 30, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to 152 at University of Massachusetts taught by Christiane Meyer in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 44 views. For similar materials see Biology 152 in Biology at University of Massachusetts.


Reviews for Biology notes: 1/19 - 1/30


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Date Created: 01/30/15
12215 Plant Form and Function Scienti c process 0 Control for an experiment l the control group is matched with the experimental group except for one experimental variable Plants the rst organisms to make the move onto land 0 Prokaryotes bacteria 0 Bryophytes ie moss o Ferns o Gymnosperms ie confers Earliest organisms Domain bacteria 0 Domain archaea Domain eukarya How are plants different from animals 0 Perspective whole organism 0 Plants have indeterminate growth 0 Plants make their own food 0 Plants cant move away so they must adapt to their environment and develop defense skills Plant cells have cell wall central vacuole chloroplasts plasmodesma don t move in the body How do plants reproduce and develop 0 Flowering plants angiosperms 0 Plants can produce both sperm and eggs plants have both female parts and male parts 0 Plants produce pollen l pollen contains sperm cells l the sperm in the pollen moves down the pollen tube and fertilizes the egg l newly fertilized egg becomes a zygote l develops a seed 0 nancial aid website misselaneous forms loan work study change request form plus loan my plus loan got denied national student loans nd lender Lecture 2 How does a plant work 0 Shoot system stems and leaves Stems nodes and internodes 12215 Stem allows support and elevation of leaves to get better sunlight Stem raises up owers to get better pollination Transport of uids between the root and shoot systems in the xylem and phloem Storage of nutrients Make food in the leaves C02 comes from leaves 0 Root system roots Absorb water and nutrients Anchor the plant Can be used for storage Make up the majority of the plant s mass Grow in a ay to reduce competition with other plants 0 Surface to volume ratio A high ratio is good for absorption A low ratio is good for roots because it creates a pin like structure that can easily get through the soil Terms to know 0 Stems 0 Leaves photosynthesis and absorption of C02 H20 gas exchange OOOOOOOO Cuticle 2 Epidermis 2 Stomata a guarded opening where C02 can come in and H20 can go out Plants can open and close in order to regulate gases Meristem Flowers Xylem Phloem Dermal Ground Vascular Meristematic cells undifferentiated cells that can divide analogous to stem cells Tissue systems in the plant Dermal ground and vascular tissue systems 0 Find all three components everywhere in the plant 0 Dermal tissue system epidermal cells stomata trichomes little harry extentions used for defence 0 Function of epidermal cells protection minimizing water loss shoot absorption root Ground tissue system 12215 Function production and stirs 0 Vascular tissue system Phloem sievetube and companion Alive Xylem tracheids vessel elements Dead still functions water ow goes up but the sugar and solution can do anyway needed How do plants transport water and nutrients 0 Start at the roots and pulled through the plant body 0 Xylem o Cohesion between water molecules H2 pronge Water vapor diffuses out of leaf cellulose micro brils Water evaporates inside leaf spongy mesophyll stoma Water is pulled our of xylem leaf cross section Water is pulled up the xylem from the bottom of the plant Water is pulled out of root cortex Water moves from soil into root 0 Sugar transport Sugar source net sugar support Sugar sink the pressure ow hypothesis Synthesized in the leaves of a plant Moved into the ow by active transport required energy


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